Alonso fined for illegal use of DRS during Hungarian GP

Fernando Alonso in Hungary

Fernando Alonso in Hungary

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari have been given a € 15 000 fine for illegal DRS use during the Hungarian Grand Prix, which means that the Spaniard keeps his fifth place finish at Hungaroring

The FIA officials reported the team to the stewards as data downloaded revealed that Alonso activated the DRS on his Ferrari on three separate occasions in the race when he was more than one second behind the car ahead.

Under the rules, a pursuing driver is only allowed to use DRS when within one second of the car ahead, determined when they cross the DRS detection zone.

FIA Technical Delegate Joe Bauer summoned Alonso to the stewards who declared that a setting error by the team was to blame. However they added that the advantage had been negligible.

Fernando Alonso during the Hungarian GP

Fernando Alonso during the Hungarian GP

The stewards statement related to the incident concluded: “The DRS enabling system was not changed by the team from the pre-race to the race setting,” said a stewards’ statement. The driver therefore incorrectly received ‘DRS enabled’ messages and reacted to them (when not entitled to) on three occasions.

“As soon as the team became aware of the problem they informed the driver to only use DRS when told to do so by the team. Whilst a small sporting advantage (less than one second over the entire race) was gained, the team argued that #3 also suffered a disadvantage by being unable to use DRS on every legitimate occasion.”

“However, the team is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the system conforms to the regulations.” (GP247)

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  • Hawk

    Tough one. A lot of evidence it seems. Must be something wrong with his car detection.

  • Losing It

    Ferrari and Alonso can forget about the Championship again this year. I’m not a Vettel fan but he’s gonna take it again this year.

  • Wolf 9

    Ferrari sucks & with a garbage individuals in the team, they are wasting a frustrated awesome driver like Alonso & wasting resources…until this moment their wind tunnel is still worthless… its a prancing donkey sorry to say.

  • Ukblack

    Even if it is not true it is difficult not asking yourself if wrongdoing was the case. Cheater(s)? Quite embarassing anyways. Alonso’s career is full of black spots. Sometimes you can feel sorry for him. This year is done, Lewis is rising, Kimi the same, and Seb as usually, consistent and on top of his game. No wonder Alonso tried to escape to Red Bulls, but is a no for sure. Pairing with Seb is a no.

  • Wolf 9

    I also dont see Alonso pairing with vettel…its bad enough an average driver like Webber can give Vettel hell in normal circumstances. If it gets to be Alonso then, he will walk all over him if he is equally supported at RB.
    Unfortunately winners & losers are determined by the performance of the car & not purely by the driver’s efforts & experience. It comes with out saying.

  • Fellow Being

    @Wolf9 You think Alonso could do better in the RBR’s car? Lol.
    When he couldnt do anything in McLaren what would he do in RBR :p

  • Wolf 9

    Well at Mclaren he did fight for the title until the last race…and that was with out the support of team…Mclaren brought in a 2 world championship title holder & used his experience to set up Hamilton’s car…Ron could have won the drivers championship if he stood behind Alonso (at least for the 1st year), but instead he abused the resources of the team to stand behind a rookie (yes an outstanding rookie for sure, but not great enough yet to win a tittle in the world of F1)…a stupid Ron & a night mare for Fernando the gentleman….

  • terry

    Alonso at Red Bull is something which will send shock into the spines of Sebastien and to other teams. Alonso will end up breaking all records, He will become the one of the richest drivers of all time, he will make Dietrich Mateschitz a multi billionaire but all this will only happen if Adrian Newey is still working for Red bull. And i dont want Alonso to leave Ferrari. Coz im a die hard Ferrari fan and there is no other experienced driver in the market available for Ferrari to replace a talent and experienced Alonso.

  • fools

    That sucks mang. Alonso having troubles and its not even his fault.
    Hope all this rubbish turns around for the 2nd chapter of the WDC.

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alsonso will always remain a cheater

  • Wolf 9

    @terry I totally agree with you & well said.

    @fools just cross your fingers Ferrari will at least get lucky building a faster car for the remaining season…at the moment 3 teams have faster cars than Ferrari…its going to be hard but not impossible…and then you can bet Alonso will grab the 2013 WDC.

    @Alonso_is_slow you will always remain cheap

  • jl

    look at the history, mc laren, benetton, now ferrari, we know the cheater.

  • Thomas

    Remember “Petrov is faster than you (Alonso)” … the last race 2010 in Abu Dhabi. Alonso screwed up his only chance to add one more Title in his carrier. That tells the truth of his capability.

  • Tom Clar

    With all due respect to Montezemola whom I have great respect for he seems to have forgotten about one Mr. Shumacher who put his interests above not only Ferrari but everyone on the grid.
    And as a dedicated F1 fan of many years and a historic F1 car driver myself I have to say there is no driver out there trying harder or carrying the car more then Alonso perhaps the least overpaid driver out there. Ferrari are simply not putting a winning car under Alonso and even a driver of his caliber can’t make a silky winner out of a sows ear. This statement was stupid bluntly!