Sutil: I want to win, whether in a red or an orange or a silver car is secondary

Adrian Sutil focused on 2013

Adrian Sutil focused on 2013

On the occasion of his 100th career grand prix start with the very same Silverstone based team, Adrian Sutil has declined to pledge his future to Force India and has declared that he does no care who he wins with in the future, as long as he wins.

Hungary this weekend is the 30-year-old’s 100th race in Formula 1, dating back through the team’s history as Spyker, Midland and then Force India, who revived Sutil’s career in 2013, despite his criminal conviction for assault. Even so, he is not ruling out a change of scenery for 2014.

“It’s still a bit too early to think about it,” Sutil told Auto Motor und Sport. “When I’m ready, I will speak first with [team boss] Vijay [Mallya].”

Adrian Sutil in action during FP1 in Budapest

Adrian Sutil in action during FP1 in Budapest

Sutil is leaving the door open because, despite Force India’s solid McLaren-beating form in 2013, the driver is still seeking even an elusive first podium.

“The difference between us and the top teams is that to ever have a chance at the podium, everything has to fit together 110 per cent,” he said. “But the big teams can still have a good result even when they’re making mistakes.”

The obvious conclusion of Sutil’s comments is his acknowledgement that, if he wants to progress significantly, he will have to change teams.

Adrian Sutil made his F1 debut with Spyker at the 2007 Australian GP

Adrian Sutil made his F1 debut with Spyker (which became Force India) at the 2007 Australian GP

Asked if he can imagine Force India at the very front in Formula 1, he told SID news agency: “I don’t know, but there are not too many teams that are better than us at the moment. [Moving teams] is a decision you need to consider carefully.”

“If I think at some point that I cannot get more out of the team, then I will change. But at the moment I still see a lot of potential. I want to win, whether it’s in a red or an orange or a silver car is secondary,” said Sutil.

He admitted, however, that if his career races on for another 100 grands prix, he would like to look back on more than one team experience.

“Should I be able some day to look back on 200 grands prix, it would be nice to be able to talk about different teams,” said Sutil. (GMM)

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