Raikkonen: My decision might feel right to me but stupid to somebody else

Kimi Raikkonen during the drivers press conference in Budapest

Kimi Raikkonen during the drivers press conference in Budapest

Kimi Raikkonen is adamant that he has not decided on his future, as he toys with staying on at Lotus or moving over to Red Bull to partner Sebastian Vettel from 2014, but when he does make the decision it will be based on his personal instinct.

Speaking ahead of the Hungarian GP weekend, “There has to be an overall package that feels right to me. Whatever the decision, it might feel stupid to somebody else, but then it might just feel right for me. I have no idea what will happen and we have to wait and see what will come.”

Since last month when Mark Webber announced his decision to quit Formula 1, and with that make available one of the most coveted race seats in the sport, Raikkonen has been subject of speculation. This was further fueled by Red Bull team principal Christian Horner who has made it known that the Finn would be welcome in the team.

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel could be teammates in 2014

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel could be teammates in 2014

Lotus on the other hand are very keen to retain Raikkonen as he is a big name driver, who brings a great deal to their package. Recent investment in the team by Infinity Racing Partners Limited will have done much to douse fears that the team does not have the capacity to take on the big guns.

Raikkonen admitted that he has important decisions to make, “There is no guarantee that the choice will be the right one in the long run, but I will be fine no matter what it will be. You have to live with the decision. We cannot guarantee what will happen next year with any team or any car. ”

Much is made of the 2007 world champion’s aversion to PR duties and that Lotus provide him with freedom on this front, but Raikkonen himself rejected such reasoning.

“There are a lot of rumours about PR days, that we [at Lotus] have 10 and another team has 100, but I have been in most of the top teams and I know exactly how it goes. If you count things that you do during the week and at the weekend, everybody has a different way of counting the days. At least in my knowledge the difference in the teams is just a few days and it’s not going to be a deciding factor,” declared Raikkonen.

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  • Tamburello_1994

    With the impending rule changes there’s no guarantee’s Red Bull (Vettel) will be dominate as they have been to this point. Might as well stay at Lotus and be number 1, Instead of going to Red Bull for sure number 2 (at least until 2015).

    That’s when Vettel makes his move to (where else?) Ferrari.