Schumacher: I’m happy for Mercedes, it’s a surprise where they are now

Michael Schumacher  happy for his former team

Michael Schumacher happy for his former team

Now watching grand prix races from the comfort of his living room, Michael Schumacher has admitted he did not expect his former team Mercedes to make such a leap forwards in the 2013 season.

After his failed Formula 1 comeback with Mercedes between 2010 and 2012, Schumacher returned to retirement this year and was replaced by Lewis Hamilton.

In the great German’s wake, Hamilton won from pole last time out in Hungary, while Schumacher’s former teammate Nico Rosberg has won twice in 2013 so far.

“Given where we finished last season,” seven time world champion Schumacher told Eurosport, “it’s a surprise where they are now. I’m happy for them, but I could not have seen that coming.”

If that sounded like regret after three years of fallow results, 44-year-old Schumacher insisted he is “honestly” happy to have returned to retirement.

Michael Schumacher had his struggles with Mercedes during his three year comeback

Michael Schumacher had his struggles with Mercedes during his three year comeback

“You can’t forget that this sport is not just 20 races,” said the former Ferrari driver, whose seven titles and 91 wins are all-time F1 records.

“In those three years, so much energy [was] consumed that I would not have been able to continue at the level at which I want to measure myself,” said Schumacher.

If watching merely on television has been enjoyable for the famous German this year, it is probably because Rosberg’s top form has made people reassess Schumacher’s Mercedes career.

“People probably understand a little better how good Rosberg is,” he said.

Even so, he insists that he doesn’t regret not being at the wheel of the winning W04.

“It would not have been enough for me to win a few races,” said Schumacher. “The goal is to fight for the world championship – that was my target.” (GMM)

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  • jl

    i missed him, but we can not renerse time

  • batloun_76

    I wish it will be true that u don’t regret ur retirement, cos if not, try to come back next season with Ferrari or red bull… but never Again with Mercedes cos they never deserve you

  • Tamburello_1994

    Could of easily been “lights out” for MS in that incident with the F.I. Luck was with him that day – For sure.

    Stay home and enjoy the(money) family, Michael.

  • realf1fan

    Poor old Schumi , racing the likes of Coulthard,Irvine,Herbert is a lot different from the class of 2010 to now.

    Nico was far to good for him and Nico is starting to feel and see the difference between a driver who was more about Kudos than a driver who is just pure and raw talent.

  • =El Presidente=

    Good thing that cheater is retarded .. uh retired xD.
    He was just a cheat and a very unsportsmanlike driver.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @ =El Presidente=

    He’s not a cheat… And he’s not retarded… I think you are the retarded person… He’s a legend…

  • Hammad Nasrullah

    If MSC was a Britain I am sure he would have won a lot more accolades. His nationality working against him.
    A superb racer. Best of all time. Fat lady never sung for him in his second stint. But who cares? 7 titles and 91 wins are in-surpass-able.
    Have fun Mike

  • hahaha

    Tamburello, 100% right I think Corinna had a saying after the Liuzzi incident. If he was hit on the helmet he had 99,9% chance of being killed. As a Tifosi I still have great respect for him, but at his comeback he deserved at least a Ferrari even a Red Bull seat, because in that car on he would have taken number 8. I prefer dirvers à la Clark, Fangio, Cevert, Villeneuve and Senna but never forget what he did for Ferrari on track and certainly outside of it. I don’t think Ferrari would be as strong on the market as they are now without Michael. Even Ferrari roadcars testdriver Andrea Bertolini told once that developing a roadcar with Michael is bonkers because of his knowledge and exceptional feeling and handling of the car. But yeah there will always be people trolling him. If you don’t like the guy OK, but you can’t neglect his achievements.

  • Rams

    @realf1fan: How long have you been watching F1? If only he had the car, the likes of your Hamiltons and Alonsos would have been in the dump. The present generation of drivers are pretenders/jokers, compared to the real legend of the sport.

    Look at your Alonsos and Hamiltons, publicly bad mouthing the team without brains. Michael never did that, even in his three years of struggle with that stupid Mercedes. Whatever he had to say was inside closed doors, presented a united face and always put the team before anything else. Precisely why nobody can do what Michael did to Ferrari. There are racing drivers and then there is Michael Schumacher.

