Ferrari offers Raikkonen 2014 contract for more money than Red Bull deal

Kimi Raikkonen and Luca di Montezemolo during the 2007 season

Come back home to Maranello Kimi!

The 2014 driver silly season has upped another gear and taken yet another shock twist, with Bild newspaper claiming that Kimi Raikkonen, already wanted by Lotus next year and also in the running to switch to Red Bull, is now also a contender to drive a Ferrari in 2014.

Raikkonen, who drove for the great Italian marque for three years and even won the title in 2007, left Ferrari one year early at the end of 2009 when the team replaced him with Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, however, although under contract through 2016, has been linked with a shock move to Red Bull, while Brazilian Felipe Massa’s deal ends at the end of the current season.

Bild correspondents Nicola Pohl and Helmut Uhl report that Ferrari “has made the Finn an offer”.

They claim the offer, “more lucrative” than what is being promised by Red Bull, was made to the 33-year-old on the Thursday before the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel

Bild says that Red Bull’s offer is a $15 million retainer, performance bonuses, and sponsorship of his motocross team.

The Raikkonen rumour could tie in with reports of a developing rift between Alonso and Ferrari, after president Luca di Montezemolo “tweaked his ear” just after the Spaniard made disparaging comments in Hungary. A spokesman has denied talk of a rift.

“The president is 100 per cent with Alonso,” a Ferrari spokesman told Manuel Franco, the correspondent for Spanish sports newspaper AS.

“Montezemolo is the first one to support the call of our driver to improve, as soon as possible, the competitiveness of the car,” he added.

In the wake of reports linking Raikkonen to Ferrari, a team spokesman told news agency DPA the team “has no interest in the driver market right now”.

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel with Fernando Alonso

“For all those who may have a short memory: just a year ago everyone came with a list of drivers who could replace Felipe [Massa],” the spokesman added.

Raikkonen’s decision, whichever way it pans out, will impact the ‘silly season’ which already has Nico Hulkenberg moving to Lotus, and teenager Sergey Sirotkin earmarked for a Sauber seat in 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo is then most likely to be promoted to Red Bull and Antonio Felix da Costa most likely to get his grand prix debut with Toro Rosso next year, with Carlos Sainz Junior waiting in the wings.

The final word (for now) on the saga goes to world champion Vettel, who must surely have at least some input as to who his teammate will be.

When asked to pick between Raikkonen or Alonso by the BBC he replied;

“I’d prefer Kimi. I need to be careful now, … nothing against Fernando, I really respect him a lot as a driver. But I respect Kimi on track, off track, because he has always been very straight with me. From that point of view it would be a bit easier.” (GMM)

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  • Larry Thorne

    Bild says Red Bull would also sponsor Kimi’s hockey team!

  • hahaha

    Yes, I hope he comes back!!!! First take a the title with Lotus, C’mon Kimi! The proof is there that he is the most wanted driver on the grid and not Seb, Lewis or Fernando. He is the best when it comes to pure speed and he amazed me the last 2 years with his constant point scoring in an “inferior” car.

  • MFM

    And his Drinking-Team!

  • McLarenfan

    I would rather Kimi replace Checo at McLaren have the Hulk move to Lotus once Kimi takes this years title. Rubens take’s his old seat back at Ferrari letting Sauber have the choice between Checo or Sergey Sirotkin. Now Martin is running the team Kimi can have his ice cream machine in the pits and wear flip flops as soon as he is out of the car.

  • KC

    “Silly season” sums it up. I don’t believe a word of this.

  • hillside

    SF could won a lot more championship if they just kept Kimi.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Gives us something to talk about during the holiday. Seriously, I’ll believe this when when it actually happens.

    A good Mark Webber replacement? How about Nico Hulkenburg.

  • LOL, Riiiiiiiiight!

    Hahahahahaha! Like Kimi would ever race for them again!

  • Virender

    My Reckoning:

    1. He will never go to Ferrari again especially as a team mate to guy who made him Kick out of Ferrari


    2. At least not as number 2 driver after Alonso.

  • Boycottthebull

    Im with LOL Riiiiiight on this one. Kimi go back the Ferrari? Oh please!! the stiffed Kini last time to accommodate Alonso and his Spanish bankers! the changed his front suspension without telling him and then started spreading rumours that he wasnt motivated to push him out, this in the year he still had the number 1 on his car! Ferrari dont mind shooting themselves in the foot for the attention of a big bank, money first titles second. Kini may have kept quiet and not grumbled what they did to him but that doesnt mean he lost his mind and will run lovingly back into their arms.

