Ferrari confirms Allison to start as technical director in September

James Allison

James Allison

Ferrari F1 team on Monday confirmed reports that James Allison will join the Italian team, starting in September, and will take up the role of technical director.

We reported on Saturday that the Maranello based team is buying out the remainder of Briton Allison’s Lotus contract.

“It is believed Allison could get to work (at Ferrari] in the early autumn”, working alongside Pat Fry and Nicolas Tombazis, the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat had claimed.

Indeed, in a media statement on Monday, Ferrari said that Allison will start work as chassis technical director on 1 September.

Pat Fry moves sideways in the Ferrari heirarchy

Pat Fry moves sideways in the Ferrari heirarchy

It means Pat Fry is stepping sideways into a new position within in the team, that of director of engineering.

Both men will report directly to team boss Stefano Domenicali, who left Budapest on Sunday having to deny reports Ferrari could lose Fernando Alonso to Red Bull at the end of the year.

Asked if he is worried, the Italian insisted: “No.

“For sure, Fernando is an asset to the team. First of all we have a contract with him,” he is quoted by the Daily Mail.

“We need him to work very closely with everyone because after all this is a difficult moment in the season.

“It’s about teamwork. We have to deliver a job. Full stop. This is the same for everyone, not only for him,” Domenicali added. (GMM)

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  • Psych4191

    How does Pat Fry even have a job. He’s practically run the team into the ground and blamed it on the wind tunnel every year. Maybe he just sucks at design. Allison will probably have the team back up to the top in no time.

  • Butterfly


    In case you don’t know, the technical director doesn’t actually design the car. It’s up to the design team, lead by the chief designer, to design the car and come up with new ideas.

    The technical director then accepts those ideas and finances those he thinks are worth it.

    The chief designer is the one who destroyed Ferrari. Him and the team principal who doesn’t have the balls to find someone better.

  • Tony

    Thought Allison had more sense than this. Only the mad German Gunther Schmid of the old ATS F1 team could be a more impossible man to work with than Montezemelo. Idiot!!

  • Butterfly

    There’s a rumor going around that Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg will be dricing for Ferrari next year.

    Bianchi takes Kimi’s place at Lotus.

    Here’s the bomb: Alonso takes Webber’s place at Red Bull.

    Oh, dear. It’s going to get messy for Ferrari in the next decade (!).

    It’s just a rumor, but it’s a damn strong one. And it seems all F1 rumors from the last five years turned out to be true.

  • k-15-

    The very last team that Kimi will drive for will be with Ferrari. A stupid team who ousted this gifted driver for a santander pay driver like Alonso. I am so happy to see the red macaronis loosing because they opted for money over talent.

  • Butterfly


    Actually, Alonso has more talent than Kimi, so I would say the Italians got both.

    But you’re just trolling.

  • dong

    “If” Alonso exhausted at Ferrari without giving him a competitive car and jump into Red Bull, The best drivers could Ferrari get and beat the field are Kimi and Nico as a team mate… The other thing also is that it might be a new era of the sport because of the new engine and everything, you dont know this could be a bounce back of the Prancing horse. Another thing Massa and Bianchi in Marussia and Ferrari Buying 50% of the team as their junior team for their top drivers in Ferrari Academy. Last Kamui is going to be back and with Lotus.

  • Wauwau

    Fernando have contract with Ferrari, F1 is not the same as Football.
    If Fernando goes to RBR, he will be #2 driver…remember His McLaren days ?
    If Fernando goes to RBR and Vettel beats him, who will looks stupid ?
    The one thing i cant believe is, until today after 6 horrible years, Stefano Domenicalli still have his job…

  • Szilard

    I think Allison is for Alonso as Brawn used to be for Schumacher. So the brilliant Alonso-Allison pair only needs a new Todt, and Ferrari can sparkle again.
    And to troll around a bit: Alonso is not only a better driver than Vettel or Kimi, he is waaaay better! He actually has Hamilton’s coolness, Kimi’s experience and Vettel’s fighting will and consistency! Plus a little bit of magic.

  • harry harris

    yeasssss butterfly…you’re right man. The chief designer and the team principal who destroyed the ferrari’s inch by inch…day by day. Look at the past……. how many cars he has design to become a winning car????? NONE. I don’t see that Mr Fry is the person to be blame. He has brought a lot of changes in fundamentals and work style. Ferrari needs a brilliant designer who can foresee the loopholes in the regulations…… not playing catch up all the time. Happy birthday to you Alonso….. Welcome to Mr ALLISON

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Butterfly,

    Do you really think Kimi would ever set a foot back at Maranello after the way it ended the first time? Do you think “all’s forgiven” just like that? And do you REALLY think Alonso would break the contract for the number 2 seat at Red Bull?

    That’s a straight up question(s) – No B.S. – I’m asking you for your opinion – And I would appreciate a straight up answer save the usual vitriol or name calling.

    Me myself, I just don’t see all that, But you’re the “Horse Whisperer” on this site, I’m curious to know what your thoughts are.

  • hahaha

    k15, I’m a die-hard tifosi and you are 100% right, he is overrated. Kimi took a title in 2007 because Alonso couldn’t cope with a rookie at the time. Give Massa the same material and no team orders and it would be much closer. Also he cost Nelsinho (who I don’t blame at all) his career (oh Alonso really didn’t know the plan?, C’mon!), was involved in spionage (tyre pressure mails with De la Rosa) and he came to Ferrari on political and financial grounds thanks to corrupt Santander (who is at least one cause of the crisis in Spain). I say they just have to put Flavio (who also cost Massa his 2008 title) in Domi’s place and Italy will be in revolution and Mister Enzo will turn in his grave (one cheater is even too much, so let alone two!!!!)

  • hahaha

    Tamburello, I understand your question to Butterfly, but consider this. The move of James Allison (which Kimi gets along with well) could influence Kimi’s move. I as a Tifosi and a huge Kimi fan would like to see him back. But as a man of principles I would like to see him take the title with Lotus first to stick it up Monty’s nose :D. Of course if he takes it this year he will stay at Lotus to drive the Number 1 on that car in 2014 (I don’t expect Kimi doing a Jenson, Brawn n°1=> Mclaren, which Ross didn’t appreciate)

  • hahaha

    And Tambu, Kimi loved the scuderia and the crew + he got along well with Felipe (they did each other favours during 2007/2008). He’s not that egotistic as that brat of an Alonso who wouldn’t let Felipe win exactly a year after his near death experience. Felipe didn’t whine on the radio in the last 4 races last year when he was faster than you, Fernando. Also Alonso’s quali is way too poor (Hamilton and Vettel are the benchmarks). The only problem I see is Monty. Maybe sack him and Piero takes his place, he has the right to do so as only living son of Il Commendatore. I will not deny Monty did a lot as a lawyer for Enzo but he hasn’t got the same capabilties as the old man. I’m not blaming him for being emotional (like smashing his TV in front of his daughters when Felipe lost 2008), I love that, that’s why I’m a Tifosi through the bone. But his decisions sometimes struck me (like the Kimi ousting after taking the title in his 1st year?!) Alonso did nothing in 4 years, yes he whined and got payed way too much that’s all :D.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I just think For Ferrari to even be considering Raikkonen coming back would be an epic admission that the Alonso experiment was a bust. That would mean the last four years was a waste of effort. Just not sure they are prepared to admit all that.

    Would have to pay me record sums to make me forget how I was unceremoniously dumped and pushed aside if I were Kimi. Why put yourself back in that position?

    Just my thoughts.