    No matter how much you slag, he will remain the greatest ever.

  • realf1fan

    Rams, Nico exposed Schumacher as a driver who could not cut it with this crop of f1 drivers and don’t tell me about his age as Mansell Held the Indy car and F1 tittles simultaneously at the age of forty with him being overweight where Schumi was in good physical condition on his return to F1. Fangio won is last WDC at 46 and he had proper drivers like Sir Stirling Moss. We are in a golden era in F1 with 5 WDC plying their trade at the same time and giving me great entertainment and Remember Schumi being put to the Sword by Alonso in 2005 and 2006 while Schumi was in the Ferrari. He may be statistically the best but if you go to any top ten f1 drivers site and you wont see him at the top. And do you think if it was Lewis, Alonso or even Vettel who was driving that Newey designed Williams in 94 they would have finished behind Schumacher?

  • hillside

    ^from all the drivers that you mentioned, did anybody of them has the balls to take their championship carreer on the line and jump to a dreadfull team like Ferrari at that time? MS could win another 2 or 3 WDC if he just stayed with Benetton.

    the only thing your crop of driver has now is to whine everytime and cry and beg to have “the best car” so they can challenge for the championship?
    these crop of drivers are just too soft to be driving the 94 Williams and will be smoked to the ground or get squeezed to the wall by MS.

  • realf1fan

    hillside, if Stealing one of the best engineers from Benetton along with Ross Brawn is you saying he has balls then I find you laughable, if he took his five WDC wins at Ferrari without Ross and Rory Byrne then I would say he had balls. But I did use the word Kudos as it was a smart thing he did in bringing in the employees that made him look good at Benetton into Ferarri.

    And you say the only thing these current F1 drivers do is cry and want to have the best car, you mean a bit like Senna when he left McLaren to go to Williams? So I assume Senna is a crier as well. I see someone calling Schumi a cheat maybe because he was aware that Benetton was using an illegal launch control in 94 plus I have not seen a modern driver crash into the back of a driver and then tries to fight that driver who did no wrong like Schumi tried to do to Coulthard, Yeah Schumi is a top bloke.


  • Tamburello_1994

    Good points “realf1fan”

    And lets not forget the elephant in the room:

    Jerez 1997.

  • Tamburello_1994

    . . . . .and Adelaide 1994 wasn’t a good look either for that matter.

  • Rams

    @realf1fan: Going by your logic, I believe that Button was a better driver than Hamilton. Lets see how:

    Overall points: Hamilton 657 / Button 672
    Points finishes: Hamilton 45 / Button 47
    Podiums: Hamilton 22 / Button 25
    Highest championship placing: Hamilton 4th (2010, 2012) / Button 2nd (2011)


  • Rams

    Also where were these WDC’s in this so called “golden era” during the past years? Alonso (2008-2010 – Renault), Button (many many years), Hamilton (every year except 2008 despite having a title winning car during most of his career) and Raikkonen (2001, 2002, 2003…) F1 is a sport where the car ALSO matters.

  • Rams

    It is easy for us to sit in front of a 17 inch screen and deride a legend. His passion, motivational skills, talent, and unbridled enthusiasm to constantly touch and break the barriers will remain an inspiration for many many generations. Most of all, admire his guts to come back after a three year hiatus from the sport, put all his reputation in line and regain glory. Nobody, yes nobody has those guts.

  • Junior Johnson

    Im ready to bet my mammys balls shues will win again and as for you sir you are picking on me and a bully and im going to get my brother to bully you back

  • lawl

    Im happy I could saw this legend’s career. If I have kids someday, Ill tell them how good he was.

  • lawl


    I didnt read your whole word wall. I just saw “Indy” and “Formula 1″ at the same post and I fell sorry for you.

  • realf1fan

    @ Rams cant you comprehend that Lewis over 3 season finished above JB season 2-1 so even if Lewis scored no points in 2011 Lewis beat Jb in the driver standings and that takes President over all your silly stats. what about a wdc hitting another WDC 17-3 in quali like Lewis did to Jb in 2012 means nothing what matters is that Lewis in the same car beat the 2009 WDC 2-1

    And your stats that showed Lewis finishing finished 4th twice Button finished 2nd once were did Button finish in 2010 and 2012 you did not put that one in did you. That would tell the true story.

