Michelin reportedly planning F1 announcement

Michelin F1 tyres

Michelin F1 tyres

Michelin has scheduled what is expected to be a Formula 1 media announcement for the middle of next week, according to a report on Sunday by Auto Motor und Sport.

The report suggested that the French supplier, last seenon the grid in 2006 as its tyre war with Bridgestone ended, could announce its interest in bidding for a Formula 1 tender.

The news might explain the long delay over news of Pirelli’s continued participation as the sport’s controversial official tyre supplier, even though Paul Hembery insists that plans for the 2014 season are well advanced.

Indeed, talks between the teams and Pirelli over 2014 have been speeding ahead this weekend in Hungary.

Pirelli have said that they need to make the rear tyres wider to cope with the higher torque of the turbo V6s, and Mercedes strongly agrees, but teams like Ferrari and Red Bull are fighting hard for the dimensions to remain essentially the same in 2014.

“We will decide alone,” Hembery insisted, “no matter what the teams want. They just need to give us their data.”

A big spanner in the works, however, could be the new Michelin factor.

Correspondent Michael Schmidt wondered: “Can [Michelin] be ready for 2014? Surely not – it would be a very late call.”

That is because the teams are scheduled to know the precise specification of the 2014 tyres by 1 September this year.

Much more likely is that Michelin might announce F1 intentions for 2015.

Hembery is quoted as saying: “We want clarity this year. Our contracts with the rights holder and some of the teams are for the next five years. If we are confronted next year with a tender for 2015, we’ll be gone.” (GMM)

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  • Rubbery

    Pirelli afraid of Michelin then?

    If Michelin wants to enter F1 in 2014, they can make it. They’re big enough to speed up production in such a short amount of time. Not to mention Bridgestone (the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world now).

    Given a choice, 9 out of 10 teams will choose to run on Michelins! Just as 9/10 passenger car customers will choose NOT to replace their current tyres with Pirellis!

  • Chrill

    Pirelli has nothing to win on remaining in F1. They’ve created a reputation of being absolutely disastrous tyres even though:

    1) Tyres are doing exactly what the FIA wanted them to, and
    2) There is no correspondence betweeen the tyres I have on my car and the tyres Sebastian Vettel and Alonso has on their race cars.

  • McLarenfan

    The F1 tyres re nothing like road tyres I have had Pirelli tyres and they have worked better than the Bridgestone’s that were on the car when I purchased it, I also had Michelin on another car that had 17inch rims and still no grip until the Michelin tyres were bolted on so road rubber and F1 track rubber is not comparable. I would love another tyre war but under the present rule’s it would be a farce 2 compounds that degenerate rapidly per brand they wouldn’t be able to battle it would have to be all out war again back to racing at speed