  • fools

    Ahhh yes more rumors. More trolls…yes more bullshit PR.

    If anything Kimi comes to Ferrari for Massa and Massa takes Kimi old Lotus seat.

    Alonso vs Kimi teammates? Damn! :)

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • F1 Neutral

    @McLaren fan
    Rubens back at Ferrari? The team that he ripped apart so savagely when he left? The team that gave him the unique opportunity to race in the 2002 and 2004 machines? 9 wins?

    Rubens will always be a number 2 driver, and seems to rate himself more than anyone else does. Even Jenson beat him pretty convincingly at Brawn (a team that definitely didn’t favour one driver over the other).

    I like Alonso but I can’t help feel that there’s more to the 2013 season than a car that is going backwards. Fernando is not the same phenomenon as 2012, and I fear that 2012 will be the season when he peaked.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    If i were Kimi i’d never come back to Ferrari… well, i’d never go to Ferrari if i were ANY F1 driver (sorry, i detest Ferrari although i’m italian). I think Kimi proved to be still a champion in these 2 years and the right seat for him is the one wich will allow him to fight for the title.

    Right now i can’t believe Fernando would accept a contender as a team-mate, but i think it is the same for Sebastian. It is unlikely that Red Bull or Ferrari will take an uncomfortable team-mate for their 1st drivers. So, Kimi won’t go to Ferrari until there’s Fernando, and Fernando won’t go to Red Bull until there’s Sebastian… maybe Seb is thinking about a clamorous team switch?

  • Butterfly

    Oh, boy, I knew the rumor is true. Raikkonen and Hulkenberg to Ferrari, Alonso and Vettel to Red Bull, Massa out of a job.

    Oh, and Bianchi and Grosjean to Lotus.

    The good news is, Alonso’s new race engineer is going to be his old race engineer from Renault. How nice is that?

  • Dr. Azlan

    Kimi should go to Ferrari. Why? Because Allison is now with Ferrari. It’s a matchup between designers, not just between drivers and car brands.

  • hahaha

    Or what about Kimi and Seb at Ferrari :D, Seb will not stay if Alonso comes. I think this whole saga is setup by Monty and Alonso because they think it will destabalise Seb. His answer to the BBC from above proves he’s honest and has his head in the right place opposed to our Samurai :p

  • Psych4191

    They’d have to offer a stupid amount of money to get him to be back in a Ferrari. To those of you saying they stiffed him, it wasn’t really like that. He was sick of the F1 Politics, so when they starting talking about possibly getting Fernando, he was more supportive.

    Ferrari is at risk of entering some dark days if they don’t shape up. They haven’t had a great car since 2008. That’s five straight dogs in terms of the Prancing Horse.

    The Driver market is wide open, to be honest. The best case scenario would be:

    Ferrari: Bianchi, Alonso
    McLaren: Hulkenberg, Grosjean
    Red Bull: Vettel, Kimi
    Mercedes: Hamilton, Rosberg
    Lotus: Riccardo, Valsecchi
    Sauber: Kobayashi, Sirotkin
    Force India: Sutil, Di Resta
    Williams: Bottas, Maldonado
    Marussia: Sainz Jr., Magnussen
    Caterham: Rossi, Kovalainen

    Why, you might ask?

    Bianchi is a Ferrari guy
    Hulk and Grosjean are stupid fast, Button’s a whiny man baby and Perez is terrible
    Lotus is faster than STR, so Riccardo can see how he rates in one, and Valsecchi deserves his shot.
    Sauber will need KK’s experience to counter Sirotkin’s lack-there-of
    Marussia could use RBR’s Money like HRT did with Riccardo, and they have a partnership with McLaren – so Magnussen might work his way in there.
    Caterham needs to tap the American market, and bring back Kovi’s speed.

  • Butterfly


    Dude, it’s already done. Alonso & Vettel to Red Bull, Raikkonen & Hulkenberg to Ferrari, Bianchi & Grosjean at Lotus.

    It’s all done, the contracts have already been signed.

