Perez: Jenson is the benchmark for judging my work

Sergio Perez wants to see teammate Jenson Button in his mirrors

Sergio Perez wants to see teammate Jenson Button in his mirrors

Not yet in the fight for race victories, Sergio Perez has admitted that his sights are instead set firmly on beating McLaren teammate Jenson Button.

Button, the 2009 world champion and highly-experienced McLaren team leader, has often complained about Mexican youngster Perez’ overly-aggressive driving since the 23-year-old joined the famous British team in 2013.

But Perez defended his driving on the basis that, without a competitive car at his disposal, his only target is to prove he can beat his established and highly-rated teammate.

“I have no car to fight for victory,” he is quoted by Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper in Hungary.

“And in these circumstances, my only goal is to try to be better than my teammate, who is a [former] world champion, [and] a very capable driver,” said Perez.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez targets beating his teammate

Indeed, the controversial young driver from Guadalajara did not deny that when he sees Button ahead of him on a circuit, he becomes determined to attack.

“If I overtake him, it means that I’m doing a good job,” said Perez. “Jenson is the benchmark for judging my work.”

Brazilian correspondent Livio Oricchio said Perez will remain at McLaren next year, as his initial contract with the multiple championship winning British team was for at least two years.

Perez said: “2014 represents the start of a new era for Formula 1, and for us drivers. Everything will be different with the new regulations, the turbos, the energy systems. And we will have to adapt.”

Perez out-qualified Button for the Hungarian Grand Prix, the pair will line up on the Hungaroring grid 9th and 13th. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    While his overtakes have been exciting to watch the problem with Perez is that generally he’s not quick enough. Nice enough guy, but not quick.

    McLaren should be finding someone else to race for them. If they can’t get a hold of Kimi then they need to have a look at the new breed of racers from lower formulas. It worked with Lewis, although I think he’s exceptionally, but Perez hasn’t shined this year. Even at Sauber I can’t say he impressed that much.

  • =El Presidente=

    I agree, although it must be said that he is still a rookie, and we have to see him perform in a race-winning car.

    Of all the “doubtful” drivers i rate Perez the highest.

    For sure he is better then names like Maldonado, Guiltierez Pic, Chilton and that sorts.

  • Spartacus

    Perez is no rookie. He’s had two seasons at Sauber!

  • Óscar

    I would say he is definitely capable to shine with McLaren.. I don’t understand hoy is It that you expect Pérez to shine if he doesn’t have a car that can make him fight for first places.. And i think that situation is and was with Sauber and currently with McLaren.

    So let’s hope that on the new era on the F1 (2014) McLaren can develop a powerful and competitive car so we can see one of the few teams that don’t have team orders on it’s full potential.

  • Rey Rodrigo Sanchez

    Who’s the bench mark now?

  • Hawk

    I pray JB puts this guy in his place

  • ewan

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