    And where were these WDC in the last year Vettel,Hamilton,Kimi Button, and Alonso have all been racing each other which is great for F1 and thats why it is a golden era.

  • realf1fan

    So i suggest you get use to the fact that Schumi was racing rubbish drivers bar Senna god bless in his hay day and there is a good chance he was cheating when when he was racing the greatest f1 driver using that launch control and even Johnny Herbert said Schumacher would would not share is data when he was at Benetton he has always had is own way until Alonso retired him in 2006 with back to back wins and then getting his butt kicked by Nico three years in a row shows he should not have come back and try to race these better crop of drivers.

    And BTW Lewis finished above Alonso as a rookie after Alonso slapped up Schumi and Lewis is now beating the driver who made Schumi look a tool. Says to me Schumi would never touch Lewis or Vettel.

  • Mercheates is a joke

    Mercheates reputation is ruined after their cheating ways have been exposed this year.

    Mercedes = Mercheates.

    Leave the sport of Formula One Mercheates you have done nothing but ruin your own reputation along with putting the sport of Formula One in disrepute.

    If anyone would know all about cheating it would be Michael Schumacher. Him and Ross Braun were real good at cheating in his Ferrari days.

  • Don’t forget Schumacher and those Special Bridgestone tires

    Don’t forget Schumacher and those special Bridgestone tires that only Ferrari was aloud to have. No other team in Formula One was aloud to run the tires made for Schumacher and his Ferrari.

    Take away that advantage and Schumacher would have been exposed as nothing more than a mid field driver kind of like Nico Rosberg exposed him.

  • fools

    “the only thing your crop of driver has now is to whine everytime and cry and beg to have “the best car” so they can challenge for the championship?
    these crop of drivers are just too soft to be driving the 94 Williams and will be smoked to the ground or get squeezed to the wall by MS.”
    That saying is NOT true towards Alonso….He defeated MS twice for the WDC title. Enough said. or wait…They ALSO wernt Newey designed either! That is the BIGGEST FACT ANY F1 FAN NEEDS TO KNOW.
    Alonso hater or not! That is FACT.

    Schumi himself admitted Alonso beat him fairly. He admires Alonso and Alonso admires him just as much. They have respect for each other. Unlike the bitter trolls here who never show Alonso his respects. To me Alonso was also the 2012 WDC winner and many feel the same. Thank Lotus and there drivers.


  • batloun_76


  • Rams

    @real f1 fan: I believe you still cannot get over the fact that a German driver handed Hill, Coulthard etc their backsides on a platter. Keep moaning about MSC without any facts to back your claims about 1994 and Hamilton, which are laughable and not worthy of a response. The truth is MSC will remain the greatest ever to everybody, barring a handful of people.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Hey Rams,

    I just googled “F1 greatest drivers” and guess who’s name came up first?

    Not Michael Schumacher.

  • Rams

    Oh by the way three of the drivers from this “golden era” (Alonso, Button, and Raikkonen) were racing MSC from 2000 to 2004 and we all know who won, don’t we? Could it be the tires? LOL.

    Don’t google in Try other domains.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Why would I even use a U.K. based search engine when I don’t live in that country to begin with?

    I guess you live in Germany. That would explain things.

  • Rams

    To top it all, even Senna knew that his time was up when MSC burst into the scene and took him head on. This was further substantiated when MSC started beating Senna regularly, which is when people started circulating “launch control” without any basis. But then for every winner there are 100 losers.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Ever notice how just about all the pundits reefer to MSC as “F1 most SUCCESSFUL driver O-A-T”?

    And really, no one has to bring up 1994 when 1997 will do just fine. Where did MSC finish that year?

    Sorry Charlie. F1’s greatest driver title has already been taken, Thank you very much.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Add to edit: refer

  • hillside

    MS was beaten by FA fare and square… but what happened after FA’s back to back championship? he’s Renault stint was… uhmm thanks Flavio then he moves to Mclaren and got schooled by a rookie team mate and now with SF, he became a fortune teller and develop an obsession to Newey or Seb.

    sure after MS left Benetton. he was beaten for the WDC by a couple of on trick pony and were out of F1 after several years.