  • dong

    Fantastic, and Kimi will be champion again….and it will be more fantastic if Nico Rosberg will be Kimi’s team mate in Ferrari next year and beyond…Or it will be more perfect if Fernando and Kimi as team mates at Ferrari, and replace Fernando with Rosberg by 2015…

  • Butterfly

    You on drugs?

  • PB

    A lot of speculation here that has not taken into account contracts that are already existing for 2014 and beyond.
    Lets wait and see what happens – months to wait for the real silly season for drivers.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Butterfly please tell the source of info that Alonso is going to RedBUll?

    Alonso for 2013 WDC IA

  • Nobody

    im gonna believe this if there are proof right its just pure speculation and rumors:) anybody can go at anyteam:)

  • Forza

    @Butterfly: How do you know the deal is done- RB: Seb and Alo Fer: Rai and Hulk? source?

  • Butterfly

    I forgot where I read that. But the signs point towards that:

    * Kimi saying he’s going to choose what he feels is right even if people disagree – only the Ferrari option is controversial.
    * Tost (Toro Rosso) saying Ricciardo is not yet ready for Red Bull
    * Berger saying Alonso should go to Red Bull because they can provide the car
    * Horner saying Alonso and Vettel would be interesting and that they (Red Bull) aren’t obligated to put a rookie on there.

    Sorry, guys, I really don’t remember the source, but the signs point to Alonso going to Red Bull and Kimi to Ferrari.

    I don’t know what to think about the Bianchi move, but his manager is a smart guy, he may have done it.

  • Butterfly

    Almost forgot:

    And, of course, Ferrari wouldn’t be making Kimi an offer on Thursday unless Fernando was on his way out. And they sure didn’t kick him out.

    I wish the teams would just confirm all this stuff now. :-)

  • Torque

    Shumi’s coming back to replace Slolonso when he gets fired to bring Ferrari back to glory.

  • Forza

    And Massa?

  • Torque

    Massa knows how to drive a Shumi style car…

  • Butterfly


    I think Massa’s out of a job.

  • Wolf 9

    Most probably the top drivers will stay where they are at least for another year, because no driver has any idea which team will build the all new 2014 fastest car. Until then logically the market is more clear.

  • harry harris

    Butterfly……. How do you know???????????? is it true mate?

  • Butter fried

    Finally Ferrari kicked out Slownso after 3 years of losses. No more cry baby.
    Now its time to win with Kimi, a real driver. We made a terrible mistake in 2009.

    Surely Allison has told Luca what was the key for the renaissance of Lotus.

    Forza Ferrari

  • Joe Kinnear

    I would really love it if Kimi were to move back to Mclaren instead. Replace Perez, and team up with Jenson. Coz next year the cars will all start from scratch. Maybe they can make it, just the way Brawn shocked everyone back in 2009… a major change always brings something new. Also, Mclaren is using Honda engines next year.. and we know that they were awesome the last time they paired up.

  • Butter fried

    We give you Slownso.
    Slownso to McLaren now.

    Forza Ferrari

  • Butterfried

    And Massa goes with Slownso totally free.
    Yep, buy 1 and get 2. Think about it

    Forza Ferrari

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Either way, Alonso is the underdog, what happens to him is decided by moves of Raikkonen and Hamilton. He has become secondary.

  • Forza

    @Joe: I think McLaren will continue to use Merc engines next year…and Honda might come in only from 2015…

    Hoping to see Kimi in red overalls next year alongside Fernando or Hulk!!!

    Forza Ferrari :)

  • Tamburello_1994

    From Pitpass:

    Just as F1 heads off on its holidays, it is revealed that Fernando Alonso is on Red Bull’s shopping list. Hmmm.

    There are a few facts in life. One is that most drivers dream of driving for Ferrari at one stage in their career. Another is that Fernando Alonso will be on most teams’ wish lists… along with Adrian Newey.

    However, like the author’s chances of having dinner with the brunette in the latest Boots No 7 ad (wardrobe malfunction)… it aint gonna happen.

    Although we are well aware that driver contracts are rarely worth the paper they are printed on – ask Timo Glock – those of high profile stars such as Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are treated with a lot more respect, until they reach the end of their usefulness, a la Schumacher and Raikkonen at the end of their Ferrari careers.

    The ‘news’ that Red Bull is considering Alonso comes just as the teams break for the summer, at a time when the lack of genuine news will have the media picking at the bones of the slightest, most outlanding rumour.

