Hamilton’s father visiting Maranello prompts more rumours

Anthony Hamilton with Niki Lauda last year

Anthony Hamilton with Niki Lauda last year

Anthony Hamilton, the father of Mercedes driver Lewis, has been at Ferrari‘s Maranello headquarters this week and of course the visit has ignited more silly season rumours.

So reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica, as the already intense 2014 ‘silly season’ steps up into an even higher gear.

Hamilton snr. no longer handles the career of his 28-year-old son, who switched from McLaren to Mercedes over the winter, but the driver said in Hungary that he had been in close contact with his father recently.

Anthony Hamilton is also Force India driver Paul di Resta’s former manager, but that pairing ended acrimoniously a year ago, when Hamilton vowed to sue the Scot for wrongful termination.

Repubblica said that Hamilton snr. was at Ferrari for “private meetings”, and then continued those talks with dinner at the famous Montana restaurant.

The specialist magazine Autosprint poked fun at the Hamilton-at-Ferrari reports.

“Maybe he wanted to propose himself for Massa’s place? Or maybe he just wants to buy a 458?”

The rumours, however, don’t even stop there.

Hot on the heels of reports that Kimi Raikkonen could replace the possibly Red Bull-bound Fernando Alonso, Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport mentioned Jenson Button as a possible 2014 Ferrari driver.

Writing in Auto Motor und Sport, respected correspondent Michael Schmidt said that the ‘silly season’ has gone completely “crazy” in 2013.

Agreeing Blick’s Roger Benoit wrote: “Only Schumacher’s comeback is missing now!”

What about a 59 year old former world champion as well?

Exasperated at the spiralling sillyness of the silly season, Red Bull’s Christian Horner is quoted in Dutch reports as proposing: “Nigel Mansell is a very good driver. Why not Nigel?” (GMM)

  • hahaha

    Sorry but after last race, not Jenson. what a crybaby (Perez, Grosjean). I’d prefer Michael coming back instead of a doosh in a red car. Enough with 1 doosh (I mean the spanish egotistic samurai). Bianchi proved to be bloody fast in that wheelbarrow of a marussia, he could get a chance (maybe next to Grosjean at Lotus because Ferrari won’t give him the seat yet, I only hope they don’t lose him à la Perez because Jules is way better than Sergio)

  • hahaha

    I do believe that Fuller of XXI “illuminati” management would want to see his “asset” driving for the biggest team in F1 which happens to be Ferrari. They tried Red Bull for the PR-reasons last year but were shown the door. The only thing that is good for seeing the old Hammie back (now Nicole left town) is to break with Fuller return to his dad and drive for Ferrari after taking the title for Mercedes this year (if Kimi doesn’t take it with the Lotus)

  • Perfesserbob

    I like Mansell’s chances….

  • hahaha

    A guy with

  • hahaha

    a huge moustache in a red car is always hilarious, so go for it :D (however not the jebus kind of moustache Alonso’s got)

  • Rich

    hahaha are you just a rambling idiot or are you off your medication?

  • T

    Bring back Laffite.

  • McLarenfan

    It could be Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainmen has given Mr Hamilton snr a job since he lost his main income