    Seb will be competitive in 94 but the rest, nowadays, its either drivers will just beg and moan to have a great car OR buy their seat in to any F1 team.

    nobody in F1 today has the GUTS to be in a mediocre car/team and build the championship around them. everybody wants a short cut to a great career.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “sure after MS left Benetton. he was beaten for the WDC by a couple of one trick pony and were out of F1 after several years.”

    Mika Häkkinen? R U forgetting the Flying Finn?

    Facts matter if your going to win a debate

  • batloun_76

    I don’t know why Sebastian only mention when he is driving a red bull, did every one forgot him when he drive that year (2008)for Torro Rosso and the victory he made in Monza??? I think it should be considered for him cos it was one of his best victories under the rain in an inferior car on the fastest track on the calendar, with all the other great dirivers finishing behind him as well (Alonso, Raikonnen, Hamilton, Massa, Kubica, Jenson…)

  • realf1fan

    Schumacher fanboys your boy has been put out to pasture just accept it and then you wont keep repeating yourself FA most complete driver slapped him up and Nico Lewis’s rear gunner banished him from the sport with him saying I quote from the man himself

    “In those three years, so much energy consumed that I would not have been able to continue at the level at which I want to measure myself,” said Schumacher.”

    WEAKILNG he did the right thing in getting out of F1 and leaving it to the likes of this crop of talented drivers No Damon hill in this bunch mate.


  • batloun_76

    McLaren was untouchable in 1998 and 1999, Remember in Australia 1998 they won with a lap on every other car on the track, and by the end of that year Michael lost it in Suzuka when he was forced due to a technical failure to start from the back of the grid …1998 Was magnificent and Michael shows his true skills although he didn’t won the championship that year

  • Tamburello_1994

    On the other hand, Let’s not be intellectually dishonest and ignore the man’s contribution to the sport. Can’t just slate him like he’s a nobody. That ain’t right either.

    Too much of that around here as it is. (Vettel)

  • realf1fan

    cLaren was untouchable in 1998 and 1999, Remember in Australia 1998 they won with a lap on every other car on the track, and by the end of that year Michael lost it in Suzuka when he was forced due to a technical failure to start from the back of the grid …1998 Was magnificent and Michael shows his true skills although he didn’t won the championship that year


    Granted the West Sponsored McLaren driven by Mika was a strong package and it was also a machine designed by the man who seems to design winning cars on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Mika for me was a top driver one of a few in that era.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Tell it realfan, Tell it.

  • batloun_76

    Absolutely right…McLaren was Newey design and Mika was incredibly fast but 1999 was broken leg year for Schumacher and in 2000 he done it. Nice days

  • Michael Schumacher

    The Greatest of All Time!

    91 wins!
    155 podiums!
    68 pole positions!
    77 fastest laps!

    Seven (7) times World Drivers Champion!

    NObody can beat that! NOBODY!

  • Rams

    Well said said Michael Schumacher. Prost won 4 championships beating Senna. Does that make Prost better than Senna? Let us not kid ourselves. You know why MSC losing out sometimes is repeatedly pointed out. Because the man is a born winner. As I said for every winner there are 101 losers (the count now included real fan) LOL.

  • batloun_76

    It Seems you don’t love him at all… :) he is phenomenon, and really I was lucky to watch him racing from 1994 till today without missing a single race, I only wish his comeback was with a better car even if he is 42, he still got what it takes to beat most of the current drivers, but also to be honest he made few mistakes in his comeback, only last year he was up to speed but he wasn’t lucky and he retired sooner than it should.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Bill Russell Has more championships(11) than Michael Jordan (6), But who is considered the G-O-A-T?

    Not Bill Russell

  • Tamburello_1994

    Senna never got DQ’d.

    People aren’t just gonna forget 1997 like it never happened.

    Or Adelaide ’94 for that matter.

  • batloun_76

    In his own words, he confess it was (jerez 1997)the only moment in his career that he regret on it, 1994 was totally different story

  • realf1fan

    Bill Russell Has more championships(11) than Michael Jordan (6), But who is considered the G-O-A-T?