    If nothing else, the ‘news’ will give Ferrari a much needed kick up the backside, alerting the Italian team that its star wants to start winning, whilst also telling Kimi Raikkonen and his manager, Steve Robertson (above), that there are other fish in the sea and that perhaps the financial deal on the table should be a little more realistic.

    Be honest, if, a week ago, we’d linked Alonso with Vettel at Red Bull in 2014 you’d have thought us insane, any credibility we have, such as it is, would have gone out the window.

    Whilst some choose to stick their fingers in the air and hope they are ‘proved’ right – Briatore to run Ferrari anyone? – others opt to live in the real world.

    My thoughts EXACTLY.

  • Butterfly

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about, really. Drivers are employed by teams to drive the cars. Fernando is the cream of the crop, why wouldn’t Red Bull want him?

    As for poor Vettel, well, he’ll just have to take it like Massa did.

  • Top Gear

    Massa wiped the floor with Kimi in 2008 and 2009. Don’t they want someone….. well….. who maintains the Passion at all times?

  • Butterfly

    You guys want to hear something bonkers?

    Lewis Hamilton’s father was seen at Maranello. Hint, hint…

  • Forza

    What? seriously?

  • Tamburello_1994

    She’s right. It’s all over the net.

    This is why they call it the silly season.

    Does Anthony represent anyone these days?

  • Butterfly

    Maybe Lewis asked him to go there unofficially and ask for details. Obviously, the entire paddock knows Alonso’s moving to Red Bull.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I really wish you can remember where you saw all this.

    That would be very helpful sorting this out.

  • Fellow Being

    Hey Guys, whatever the talk is right now, its visible that if Kimi join RBR next year, it would be a great threat for Ferrari as they already said, they are providing him more than Red Bull..

  • Butterfly

    The only great threat to Ferrari is their chief designer who keeps coming up with ice cream vans instead of grand prix cars.

    I just couldn’t believe how slow the Ferrari was in Hungary. SMH

  • Top Gear

    Meh, alonso in a lotus…… would be leading the championship

  • Tamburello_1994

    Had Kubica not gotten hurt that could have been a real possibility.

  • Top Gear


  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I agree with Tamburello_1994 when he suggest this is all gossip, no more. I’d bet money that Seb and Fernando WON’T team-up at Red Bull or at any other team.

    Fernando was trumatized from 2007 season and he will not accept a strong team-mate ANYMORE! Seb is spoiled and pampered in Red Bull (as the Malaysian GP issue showed again) and Marko/Horner will NEVER put a strong driver next to him.

  • Stoner

    My dear poor peasants

    Kimi will never go to Ferrari, even if they buy a championship, because Ferrari is a very arrogant team who have no respect for their drivers, as far as the history goes atleast.
    the only thing that is going to happen is that Kimi may choose between Lotus and Red Bull, while Alonso with the hopes of getting into a faster car which is Red Bull will go in vain with all the rumours around and he knows its getting too late to win a WDC.
    We could also see some changes at Mclaren, and few drivers who have chance to get promoted to better teams are Hulkenburg and Bianchi

  • Virender

    Grandprix247 did excellent job – this will be the topic of discussion right until SPA or 1st week of September.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Spot-fricken-on Virender !!

    Obviously the editors and writers of the F1 world are not on holiday.

    Gotta fill the time / space somehow, And creating “clickbait central” is exactly how there’re going to do it. . . . .

  • Butterfried

    alonso in a lotus…… would be leading the championship?????

    Wake up. Slownso in a Marussia would be leading the championship Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Ferrari had the best car at the beggining of this year and he could not take advantage of that. What a failure

    Massa seems a rookie this year, mistake after mistake. Kimi come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forza Ferrari

  • Butterfly

    Fallout from the Alonso departure:

    Phillip Morris (Ferrari’s big sponsor, 100M per year) just canceled the 2014 Wrooom event saying it’s no longer viable. I believe that’s the first time in 24 years, isn’t it?

    LdM should pray to God both Santander and PM stay on as sponsors, because if they leave, 150M of their annual budget will be gone. They won’t even be able to pay the bills.

    Ferrari a midfield team? Why not, their performance in the last years – design-wise – has been midfield or less. Last year Sauber were wiping the floor with them using the same engine & gearbox.


  • Butterfried

    Midfield team? Always in top 3 in the World Championship since 1994 (except in 2009).

