Hamilton: I’m going to train intensely and come back stronger for second half

Lewis Hamilton feeling on top of the world after winning the Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton feeling on top of the world after winning the Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton has likened his Hungarian Grand Prix win to a sticking plaster for his tortured soul and promised to return in better shape after Formula 1’s August break.

The 2008 world champion’s first win for Mercedes since his move from McLaren at the end of last year was just the boost the Briton needed as the sport wrapped up the first half of the season.

Hamilton has been suffering emotionally after breaking up, not for the first time, with American singer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger even if his focus on the racetrack has been unwavering.

Before the race he had taken inspiration by repeating Malvolio’s words in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night': “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

On Sunday, even as the Briton celebrated one of his great victories in the searing heat of the Hungaroring, he said he had been thinking of her during the race.

F1 career win number 22 for Lewis Hamilton in Budapest

F1 career win number 22 for Lewis Hamilton in Budapest

“It definitely picks you up,” he told British reporters of the 22nd win of his career and first for a team other than McLaren in F1. “It will definitely keep me right on a high for a few days.

“It’s just a natural high that you get, a bit of a Band Aid that will cover me for some time.”

Hamilton knows the importance of winning before a prolonged break, the feel-good factor lifting the team and allowing them to go on holiday with their heads held high.

It happened to him at the same point last year with McLaren, when he also won in Hungary, and to that team in 2011, 2009, 2008 and 2007.

“There is no better feeling for a team to going into a break with a win,” he said. “I was lucky enough to do it with McLaren. It was always a real good boost for them to go into that period of time relaxed, knowing that we’d had a win.

The Mercedes W04 gets a kiss from Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes W04 gets a kiss from Lewis Hamilton

“So I feel it will do the same for this team, and the for first time they have that feeling going into a break. It’s a big boost for us, and also we’ll maybe have a better chance of moving forward [in] these next few races.”

Despite the win, Hamilton is still only fourth in the drivers’ standings – 48 points behind Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel with nine rounds to go – and Mercedes are second in the constructors’ championship.

Vettel, chasing his fourth successive title, has historically been stronger in the second half of the season but so too has Hamilton and he said he would do all he could to improve his chances.

“I’m just going to train over this summer break. Normally I don’t really train much over the summer break, maybe just a little bit, but I mostly enjoy and relax,” said the Monaco resident.

“This time I’m going to train intensely, continue doing what I did last week, get my head down and come back hopefully stronger for the second half of the season.

“I’m really looking forward to the second half of the season, the second half is usually my favourite part.” (Reuters)

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  • McLarenfan

    Nicole Scherzinger has messed his head up, it is obvious he needs a love interest like Jenson’s girl Jessica Michibata that supports him not always running around after Simon Cowell and partying. I do feel for Lewis because even at McLaren you could tell when he was having problems with Nicole his head wasn’t right.

  • Hawk

    yeah, expected when the woman is much older. she just doesnt take s..t.
    but will Hamilton train the car also? without car support, however much you train or try.
    the best training he can do is to study the remaining tracks across all simulations/variables; weather, tyre conditions, down force configurations, car setup, etc.

  • KC

    He’s such a drama queen. Nicole probably got tired of being with a men who was more “high maintenance” than she was.

  • ukwhite

    His race was great, but nothing out of a normal day in the office. When the car is performing, all racers can perform. Consistency is the key, does Lewis has it? Kind of doubt. Not the favourite, at least not mine. Is he kissing his car? Oh boy, he has started copying Vettel.

    Anyways, it looks he is in the right team, Lauda lauding him, music for his years, that gives him motivation, Lewis is craving for such tricks, simple character. If I were Seb I would watch my back, Lewis is dangerous for sure.

  • Hawk

    Haters again. Can’t you do anything else?

  • A41202813GMAIL

    With The New Tires, If He Manages 2 Wins In A Row, Watch Out WDC2.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • BigRed

    i have the strangest feeling that he might be able to beat vettel this year
    the lewis this year is sooooo much different than before plus the really good timing when he moved to mercedes
    i just hope for a 4 way fight for the WDC:)

  • realf1fan

    I’m hoping the new Kevlar compound tires will help the W04 as it dissipates its he more effectively than the 2013 metal based compound which takes longer to get rid of the heat from the track. Also the Hungary track with its slow corners might of helped the W04 as this would cause less lateral load on the tires than on faster cornering tracks like Spa, and if that is the case that the W04 win was about track specifics then the Mercs team may still have some work to do regards their tires.

  • Nobody

    turn of the tides are now on come lewis bring the fight to them