Hamilton: I haven’t been writing love songs to win anyone back

Lewis Hamilton needs to find his rhythm on track

Lewis Hamilton needs to find his rhythm on track

Lewis Hamilton has got himself into the groove for Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix by cutting tracks in a Los Angeles recording studio.

The Mercedes driver, subdued and preoccupied at the last race in Germany after his break-up with American singer Nicole Scherzinger, appeared more at ease at the Hungaroring on Thursday and was ready to dispel some rumours.

“I haven’t been writing love songs, as some people have been suggesting, to win anyone back,” he told reporters when the conversation turned towards his recent musical activities.

“It is just something I really enjoy doing and something that I am actually really, really good at,” he said. “There are loads of great studios in LA but that is the best one I have been to. The sound is incredible. It’s good fun.”

Lewis Hamilton speaks with media in Budapest

Lewis Hamilton speaks with media in Budapest

The world may never hear the results but the day job is what really matters and Hamilton arrived in Budapest ready for action.

The 2008 world champion has won three times at the circuit outside the capital – with only the now-retired Michael Schumacher boasting a better record there – and arrives chasing a third successive pole position.

New tyres introduced by Pirelli may make the task more difficult, with the Mercedes suffering heavy rear degradation in hot conditions, but Hamilton made it clear that he was in the right frame of mind.

“The break was too long. I just really missed being in the car. Particularly this week I have been really excited about getting back in the car,” he said.

“I had time to really think about how well the season has gone for me. Everyone was talking me down at the beginning of the year. So many things said about whether it was right or wrong decisions, whether it was a silly mistake.

Lewis Hamilton has yet to win with his new team

Lewis Hamilton has yet to win with his new team

“But the team and I have constantly proved everyone wrong, race by race. We are second in the constructors’ championship which is a massive boost. I feel privileged and grateful that I have been able to contribute to that.”

Hamilton’s team mate Nico Rosberg has won twice so far this season while Hamilton has yet to stand on the top step of the podium since his move from McLaren at the end of last year.

He has, however, had three third places and is fourth in the championship, 58 points behind Red Bull’s overall leader Sebastian Vettel after nine of 19 races.

“I would never have thought we would have been in such a competitive position – still within shooting distance of both championships,” said the Briton.

Lewis Hamilton won the 2012 Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton won the 2012 Hungarian GP

“I come here positive because I know that the car has been improved for the weekend and knowing that after being on pole at the last race we can have a fighting chance of doing the same again. Whether we will win is yet to be seen.”

Mercedes were not allowed to take part in a young driver test, expanded to regular race drivers if they were testing tyres, at Silverstone last week as punishment for their own ‘secret’ session with Pirelli in Spain in May.

Hamilton expected the team to need all three practice sessions to get fully up to speed with the new tyres which marry the 2012 structure and 2013 compounds to prevent the scary blowouts seen in last month’s British Grand Prix.

“I am pretty sure we are going to be doing long runs in all of them to try and get an understanding of tyre temperatures and other stuff which is going to be totally different,” he said. “The others definitely have an advantage.

“It is just (a question of) whether the tyres are going to work in our favour…hopefully we will be able to keep the pace up a little bit more and fight for higher positions than fifth.” (Reuters)

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  • pillio

    totally whipped Lewis.
    concentrate on racing not singing

  • Tamburello_1994


    I think If I had the chance to drive a Formula one racecar the last place your gonna find me is wasting time in Los Angeles “cutting tracks”. Good grief.

    That’s the kinda crap you save for an off season project. L.A. is a heck of a long way from Hungary. The whole thing to me to be just one big distraction. I get it: He’s a former world champion, He’s been in F1 awhile, He’s been there – he’s done that. Can’t be at the factory 24-7 I suppose. I’m just unsure how trips to America during the season help the “day job” situation.

    Dood’s got mad skills on the track but he’s got to get his head right off of it. Would be a cryn shame to see him squander that talent trying to be “West Coast” all the sudden. He claims he idolizes Senna – this is very un-senna-like behavior – Ayrton would be nowhere near some recording studio halfway across the planet between races.

    Those sunglasses look hideous.

  • Spartacus

    Just like his ex he’s pretending to be a singer?

    While all of his F1 competitors were out training; getting fitter.

    Go figure.

  • Hawk

    that’s why none of you can neither “cut music” nor drive a racing car. just mind your f…. business… armchair racing drivers and musicians you are!

  • MacStar227

    The coolest driver by far!

  • Tamburello_1994

    Yo hawk –

    What I opined about up thread has been said By folks in and out of the Formula one community for weeks, If not months now. I thought my remarks were very fair, But also very honest, too. What’s the problem with saying “Lewis isn’t focused on his tradecraft” anyway? Not sure why the vitriol in return.

    In regards to “armchairs”: You don’t know me, Do you? Don’t assume you know what I do or don’t do.

  • Gaz_Kirk

    My arm chair is quite comfy. Don’t know about yours?

  • Plops

    Lewis, stop having a life outside of F1. Don’t you know that no other driver does this. Button doesn’t do Triathlons. Alonso doesn’t study Japanese Samurai teachings, get tattoos, play on his yacht with his Russian model girlfriend. Komi doesn’t party with his friends, run a motor cross team, go snow mobile racing. None of the other drivers do anything but focus on F1, 24/7. So stop having fun Lewis and be like the rest of them.

  • Hawk

    Thx Plops. Enough said

  • mightyK

    Is this guy for real any more ?? Does he not have somebody in his circle telling him all this extraneous BS isn’t helping his career? Bad move splitting from his father IMO.

  • F1_4_life

    I think all drivers have a hobby of some sort. Nothing wrong with someone who likes music and wants to pursue it on the side.

  • Tamburello_1994

    “We have a good time, but we are very serious about what we want to achieve”.

    – Sebastian Vettel
    Three times Formula One World Champion.

  • Quasimoto

    Lewis should milk the rewards from his one WDc for as long as he can, because that is the last one he will ever see.