FIA to abolish side-impact crash test to save money

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Nose cone being crash-tested

Formula 1’s governing is set to abolish the side impact crash test, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Until now, the individual teams have been responsible for coming up with solutions to pass the test, mandatory for the homologation of the chassis.

But correspondent Michael Schmidt reports that, having collaborated with world champions Red Bull, the FIA has now developed a standard side crash structure that must be fitted to every car from the 2014 season.

The layout and materials for the structure will be identical on every single seater next year, he wrote.

“The new rules will save money and make the cars safer,” said Schmidt.

The teams will save money by not having to submit their cars and designs for side-impact testing, while the standard structure can also be re-used. (GMM)

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  • Maky

    Sounds good.
    The article title initially misled me…

  • Lol.


    It mislead me as well. I’m glad that they have come up with a viable alternative.

  • bunko

    good for safety, good for cost. But this is again another step in making F1 a spec racing series.