Schumacher: Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton are the best

Michael Schumacher knows his stuff

Michael Schumacher knows his stuff

Seven time world champion Michael Schumacher has singled out a quartet of drivers as the very best in Formula 1 at present.

The great German, who with 91 wins is the most successful driver in the sport’s history, finally called time on his long career at the end of last season.

Now, watching on, the 44-year-old Schumacher said he is most impressed by a group of four.

“Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton are the best at the moment,” he told the Italian Sky programme I Signori della Formula 1. “They’re all human, of course, so they all have their weaknesses, but they all work hard to hide them.”

“But that is also the secret to always-better results and to not making mistakes. I am not going to analyse it further – I think the best one wins,” Schumacher smiled.

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis hamilton and Kimi raikkonen (not pictured) are Schumi's top pick of the current F1 bunch

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen (not pictured) are Schumi’s top pick of the current F1 bunch

The former Ferrari and Mercedes driver was also asked to comment on the 2013 season, and unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long before the ‘t’-word was uttered.

“The season is not so much different from the previous one,” he said, “except perhaps when it comes to the problems with the tyres.

“I already said last year after Bahrain that something is not working quite right, that there are problems, but now everyone has noticed.

“On the other hand, as always, the best one wins. And that is rightly so,” added Schumacher.

“The biggest problem for me is that the tyres should be compatible with the majority of the teams, not just a few cars as has happened in these last two years,” he said.

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  • Tamburello_1994

    Nico who?

  • SkinnyBoi

    “as always, the best one wins.” – said someone who lost to Nico Rosberg.
    And we all know that not all his 91 wins are credible.

  • batloun76


  • hahaha

    Hah, Nico is highly underrated and Lewis highly overrated too. And you forget Robert Kubica who’s better than all of them together :D. I’d like to see him fully recover and come to the Scuderia together with Nico!

  • DRK

    he is just playing it safe…..better than some ex-drivers paticularly favouring like…ya vettel is the best,alonso is a the true racer lik that blah blah and so …u never know whats going to happen…. example nico rise in form.. like that.

  • hillside

    Schumi got it right 3 out 4

  • lawl

    @the f4ggits

    lost to nico? seriously? how can someone compare a 20ish y/o with a 40ish y/o? some people just cant stand he was among the best. By the way… the car nico is using to win (except silverstone, that was pure luck) was in some aspects developed by Michael Schumacher. He knows how to help develop a car, remember him struggling from 97 to 2000? after that he was unstoppable. Something your beloved Alo simply cant do, kids.

  • Mo

    @ lawl I agree, the car Nico and Lewis currently are driving was developed by schumacher, as they prepared for this season half way through last..Schumacher still had some speed when he came back it was the fact that the car let him down. Everyone knows the car was the problem unless your’re a schumi hater then you would say he lost it.

  • fools

    “Something your beloved Alo simply cant do, kids.”

    But the WORLD knows Alonso beat Schumi in his prime (2 years in a row). And that was without NEWEY!

    The End


  • hahaha

    Fools, the Renault by Symonds was on par with Schumi’s Ferrari, even better I think. Without the engine blow/tyre blowout Schumi would have had 8 and Alo 1.

  • Torque

    I feel sad for Schumacher haters, all those years I was enjoying F1 while they were hating it.

  • hillside

    Scumie became a multiple champion with Bentton. whats next, from a championship team he WENT to dreadfull Ferrari team and turned it to a dynasty. who else does that?

    since the mid 00’s every driver will just try to get a decent performace and hope to have a seat with the bigger teams aka “the best car” to win an easy championship.

    nowadays, everybody wants to take a short route and claim they achieved greatness.

  • ukwhite

    True statements, some armchair experts may have a different ‘qualified’ opinion. If somebody complains of Michael cheats should look to 2005, 2006 Renault engineered cars. More, I have not seen Michael threatening McLaren to talk about Ferrari stolen design, or getting engulfed in Singapore crash, or playing with Masa gearbox, or hey, Felipe, Alonso is faster than you ;). Don’t mess with Schumi and Vettel, they are supermen :))

  • Hawk

    “The car was developed by Schumacher”

    quite an outrageous statement.

  • batloun76

    when Michael won 5 championship in a row, Newey was McLaren designer , I think everybody forgot that, also when Michael won the previous 2 championship with Benetton Newey was Williams designer, and lots of report at that time wrote that the main opponent for Michael at that time was newey and the car he designed, but he won the battle, and about the 2 championship won by Alonso when Michael was driving for Ferrari in 2005-2006, everybody knows in 2005 the Michelin tyre won the championship and Michael was driving a car with bridgestone tyres and the Michelin tyre was more than a second faster than the bridgestone , and in 2006 schumi miss it with les than 10 points and the Renault was faster and he had an engine failure in japan and a tyre puncture in brasil but he miss it with 13 points at the end…Michael was Phenomenon.

  • fools

    ukwhite sounds EXACTLY like an arm chair expert.

  • Ukwhite

    Gotcha fools… Kind of joking with media facts, I have not invented them. Science is my favourite and dislike armchairs, and Alonso… it is not about driving skills, he is very good but not supreme like others:), it is the package the guy is selling that is dislikeable. But you know, who is perfect? That is life, you may like some, you may not others. I have nothind with Alonso as long he stays second or lower, he got used to it in the last years. And Lewis next… Budapest is coming with czardas, palinka, really nice girls. Let’s raise a glass fir Vettel :) Cheers fools.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, but Rory Byrne was the Ferrari designer, and Byrne is above Newey.

    Of course, below them you have a cliff, but that’s besides the point. :-)

  • KC

    “I feel sad for Schumacher haters, all those years I was enjoying F1 while they were hating it.”

    Don’t feel sad for them, hating is thing they enjoy doing most. And now that Schumacher is gone, they’ve just moved on to hating Vettel. (I’m sure it’s just a complete coincidence that both these drivers are German)

  • Butterfly

    No hate in my post, mate.

  • farizY

    This whole argument about who’s the BOSS in F1 will never cease to exist as long as fanboys (and fangirls) exist.

    In the end, statistics speak for itself.