Korean GP also likely to be axed in near future

Korean GP grid girl

Korean GP grid girl

The Korean Grand Prix looks set to join India in being axed from the Formula 1 calendar, as Bernie Ecclestone trims the 2014 calendar to a maximum of 20 races.

It has been reported that Austria, Russia and New Jersey are to be added to the current 19-race schedule.

However, slated to be the second American race on the 2014 calendar, and punted as “set amid the Manhattan skyline”, New Jersey now appears unlikely.

Mercedes chairman Niki Lauda said a few days ago that New Jersey “didn’t happen this year because of a lack of money”.

“As far as I know,” the Formula 1 legend told Austrian broadcaster ORF, “it’s already gone from the calendar”.

And amid reports that Ecclestone will drop the Indian Grand Prix over a tax issue, Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport claims thatthe other race unlikely to survive beyond 2013 is Korea.

“Apparently,” said correspondent Tobias Gruner, “the organisers have run out of money”.

“Ecclestone is well known for having little patience if his fees are not paid.”

The AFP news agency also reports that Korea is in doubt, saying the organiser “has lost money since it first hosted Formula 1 in 2010, and local authorities are unwilling to cover losses”.

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  • pistonerovente

    I REALLY hope so, and the Indian one. Bring the Formula back home ffs


    u ppl are geting one american gp per year,so just keep your fat mouth shut…there is no need for two american gps….!!!!
    got that???………….@filthy_pistonerovente..

  • =El Presidente=

    there is a nice (and licenced) track in a small country ,.. the Netherlands.. Zandvoort.. that would be nice! i would travel the 3000km for that :)

  • Bittthhhcuit

    Firstly, my wife & I are MASSIVE F1 fans & we’ve had the opportunity to travel to GPs in Suzuka and Shanghai and this year in Mokpo since we live in Korea due to work.

    I’m glad you’ve mentioned the lack of enthusiasm issue since it’s glaringly obvious when you live here, let alone watch it on TV. It is frustrating living in a city which hosts an F1 race and next to no locals share any interest whatsoever. My colleagues, care next to nothing about the race even though we work just next to the track. I completely understand that F1 is new to Korea and motorsport in general is foreign, however, when your country is hosting an international sporting event, one expects to see the media promoting it as much as possible over a period of time – we’ve been living here for 2 years now and we can say that no coverage is given. The locals only know that something called an F1 race is held at Mokpo, beyond that, nobody has a clue what that entails. This is unfortunate because there is a large market of people here who might be interested in the sport if the CORRECT spotlight would be given to it.

    Today we attended FP2. There is clear, for lack of a better word, absence of effort by the organizers. There was a lack of signage resulting in several different people directing us to the main grandstand in completely opposite directions. There is virtually no team merchandise on offer, despite a plethora of track merchandise. This is because locals still do not know who the drivers and teams are after 4 years. For example, when asking for a Kimi Raikkonen T-Shirt, we were met with blank stares. The level of enthusiasm from attendees of this GP and even the stall holders, when compared to Suzuka last year and Shanghai in March this year, is like comparing chalk and cheese. The staff/volunteers here are clearly trying to make an effort (you can’t say that Koreans are not friendly), but there is so little for them to work with that the results appear lukewarm at best.

    The other major issue I’d like to highlight is that Korea is a very insular country. Please bear in mind that I’ve lived and worked here for 2 years so I’d like to think that I have some experience in what I’m about to say. I don’t intend this to be an insult but, most South Koreans don’t know what’s happening outside of Korea. As a result they are unaware that Yeongam is one of MANY F1 races in a championship year – they see this as a once-off KOREAN event. Therefore, given everything that I’ve experienced today at the track, coming here as a non-Korean tourist would be a hellish experience – there’s no acceptable accommodation, signage is poor at best (and largely in Korean) even outside the track and there is a complete sense of apathy about the event.

    Even in its 4th year, the Korean GP has not inspired any locals to even purchase teamwear to even get into the spirit of the thing. I was lucky enough to attend the Shanghai GP in its 4th year and the atmosphere was completely electric. The locals seemed to adopt that event as their own in that relatively short time and the excitement there was (and still was this year) palpable.

    Personally I believe that this venue is an expensive mistake. Clearly Bernie thought that the seemingly large expat community living in South Korea would be able to coax enough interest in the local population to make this venue a success but quite frankly, nobody seems to care about motorsport in South Korea.

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