    Ferrari is bigger than its sponsors. Ferrari is bigger than its drivers (even cry baby). Ferrari its bigger than its fake fans (Slownso fan boys).

    Forza Ferrari

  • Top Gear

    If Kimi couldn’t beat Massa…..

  • Butterfly

    If by bigger you mean it’s slow to adapt to F1, then yes, Ferrari is the biggest team in F1.

    And judging by their ability to design, I would very much say Ferrari are a midfield team.

  • Butterfried

    Bla bla bla. Statistics does not lie…

    Also I could say:

    If by cream of the crop you mean to melt in the middle of the championship, then yes, Alonso is the cream of the crop.

    And judging by his ability to drive, I would very much say Alonso is a midfield driver.

    Funny right?

    However latest news discard this rumor so we are going to stand Alonso another year.

    I let you to have the last word (and wrong) as usually you love to have it. However I am not going to read it. It’s a shame.

    Anyway Forza Ferrari

  • Butterfly


    What are you, a teenager?

  • Butterfly

    You’re that visz963 retard, aren’t you. Also known as alonso_is_slow and a dozen other aliases.

    Lots of anger in your posts, mate. SMH

  • Forza

    @butterfly When will the decision be announced? are you sure alonso is set to leave ferrari?

  • Butterfly

    When will the decision be announced?

    Ferrari usually announce these things during the Italian GP weekend.

    Are you sure Alonso is set to leave Ferrari?

    Well, it all depends on whether RBR want him or not, but Kimi + Fernando in the same team would be bad for Red Bull, so my guess is they’ll do whatever it takes to pull him out of Ferrari.

    I read somewhere that RBR would have to pay about 60M euro just to buy him out of his Ferrari contract because there are no exit clauses. Still, Red Bull has piles of cash, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Personally, I expect Fernando to drive for Red Bull in 2014.

  • Tamburello_1994

    O.k. so what happen to:

    ” It’s all done, the contracts have already been signed.”


  • Butterfly


    Kimi’s contract is finalized. I guess the person who started that rumor jumped the gun a bit.

    And, in fact, Red Bull may have already taken the decision to buy Fernando out of his Ferrari deal, so that would make that deal done as well.

  • Butterfly


    I have not heard a rumor in F1 that wasn’t true, and I’ve been following F1 for about ten years now.

    If someone with inside knowledge said the contracts are finalized (Kimi, Fernando, Bianchi, Hulkenberg) then I have to believe they are. It’s just that, probably, there are little details to sort out.


  • Tamburello_1994


    Although we have had major differences of opinions here on the forum, I have come to respect your knowledge of the sport and with Ferrari in general, So it’s difficult to be critical of what you speak. That said, I hope you’re not getting “too far in front of the skis” with all this.

  • Butterfly


    Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. :-)

    It’s going to be a long August & September to hear the confirmations (or not) of the various (hypothetical) transfers.

    I already miss F1.

  • Forza

    So if Alonso leaves who will partner Kimi…?? Hulk or Bianchi or DiResta or someone else? but would love to see Kimi and Alonso in the same team (Ferrari)…..though its highly impossible….!!! :)

  • Butterfly

    Briatore was asked about the rumor that Alonso might be leaving Ferrari and he said that the Spaniard has a contract for 2014 and that contracts are honored, whatever that means.

    So, Kimi and Fernando as teammates, then? Another mediocre creation of Nicholas Tombazis?

    I bet it would be fun to watch the two greats struggle at the same time in the same car.

  • Forza

    lol…we should kick him out first and hire Newey but Newey isn’t ready to join Ferrari because is wife doesn’t want to shift to Italy! 😛

  • Forza

    I wish we can get connected through Facebook or something…we can share n discuss all the latest F1 updates…. :)
    This is my FB page:

  • Tamburello_1994


    You guys (gals) are gonna have to be more creative to beat the censors . . . .

  • Forza


  • Butterfly

    Now that I thought more about it, how did it come for Raikkonen to be required at Ferrari in the first place? Was it LdM wanting to block Red Bull from acquiring a proper driver, was it just them thinking that they need someone close to Alonso to get the WCC points, or was it as a reaction to Fernando giving them the finger and saying he wants out.

    And another thing:

    Would Santander leave with Alonso? They wanted Kimi out in 2010, surely they wouldn’t want him back this time.

