Formula 1 legend Surtees questions Hamilton’s focus

John Surtees

John Surtees

John Surtees, Formula 1’s 1964 world champion and the only man to win world titles on two and four wheels, has questioned Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton’s focus.

Briton Hamilton, while regarded by many as perhaps the most naturally gifted driver today, has had a leaner period of success since winning the 2008 title in his second season.

“Other things have partly had a bearing on his career, but to what degree? I don’t know,” Surtees told the Daily Mail.

79-year-old Surtees may be referring to Hamilton’s involvement in numerous scandals, his friends, his amateur music and film careers, his controversial paddock pass for dog Roscoe, and his on-off relationship with girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

“In the end it is up to the person concerned to live their life, and if Lewis believes that he is getting the best out of life in the way he lives it on and off the track than that is up to him and no one else,” he said.

“At the same time, it would appear that he is not quite as constantly focused on getting the job done as he was perhaps at one time,” added Surtees.

“And when you are competing against the likes of Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel, then you have a problem.”

Hamilton admitted at the Nurburgring recently that he is struggling to cope with his latest split from girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

British Sky commentator Martin Brundle insists: “He needs to find a way pretty soon to be able to package that up and be able to manage his private life and make sure he’s maximising his racing life.” (GMM)

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  • KO

    Who cares ?? Maybe he’s just happy enough with hs career and will stop it sooner thant he thought. Life is better than F1 money and politics…

  • Spartacus

    Surtees has been very careful with what he’s said but the bottom line is that Hamilton isn’t the same driver he once was. Too much celeb lifestyle, not enough focus on the driving.

    Hanging around with vacuous celebrities might make you feel superior, and you may well be, but unless you can still perform at your number one job it’s fairly pointless.

    Next time Hamilton is in the USA hanging around with his rapper buddies he should pop in to NASA and have a look at their astronaut training. Then question if he’d want to fly with one of them who’d shunned the training just to hang around with those of a single digit IQ. Perhaps seeing the training and professionalism of those astronauts will show him what he can achieve.

    Hamilton can be great again.

  • hahaha

    Charles Bradly has got a succesor I he decides to call it quits, Hammie would make one hell of a Ray Charles impersonator. I even think he was born with shades, but ssshhhht you don’t got this from me :D. I like his driving style though and his tenacity (especially in the rain). But this year when things don’t go his way, he whines to much on the radio. And yes he should have won Silverstone, but he should have been rookie WDC in 2007 and Massa WDC in 2008 but that is “sport”.