Alonso to quit Ferrari reports slammed by manager

Luis Garcia Abad with Fernando Alonso

Luis Garcia Abad with Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso’s personal manager has rubbished recent speculation that the Spaniard might soon tire of Ferrari’s failure to provide him with title winning opportunities.

Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard suggested recently that Alonso, regarded by many as the most complete driver in Formula 1 at present, might leave the famous Italian team if it fails to deliver him a championship-winning car in the near future.

“That’s nonsense,” Alonso’s manager Luis Garcia Abad is quoted by DPA news agency. “I would not advise a change of team for not winning [a title since joining Ferrari].”

“Alonso is fourth of the drivers who have won the most grands prix [ever],” Abad continued. “And he has won two world championships. Some drivers have retired from F1 without ever winning a single race.”

At the same time, Alonso believes the Maranello outfit is now getting its 2013 campaign back on track, having suffered a development dip in recent races.

“The car was good, more or less, in Germany,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“We went back a bit to the settings and aerodynamic parts from the earlier races and the car went back to behaving more competitively, more normally,” added Alonso.

He lamented, however, that in the end “basically nothing has changed” in terms of the progression of the car since he won the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

“We had a competitive car,” said Alonso, “but then introduced some pieces that did not give the expected result.The others have moved forwards, so we have suffered since Monaco.

“It’s good news that we went back to normal after Silverstone, but we have to improve now,” he added.

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  • Spartacus

    If Alonso did leave Ferrari where would he go?

    McLaren is out. He p’d off too many people there.

    Mercedes is out. Hamilton is already there.

    Renault is out. Would he dare push Kimi out twice? At least Ferrari got a WDC out of Kimi.

    And Red Bull have Vettel. A better driver with a future.

  • hahaha

    Listen verry good, FERRARI SHOULD SACK HIM HE’S OVERRATED. Put Nico and Kimi or Vettel in there and you have the best lineup possible

  • hahaha

    oh yeah, and it’s coincidence that Kimi took his in his 1st year with Ferrari while he was made ridiculous by a rookie at Mclaren 😀

  • hahaha

    Spartacus, 100% right. And Vettel should come to Ferrari with or without Alonso!

  • quattro

    @ hahaha


    Quite an unintelligent suggestion and what seems even more unintelligent are the choices that you are providing.

    Should they take Vettel, a driver that barely manages to beat Alonso, even when having a car that is one second faster PER LAP? Last year, he needed both Grojean and kimi to take out Alonso from races, in order to win the title, despite the car advantage.
    Or Kimi, who Alonso did beat to the title ages ago and Ferrari sacked to bring in the great Alonso?
    Or Nico, who has no track record what so ever?
    Or Hamilton, who Alonso has been beating comfortably for the last four years, in a slower package.

    Make us all a favor, if you post, please, at least try to use whatever you have between your ears.

  • Hamilton fan


    Your a funny fella, vettel barely manages to beat alonso?
    What planet you living on mate?
    Vettel is changing the record books and people like you are still talking.
    Just shut up and admit defeat in that vettel is the best driver in F1 and this is coming from a hamilton fan. There is no point in lying to yourself, even alonso said a couple weeks ago this year its vettel and not the car.
    What everyone has to admit is vettel is the best and most probably going to become one of the greatest ever.
    Vettel is 2 race wins away from matching alonso’s wins and alonso has double the races.
    And dont come and say but vettel was in a dominant car, well you could say alonso was also in a dominant car for 2 years in renault and 1 year in mclaren, so how come he didnt manage to break records like vettel in those 3 years of dominant cars?

    Support your drivers but as a F1 fan you must respect what vettel has achieved as a driver at that age and must never underrate that kid.

  • hahaha

    Hamilton Fan, I didn’t mention Lewis as replacement only because he needs to ditch the airhead or the lifestyle his management pushes onto him. I would love to have the Lewis of 2007/2008 in a Ferrari mate 😀

  • Ploops

    @Hamilton Fan, last year the F1 team principles voted Alonso the #1 best driver in F1. But what would they know? You know everything. Thanks idiot!!!

  • Hamilton fan

    @Ploops you say this and that, but at the end of the day whos winning? Vettel. I was simply telling @quattro that vettel doesnt get constantly beaten by alonso, because he doesn’t. If he’s getting beaten then how has vettel won 3 world championships in the last 4 years and he’s most probably going to get the fourth. And I think alonso is the most complete racing driver and that is obvious because vettel is 7 years younger. But what you have to see is what will vettel do when he’s alonso’s age with the experiance he will have. And for hamiltons case i think its a shame because he is a fast driver but he is inconsistent and always angry. I think he loses out to alonso and vettel mentally wise and being mentally strong in F1 is most important.

  • Spartacus

    @Hamilton fan,
    As someone already pointed out Hamilton needs to ditch the “airhead” and the associated lifestyle. He’s already split with Nicole, and in the last few races we’ve seen a more focused Hamilton.

    Partly I think it’s because driving alongside Nico has been a shock for him. He’d previously easily beat Button when he needed to but Nico is simply a better and quicker driver. Hamilton has realised he’s got to raise his game. Which can only be a good thing!

    If found it a terrible waste of talent watching Hamilton’s driving getting worse and worse with all the distractions he’s had. Always trying to impress his showbiz hangers on rather than doing what we love him for – driving fast. McLaren really didn’t get the best from him and quite frankly Whitmarsh should have been giving him the hairdryer! Whitmarsh should have cleared the garage and hospitality areas of all those non-entities. Then he’d have had half a chance of getting a decent race out of Hamilton!

    Certainly you’re seeing a different Hamilton at Mercedes; and better for it too.

  • fools

    The point is the article is bullcrap and Alonso isnt going anywhere. He loves Ferrari.

    The other FACT is Alonso WON 2 WDC againsit the BEST already and that was MS. Oh to add a cherry on top of that true FACT.




    Can Vettel ever say that? Wait his 1 win from Toro Rosso right? LMFAO!!!!!

  • madnessisfame

    Who ever says Vettel is not driving the fastest car & the easiest car is either living in denial or have no a broad views…just check the on board cameras on the RB and Ferrari…its easily noticed that both drivers of Ferrari are struggling to keep the car on the track with immense corrections all the time…while the drivers of the RB are having the joy of their lives where the car does work flawlessly at high speed…I remember seeing Vettel in Turkey at quail 3 taking turn 8 Diabolica at hi speed with only one hand on the steering….Amazing? Yes amazing, but surely he wouldn’t have done the same in a Ferrari…
    And when Alonso won twice with Renault, the car wasn’t the fastest, but the most reliable car on the track at that time…and Ferrari along others campaigned so hard to have the FIA stop the Renault from using the mass dampers which was perfect for Alonso’s driving style…and they did in the early half of 2006 season…but Alonso kept fighting the mighty Ferrari at that time…
    Why is it such a big deal that Alonso is the best driver at the moment…why to discredit the choice of the F1 elite experts…???? Fernando is a brave kid & eventually luck will favor the brave…hopefully soon…