Hembery: No tyre war unless rules change

Paul Hembery

Paul Hembery

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has played down reports that his company might have to go wheel-to-wheel with Michelin in Formula 1 next year.

There are rumours that  Michelin, apparently supported by FIA top man Jean Todt, is planning a Formula 1-related announcement for the middle of this week. The French marque was last seen on the grid as the Bridgestone ‘tyre war’ ended in 2006,

Michelin is believed to favour a competitive situation for a return to Formula 1, while Pirelli is more content with the current one-supplier rules, designed to keep costs down.

Asked if the Michelin reports have him worried, Pirelli’s motor sport director Hembery replied: “We have a contract with the teams, but the rules do not allow competition between tyre manufacturers.

“We are doing our job,” he told Formula 1news.ru, as Pirelli pushes for a new multi-year contract to be the sport’s sole supplier of tyres beyond 2013.

Hembery concluded: “If the rules change, we will be told about it.” (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    The thing that shocks is that Pirelli are taking such a hammering from fans and drivers about the tyres and they take all the heat thrown. I understand they are only supplying what they have been contracted to deliver by the teams and the FIA.
    We all know that the FIA wanted the French supplier Michelin from day 1 but the Teams and Bernie chose Pirelli over Michelin and that is reportedly what has been holding up the final ink to paper for next year but the FIA shot themselves in the foot on that at the tribunal over the test with Merc. Pirelli are in a win win now with the FIA as they have left themselves open for Pirelli to take them to the cleaners if they try to poison Pirelli’s name and switch to Michelin.
    Why Pirelli takes all the stick is beyond me but I think they are here to stay

  • Jeff

    Tyre competition ruined f1 during the Schumacher years. I, for one, would hate to see it return.

  • McLarenfan

    That tyre war was not so much a war it was a 3 way fight Michelin against Bridgestone and Bridgestone & Michelin against Ferrari-Bridgestone hybrid. I think a strait war could be good for the fans and the teams but only if it were strait no little deals for a single team to have the full works with tyres like glue with ultimate durability.