    And finally:

    Could Briatore’s statement be interpreted as “if Ferrari want to get rid of Fernando they’d have to pay him for 2014 like they did for Kimi”.

    If that’s the case, then it makes life much easier for Fernando since Red Bull wouldn’t have to pay tens of millions to buy him out of his Ferrari contract.

  • Butterfly


    Sorry, mate, I don’t use social networking.

  • Forza

    @butterfly np :)

  • Butterfly

    Just read somewhere that the Kimi-Ferrari deal is indeed done and dusted.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Forza

    Is that u “ED”?

  • Forza


  • Stoner

    82 comments so far, thats the most i have seen in ages at this portal. Grandprix247 has a win

  • Tamburello_1994

    Are those your initials?

    I didn’t want to post a name (maybe yours)

  • Forza

    Nope why?

  • Tamburello_1994

    That “link” u posted.

    No worries. Glad I asked first.

  • Forza


  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    I stay with my opinion: Fernando won’t go/stay anywhere where he is not the only 1st drive (ready to admit i’m wrong, in case)

  • Tamburello_1994


  • Butterfly

    You know, I read somewhere that the reason Raikkonen left Ferrari in the first place wasn’t that Santander was protecting Fernando, but that they were interested in the Brazilian market, hence Felipe had to stay and Kimi to go.

    I don’t really believe these guys, especially the top dogs, have a problem with fighting each other. I won’t buy that for a second.

  • batloun_76

    I was reading your post guys here and to be honest one of the hardest thing i can imagine is to see Alonso pairing vettel in the same team…It doesn’t sound real, and also never forgot that formula one now is all about business and profits and to see two giant drivers and the same team is not good for that point of view, also red bull aren’t that desperate to pay a huge amount of money just to break Alonso contract with Ferrari to bring him to their campaign and they already champions with vettel. It doesn’t make sense at all.

  • nemo nobody

    Personally I don’t see the kimi-ferrari deal happening, not after what happened between them some time ago.

    Although money talks in F1 and in life in general, I suspect kimi will reject a hypothetical better Ferrari deal. He said it to many times that when he is signing for a team, different aspects come into the picture and the money issue isn’t enough.

    And keeping in mind they kicked him out in a suspicious way (every sane person will know that he is better than massa any day) I’d say this deal is really unrealistic…

  • hillside

    “You know, I read somewhere that the reason Raikkonen left Ferrari in the first place wasn’t that Santander was protecting Fernando, but that they were interested in the Brazilian market, hence Felipe had to stay and Kimi to go.”

    Santander bought Kimi’s contract in a condition he’ll not drive for any team.

    Massa’s Family has been selling a mega ton of FIAT cars in Brazil for so many years and thats what keeping his seat at Ferrari

  • fools

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    @ Butterfly:

    Did you forget Michael Schumacher?

  • Top Gear

    Schumacher used to say that. He once challenged Damon hill (in 1996) to join ferrari just so he could prove he was the better driver. Same with Villeneuve. Funny tho that Senna vetoed hakkinen after mika started whomping him. Does anyone remember the sourness when mika outqualified team mate Senna at the first race, together?

  • Butterfly


    If Briatore said that then the Alonso-to-Red-Bull rumor dies right now.

    real LOTUS is the GREEN one:

    What do you mean?

  • batloun_76


  • earlcee7

    Wow 100 comments!!

    At first I thought the Kimi-to-Ferrari deal was just rumor but the following events changed my mind:
    1. Ferrari fallout with Alonso i.e. LdM’s public rebuke for such a modest comment!!
    2. Alonso approaching RB for 2014 seat even though he’d previously pledged the rest of his career to Ferrari. (which I think is doubtful especially with the way Horner is outing Alonso to the media!!)
    3. Kimi holding off the RB deal, I mean who does that? Its the freakin’ world champions!!

    If Kimi & ALonso are paired @ Ferrari it should prove intresting… I do not think Alonso or Kimi would necessarily find it easy against each other or even Vettel! It’s funny how pple constantly discredit Seb but tht guy is tripple WDC for a reason! However I do hope Lewis takes the fight to him second half and win th 2013 WDC!!

  • Top Gear

    Alonso would waste Kimi. Kimi loses interest if the car isn’t perfect. That’s why Massa spanked Kimi in 2008/2009. Alonso isn’t the fastest, but he fights all the way to the chequered flag. Even Visz69 or Alonso-is-why-Mercedes-is-Butterfried can agree to that.