    Not Bill Russell
    Rocky Marciano holds the heavyweight record for 49 straight wins .

    But Rocky is not considered a Goat either.

    Simply because he was knocking out has beens like Joe Lewis who were well pass there best when he fought them. Just as Schumi was beating the likes of Coulthard Irvine who were not as good as the current crop I think DC had 13 GP wins in 15 years. I think if I was driving in the Schumi era I would of broken a few records:)

  • Tamburello_1994

    “1994 was totally different story”

    Yea. b’cause he got away with it.

    I bet he does regret Jerez 97 now because how it looks on the CV.

    So, As I said. Most successful? No question. Greatest ever?

    Just google it.

  • batloun_76

    We are human for god sake, every one has his point of view, and to be fair, we can’t compare drivers from different cycles, 50’s different than 70’s and so on…Nowadays formula one driver start practicing from 5 years old on single seater, in 50’s drivers were coming to the race some of them were smoking…so its a debate if we continue comparing drivers from different era’s…most of people see Senna as the best of all time, but does he still living???or did he continue his career??no one knows what might happen if he was in 1998 when newey was designing McLaren, although he was designing the Williams where Senna Left us… and trust me most of the people who speak about Senna in a good manner they never watch him racing even in 1993-94 while Schumacher raced him, but they only speak about senna cos he is simply a good racer who died young in his golden days… God protect our drivers now and everything else its just an amazing sport, that each one of us here simply adore it.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Got something in my eye . . . . . .

    Nice words bat_76. U win.

  • Tamburello_1994

    And for the record I’ve been a Senna (F1) Fans since 1989.

  • batloun_76

    We both win, It’s our favorite sport…Just enjoy the show and the technical side of it, there is a fantastic brain behind every car on the grid…This sport is simply magnificent.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Strongly seconded.

    Much respect, Bat_76.

  • batloun_76

    Nice to hear that, I didn’t get the chance to watch it from that time…Hat down for your loyalty. I started this job :) from 1994 without missing a race.

  • Tamburello_1994

    See people? That how it’s done. Were any minds changed here? Probably not. But it is possible to have a frank and earnest debate with someone without all the vitriol or mane-calling, Walking way with much respect for the other guy (or gal) and their view(s).

  • Tamburello_1994

    Add to edit: name-calling

  • batloun_76

    Tamburello_1994 Honestly you are a professional fan. Hope we continue our support to this sport & keep meeting here for commenting and who knows maybe meet up in some races. and to enjoy something always see the positive side of it.

  • hillside

    “sure after MS left Benetton. he was beaten for the WDC by a couple of one trick pony and were out of F1 after several years.”

    Mika Häkkinen? R U forgetting the Flying Finn?

    Facts matter if your going to win a debate”

    I said ONE TRICK PONY. is Mika one trick pony to you?? really?

    don’t just put a quick weak reply. try to think first if you have the time, that is if you can really think.

    “And for the record I’ve been a Senna (F1) Fans since 1989.”

    you’re stuck in 94 and still mad salty.lolol get out of the cave so Ayrton can smile down on you.

  • Michael Schumacher

    Mika had an exceptional year in 1998 but undeniably with the fastest car on the grid yet almost got beaten by Schumi right down to final race.

    Whereas Schumi in 2004 who also had the fastest car destroyed everyone by winning 13 out of 18 races!

    That my friends is one of the reasons why he is special and the GREATEST driver of ALL TIME!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Yo- Hillside

    You can’t argue anything I said above. So you TRY to attack me over something YOU wrote? That’s classic.

    Why don’t you explain to the class just whom were you referring to then.

    Your statement as is – is ambiguous at best, Flat out wrong on it’s face. You can avoid situations like this with concise, accurate post. Notice I don’t have to explain anyone of my post? That’s because i know how to make a point and not force the reader to interpret.

    It’s clear you got my intent meaning, as indicated by your feeble attempt at an insult.

  • hillside

    i told you not to post a weak reply. take the time or maybe days to think. you posted so many words that didnt mean anything.

    YOU commented on my post and im just doin the same and thats already attacking you?? ahh let me put it in caps just for you.

    7 WORLD DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP + 91 GP WINS = you. in a sad

  • Tamburello_1994

    “you posted so many words that didnt mean anything.”

