Russian GP in trouble as 2014 application deadline passes

Russian GP site in Sochi

Russian GP site in Sochi

While it was recently feared that the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship could swell to an unprecedented 22 rounds, now the make-up of next year’s grand prix calendar appears uncertain.

New Jersey is officially set to host its first race next year, but Niki Lauda thinks Bernie Ecclestone has already written off his dream of a race against the Manhattan skyline.

India has also fallen by the wayside for 2014, and reports indicate that Korea could also be shown the door, as Austria and Russia prepare to come in.

Actually, there have long been questions about the inaugural Russian Grand Prix, taking place on a circuit comprising the same infrastructure as Sochi’s winter Olympics next year.

Rumours of conflict within the organising bodies have been swirling for months, and seem to have finally to have thrown a spanner in the works.

The official application to host next year’s race must be lodged with the FIA by the corresponding motor racing federation – in this case the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF).

But the conflict with the Russian race organiser Omega means the RAF is refusing to lodge the application with the FIA, despite a July 31 deadline.

A spokeswoman for the FIA would not comment specifically on the reported Russian problem, telling Ria Novosti news agency: “The calendar is approved at the end of September.”

There are no such problems in Hungary, whose contract to host an annual race at the Hungaroring has been extended through 2021. (GMM.)

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  • F1 Neutral

    So it was a bit of a waste of money to pay Tilke to design Korea and India – 2 circuits that we didn’t want anyway.

    I’m glad Hungary has got it’s spot for at least 7 years. Even though it shouldn’t throw up great races, it usually does.

    I’d love to see Imola and Magny Cours revamped (like Austria) and put back on the calendar. The only Tilke circuits I like are Malaysia and Turkey (another Tilke track gone to waste – and the best one too)

  • lawl

    Hungary another 8 years and Russia out?… please kill me, I’m still sleeping since last sunday after that awful track.

  • stan

    sochi has bigger problems than F1, like the real possibility of no snow for the olympics

  • Lee Staples

    Imola has already been refurbished by Tilke. The work was completed 7 years ago, and the track has FIA certification to hold a race. I really wish they would bring this one back too.

  • Rich

    stan You get weather reports 18 months out? You’re special.