Tost: It would be better if Ricciardo stays another year with Toro Rosso

Daniel Ricciardo with Franz Tost

Daniel Ricciardo with Franz Tost

Toro Rosso team principal Franz Tost has admitted that he would be happy if Daniel Ricciardo spends another year with the Red Bull ‘junior team’.

Australian Ricciardo has earned a place in contention for the departing Mark Webber’s 2014 seat at Red Bull. But also in the running is Kimi Raikkonen, amid F1’s hottest rumour that Fernando Alonso also might want to be Sebastian Vettel’s teammate next year.

However Toro Rosso team boss Tost told Speed Week that he sees “no reason” why Red Bull shouldn’t choose 23-year-old Ricciardo over his title-winning rivals.

“Personally,” he admitted, “I would rather see him get another year in the maturing process at Toro Rosso. I mean, we are talking here about Red Bull Racing, the champion team of the last three years.”

Daniel Ricciardo tested for Red Bull at Silverstone recently

Daniel Ricciardo tested for Red Bull at Silverstone recently

“Daniel has never been on a Formula 1 podium, he has not won a race – because our car was not good enough. That’s the only negative I see for him. Otherwise, I think he will have great successes in F1.”

On the other hand, Tost insisted that a young Sebastian Vettel was not so different to Ricciardo when the reigning triple world champion stepped up from Toro Rosso.

“The biggest difference between Vettel and Ricciardo was that Vettel went to Red Bull when it was not a winning team. They grew up together.”

“But Ricciardo must immediately be on the podium and fighting for wins. Perhaps the chance has come a year too early,” added Tost. (GMM)

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  • Matthias O’keeffe

    I totally disagree with this stupid boss… Why should Ricciardo stay another year at your stupid team, when you can’t even provide him with a winning car?

  • =El Presidente=

    Frans Tost is not a stupid boss. He is a good boss, as far as we can judge from the sidelines.

    And on top of that , mr Tost is probably right, and he is not saying that Ricciardo is not ready, or that he does not want him to move up the ranks, he is just saying that in an ideal situation, he (Ricciardo) would have completed one more season in a midfield-team to really expand his experience. never the less, he also admits that Vettel was in pretty similar situation when he moved to the big team.

    when i take all matters in consideration i would say that you (matthias) are the stupid one here 😉

  • Boycottthebull

    And why is he saying this now after weeks and weeks of speculation? This is the start of a PR campaign. He softening the blow for Ricciardo not getting the seat. The stupidity of his comments are that Ricciardo needs another year with Torro Rossi, then what? The Red Bull seat is there now, there wont ben another for several years, now now or never there wont be a seat there in years time. If the Fools at Sauber think a 17yo is able to jump into a F1 car I think a driver like Ricciardo with several Q3 under his belt is able to move up. Dont forget Vettel the primadonna cant be directly challenged or he will have a tantrum.

  • hahaha

    Tost you blind turd! JEV is much better (certainly in the rain). Btw weren’t you in the paddock in Monaco and Montreal. In Montreal he took 6th place (ON 1 FREAKING STOP!!!), which is the best result your team had since Seb’s win. And besides Seb’s Monza win, you got a 6th and 7th + a 4th and 6th with Vettel and Bourdais. Buemi proved in Le Mans he can drive, also Jaime was fast. Your car is shit and you and Fat Berger telling the next in line should win a race like Seb before having a chance to the Red Bull seat is bonkers. There was some Lucky factor besides Seb’s talent (weather conditions, track layout, trak conditions + talent and a reasonable car not a shitty one like now!)

  • Jack

    I completely agree. And Ricciardo nor Vergne are staying at TorroRosso that long. They will get tossed out like Buemi and Algersuari to make way for more of Red Bull’s rookies

  • IEE

    If Ricc doesnt get the seat at RBR, he should be positioning to get Kimi’s old seat @ Lotus. Basically he has to step up to a bigger team. Staying @ TR would be a mistake

  • BBB

    @Jack & @IEE – Totally agree with you both. Ricc certainly needs to move.
    He is getting the TR into Q3 consistently, but race pace is pulling him back.
    If he doesn’t end up in RBR, I hope we see him at Lotus.
    But with all that RB sponsorship, I’m sure they’ll either look after him by moving to RBR or managed off like previous 2 TR rookies.

  • GreenHell

    @Matthias O’keeffe: And Vettel had a “winning car” when he won his first race with a Toro Rosso? That’s what champions are made of – and Ricciardo is far away from that level. Only a top driver should get a seat in a top car…