    All that shows is that your not in my league, and no matter what I post you won’t be able to comprehend it anyway. Color me not surprised.

    Furthermore, If my words “didn’t mean anything” to you, You wouldn’t have felt the need to respond, would you? It’s obvious your little feelings got hurt. That’s too bad. I could repeat what I said earlier about being clear, concise, and accurate But you’ve admitted already you’re too ignorant to understand what all that means.

    Class dismissed.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Was Schumacher a fast driver? For sure, he was.
    Did Schumacher have TONS of “help” by FIA, marshalls, and rules’ bending? Damn, he had!
    Did Schumacher deserved all his titles/wins/records? IMHO, not at all, but it’s only my thought.

  • hillside

    another weak reply?? really this weak? me hurt? no.
    whatever league you are right now im sure its sad to be there.

    you comment on my post then i replied,then you’ll come up with different things. don’t ran away.

    just say you love Senna with a passion and you hate MS with full bitterness and your life will move on just like rest of the world.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Aimed squarely @ Hillside.

    1) It took you over twenty-four hours to come up with that nonsense? Seriously?

    2) It is quite evident from your post(S) you are not even close to being my intellectual equal so I’m not gonna waste much more of my time on you. You’re just not up to it. Already twice now I’ve ‘lit you up like a Christmas tree’ and to continue doing so would appear unsportsmanlike, If not a bit inhumane. More than that, I try to make a habit of not “punching below my weight” as I’m clearly doing here.

    3) I have found that when one says something like: “me hurt? no.” It’s usually quite the opposite. You need to avoid such omissions. The fact that you even mentioned it tells me all I need to know.

    And 4) The original question asked – was never answered by you. You could have saved yourself this intellectual shellacking if you just would of answered a simple question.

    Lastly, If you think I give a rats-ass about Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher to the point where it effects my life shows how small minded and ignorant you are. As I said earlier, facts matter in an debate and I have been nothing short of factual in my assessment of the two men’s careers. Nothing’s personal. Go back and look it all for yourself.

    (sigh!) Once again hillside, I find myself schooling you for free. I think next time I’m gonna start charging you for my services.

  • hillside

    uhh you aiming where??

    1. it took me 24hrs because i have a life just any other person in this present time, we do have a life. what about there in 94?

    2. so you consider this thing “intellectual equal”? WOW! so for you, just replying in here it needs “intellectual” effort?

    3. me hurt. as much i want to say yes for you to feel better but its a big NO. but. you assumed that im attacking you or insulting you, were im only just replying to you. so who’s hurt now? pls, in no way i don’t mean to hurt you to threaten you.

    4.”intellectual shellacking”? i didnt felt the “shellacking” not one bit. the “intellectual” part? do you even have that? too bad i didnt felt it too.

    i replied to your comments and you kept running away.

    did you mentioned “schooling me for free”? how did you guess that i have scholarships all throughout my schooling? my parents only goes to my school to collect medals and citations. how about you?

  • Tamburello_1994
  • Tamburello_1994

    ( crickets )

  • Tinto

    Michael did make a mistake coming back. I am quite sad for him, his reputation is a bit affected; I really enjoyed his races despite a few regrettable things he should not have done, but that was Michael. This F1 era is quite different, the signal for his career’s ending was done by Alonso who beat him two years in a row. Coming back with the same Alonso fighting for podiums, with Vettel, Lewis and even Rosberg that beat him three years in a row. was not a good idea. Definitely he was not the same Michael in Ferrari era, and honest, I do not know if Michael could have had the same success if he had the same caliber competitors as the today’s ones. But there is no point comparing, he did what he did and that should be respected. He was one a kind racer. The only thing that I do believe Michael performance was quite poor during his comeback was similarly as Masa’s one who after his accident he never recovered, definitely his brain was affected and his reactions. Michael also had one, a motorbike accident quite serious that affected his neck, a very sensitive part, and by default might have affected parts of his lower brain connected to the spine. For a f1 racer being 100% fit gives you the edge to react for 1/100 of a second. Todays’ races are more critical from decision making point of view, every fraction of a second really matters. Anyways, Michael will always be the same, one of the best ever.