Grosjean escapes penalty after his Lotus fails post-qualifying floor test

Romain Grosjean's hard work in qualifying could have been for nothing

Romain Grosjean’s hard work in qualifying nearly for nothing

Romain Grosjean has escaped penalty, despite his Lotus E21 failing a post-qualifying front floor deflection test on day two of the Hungarian grand Prix weekend.

Grosjean, who will retain his third place grid spot, could  have been excluded from qualifying and sent to the back of the grid, but after a hearing with representatives from Lotus, the stewards accepted that the test failure was a result of damage to one of the floor stays caused by Grosjean running over the kerbs at Turn 11 during his run in Q2.

A statement from the stewards said: “Based on the telemetry it was apparent that the car suffered an impact during Q2 resulting in a vertical acceleration ranging from -7.3g to +11.1g. Video evidence verified that the car bottomed at Turn 11, consistent with the telemetry.

Romain Grosjean  during the post-qualifying press conference

Romain Grosjean during the post-qualifying press conference

“It is considered reasonable that this impact caused a fracture in the floor stay of car #8. It was confirmed by physical examination that the floor stay on car #8 was identical to that on car #7 which was intact.

“‘Lifing documents’ (which show the history of each part) indicate the car #8 part had been fitted for in excess of 600kms including a full race.

“It is the conclusion of the stewards that the failure of this part was due to the impact in Q2 and subsequently caused the car to fail to meet the requirements of article 3.17.5.

“Accordingly this is deemed to be a case of accidental damage, not a case of non-compliance.” (GP247)

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