Formula 1 considering minimum time for pitstops

McLaren mechanics in action during a pit stop

McLaren mechanics in action during a pit stop

Formula 1 is considering introducing a minimum time limit for pitstops during a grand prix, as efforts to enhance pitlane safety continues.

After a cameraman was hospitalised by Mark Webber’s flying wheel at the Nurburgring following a botched pitstop, access to the pitlane for journalists and photographers has been severely limited.

And according to Auto Motor und Sport, the clampdown could be set to continue.

Concerned that ever more impressive techniques and technology are pushing the speed of pitstops beyond the safety threshold, talks between the FIA’s Charlie Whting and the team bosses are set to take place at the Hungaroring on Thursday.

“A time limit will be discussed,” said correspondent Michael Schmidt.

“For example, a minimum of five or even ten seconds, which would reduce the error-rate drastically.”

Schmidt added, however, that some teams would resist the move, insisting the spectacle and competition of the pitstops is a crucial part of the Formula 1 ‘show’. (GMM)

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  • mini

    crap you .. make this show as slow as possible u old ****

  • =El Presidente=

    yeah, i suggested before, to make sure our pampered drivers dont get hurt, they should just line up 22 simulators…

    also easier for the director to handle the images xD

  • Jack

    There are better ways to improve safety than a minimum time