F1 team bosses say no to minimum pitstop time proposal

Mark Webber pit stop in Malaysia

Mark Webber pit stop in Malaysia

It has emerged that safety talks to mandate a minimum time for Formula 1 pitstops in future have fallen at the first hurdle.

Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting met with team bosses in Hungary on Thursday to discuss the matter, as the FIA moves to further bolster safety after a pitlane cameraman was hospitalised in Germany recently.

But according to reports by NBC and the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, the team bosses did not support the proposed move.

“We are all in agreement on improving safety,” Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso is quoted. “However, finding the way to do it is difficult to agree on.”

World champion Sebastian Vettel admitted his opposition to the idea of a minimum pitstop time.

“The pitstops in F1 are a big part of the spectacle,” he is quoted by Speed Week.

“It is also a competition between team[s], with the mechanics trying to be faster than the others.

“It’s always clear that there is some risk in motor sport.

“Clearly if suddenly every driver had to go through a certain corner at a certain speed, then I don’t know how many people would watch that.

“Safety is very important, but the sporting element must also be preserved,” the Red Bull driver insisted.

What did emerge from Thursday’s Hungaroring meeting is that drivers now face ten-position grid penalties for the following race if they are released from a pitstop without four properly attached wheels. (GMM)

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  • rhino

    What happened to the wheel teathers that were part of the rules, why is that not rule not enforced, if it has been removed why not reinstall it. I remember a few years back wheels coming of with them and they literally went nowhere the wheel would just flap about at the side of the car. No one ever got hurt or killed by a rogue wheel, unlike that Marshall in australia, who when villenauves wheel went through that Marshalls hole in the fence got hit and killed by it. Bring cal wheel theathers job done.

  • KevinW

    Wheel tethers can only work is the wheel is connected to them, through the hub.. they are already in place, but a failed nut shorts the system.

    Meanwhile, the very idea that FIA could even propose the absurd concept of a minimum pit time is a pathetic symbol of how clueless it has become. What’s next? Max speed limits, corner entry braking zones, yellow stripe restricted passing lanes?

    The FIA is a joke…