Grosjean handed meaningless 20-seconds penalty for Button clash

Romain Grosjean in the wars again

Romain Grosjean in the wars again

Lotus driver Romain Grosjean has been handed a 20 second race time penalty by the Hungarian Grand Prix stewards for his clash with Jenson Button during the race, but the penalty means nothing as the Frenchman keeps sixth place having finished 21.524 seconds ahead of seventh-placed Button.

Grosjean who appeared to be ridding himself of the ‘first lap nutcase’ tag, was in the wars once again in Hungary after starting third on the grid and looking on target for a top three finish.

The first of several incidents occurred heading into Turn 1 which aggrieved Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard said afterwards, “Grosjean was concentrating on only me, maybe he forgot that we are racing 22 cars. I was happy that he paid a penalty afterwards to compensate a little bit for his aggressiveness.”

There was also an overtaking incident with Felipe Massa which the stewards took a dim view of an overtake in Turn 4 which saw the Lotus leave the tarmac to complete the move and handed Grosjean a drive through penalty which cost him a sure podium finish.

Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean side-by-side into Turn 1

Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean side-by-side into Turn 1

“On Massa I thought I had at least two wheels on the white line of the track, I tried the outside and I pushed hard. But I haven’t seen the footage so far so I need to go a bit more into the details,” said Grosjean.

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier agreed with his driver, “He made a great move at a circuit where overtaking is difficult and he had no room to do anything else. For us the Stewards’ decision was harsh. ”

The Button incident was clearly a case of Grosjean misjudging his overtake into the Turn 6 chicane, and squeezing the McLaren onto the edge of the track and slamming wheels in the process.

Button appeared a tad shell-shocked by it all, “I seemed to be a target for a lot of the race! I know I’m slower but I seem to be a target with Sebastian [Vettel] and also with Grosjean. I’m going to see the stewards about it, but I think it’s pretty straightforward – I couldn’t go anymore left. That’s it really.”

“Unless I’m on the grass, which is obviously not where I want to be when I’m braking for a corner, he had no way of not hitting me. He obviously didn’t realise how narrow the circuit was at that corner,” added Button.

Grosjean accepted the blame for the Button incident, “With Jenson I was a bit too much on the left. The track goes narrow uphill and I was wider than that so I want to apologise. We were fortunate that none of us got any [damage], so that was good.” (GP247)

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  • Psych4191

    They borderline bullied him today. That was a racing incident. One that was Button’s fault anyway.

  • AAX

    I agree. He drove really well today and as aggressive as could be! No crash jean jokes here today I hope!

  • McLarenfan

    I think the Massa one was very harsh and not needed the one with Button was 100% Grosjean’s fault but the punishment had already been given on track the Stewards need to clean their glasses others did worse than Grosjean and walked away with nothing

  • Ride me sideways

    It’s about time people get of romain back,OTHER drivers get away will a bit more

  • Spartacus

    Button is fast becoming the moaner of F1. It’s never his fault and the car isn’t quick enough.

    Massa certainly was pushing him off the track and really if Grosjean had stayed on the circuit there would have been a crash; Massa’s crash! The over-take had already been done.

    The Button one is more that Button had already lost the place but since Grosjean has apologised to Button it should be left at that.

  • hahaha

    Glad to see the support for him despite previous crashjean jokes feeded by whiners like webber and button. Because told they should have separate starts for him (who’s the bad starter Mark?). And btw Vettel should have been penalised rather than Romain, one at the start for running romain of track while changing his line TWICE + the jab he gave to Button was way worse than Romain who was already past. 2 measures and 2 weights in the FIA, I’m not surprised Alan McDoosh was part of the stewards (his idiotic crash at le mans who nearly killed people behind the barriers was also not his fault in his opinion, Davidsons was the fault of the Ferrari, Mcnishes wasn’t)