  • real LOTUS is the GREEN one

    Sorry if i didn’t explain well, english is not my language :-)

    I only meant MS never accepted equal conditions team-mates, replying to this statement of Butterfly: “I don’t really believe these guys, especially the top dogs, have a problem with fighting each other”

    Already in 1995 Michael forbade to his team-mate Herbert to get *his own* telemetry data. Thereafter he always claimed absolute priority by teams he drove for. His position in Ferrari was so strong that the Scuderia itself boycotted Irvine’s title chances just to avoid bumping his “majesty”.

  • Butterfly

    Well, that’s the kind of thinking that made Schumacher such a jerk in the eyes of many, mine included. But I don’t think that kind of thinking applies to the current crop, though.

    Schumacher liked playing dirty and then saying he’s the best. A bit demented, if you ask me.


  • McLarenfan

    The next question is who was Mr Hamilton snr representing at Ferrari???

  • Tamburello_1994

    Probably himself.

    Not good for advertising when your own son goes elsewhere for career advice. Just sayn.

  • McLarenfan

    So true also think how much he is paying Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment to turn him in to a house hold name and make him a star, oh his dad & McLaren did that already????
    So what is he with them for just to p!ss his dad off or to make himself look good for Nicole Scherz-whats-er-name-er.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “. . .So what is he with them for just to p!ss his dad off or to make himself look good for Nicole Scherz-whats-er-name-er.”

    All of the above. 😉

    I wonder if Lewis gets put off at the fact his dad is still slinking around the paddock and making high profile visits out to Ferrari of all places, ffs. I know that would bug the hell out of me. maybe it’s time Tony found his own meal ticket. He’s just trying to be a player. I’m sure if he wanted to he could of slipped in and out of Maranello without all the attention. But no, He wanted it out there. That’s why it’s got to be about him.

    I surprised Ferrari made time for him, Truth be told.

  • McLarenfan

    I think Lewis lives on his emotions as they say wears his heart on his sleeve, this has shown as a weakness nut also a strength. Reports said his dad and family have been his rock before and just after his win. The year he split with dear ol dad he had so many on track incidents, before when he split with Nicole Scherz-whats-er-name-er he had bad races, but this time he managed to use those feelings for good, his dad seems to help some times but I also see his dad as being a grounding presence all the rappers seem to have dispersed now dad around.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Well I wonder no more. (said very sheepishly) 😉

    I stand corrected McLarenfan. Thanks for setting me straight on that.


  • McLarenfan

    Like you we only have so much information but That is how I see it

  • Cab

    “Alonso would waste Kimi. Kimi loses interest if the car isn’t perfect. That’s why Massa spanked Kimi in 2008/2009. Alonso isn’t the fastest, but he fights all the way to the chequered flag.”

    What made you say so?? You are talking about a different ear. That was a time when qualifying positions were so important. Overtaking was not as easy as today. And McLarens and BMWs were always there in the top 6. Race pace was different, but remember, over taking was a rare thing happened compared to now. I never felt Kimi is a good qualifier, but in racing conditions he can either beat or match Alonso.

    Alonso is a fantastic driver, but i don’t know why he is treated as the best !! In 2012, where ever Ferrari was good, he got the maximum out of it. Ferrari had race pace, if not qualifying pace, in those races where he finished in podiums. (Check the fastest laps of those races) Not because Alonso took a slow car to the podium with his magic.

    All drivers have their own powers and weakness. The one who succeeds in showing their weakness less on a race day (in a fast reliable car) wins.

    If Kimi and Alonso are in a team, Alonso, who is a better qualifier than Kimi (i believe) may start from a higher qualifying position compared to Kimi. But if they both start from 1 and 2 positions, Kimi will definitely match or even finish better than Alonso.

    I don’t know how quick Vettel is !! Lets see in the coming years when he gets stronger teammates. Lewis is really faaaastttt…

    Its always interesting to watch these fights —

    1. Kimi vs Alonso
    2. Vettel Vs Any of these Big 3s (Lewis / Kimi / Alonso)
    3. Kimi Vs Lewis


  • Forza

    C’mon lets make it 200…. :)

  • youtube views

    This web site certainly has all the info I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  • matthew

    In retrospect… at least now we know who all the incompetent and lying posters are!!!