Kaltenborn may face axe as Russian era arrives at Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn with Peter Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn with Peter Sauber

Monisha Kaltenborn could be the big loser when the chips are down after Sauber’s so called Russian rescue deal.

Sonntagszeitung newspaper reports that the ailing Swiss team’s new partners, all linked to the Russian Federation, are planning to inject a staggering $500 million into Hinwil.

According to Schweiz am Sonntag newspaper, that will pay off the team’s crippling $ 110 million debts and lay the foundation for a sound future, with Russian teen Sergey Sirotkin scheduled to be at the wheel in 2014.

But Blick newspaper reports that Sauber’s new Russian money will not start flowing until at least the end of August.

And the Swiss report said that Sauber’s current ownership structure will not be changed in the short term, nor will the Hinwil headquarters or the famous name.

But a group of Russian engineers are set to start work, and the new major investors may also wield their power in another way.

“Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn’s time seems over,” read the report in Blick. “When and by whom she will be replaced remains open.”

Sonntagszeitung newspaper said that founder and majority team owner Peter Sauber is pushing for a Swiss solution, such as Franke CEO Michael Pieper, Phonak’s Andy Rihs, or Denner’s Philippe Gaydoul. (GMM)

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  • McLarenfan

    Talk about groom the lady to replace Peter then stick the knife in deep shortly after!!

  • Junior Johnson

    That Katelborn lady has bankrupted the team going forward.Even since she came our beloved team has been getting worser and worser.What did she do were did she take this money.Remember she went a flyin round the world looking for some sponses.Were were the sponses cos I aint seen that she got any.Maybe it was a big holiday something like around the world in eighty days but with Saubers preshious money.If you look at the face in the picture you can see that it looks like guiltynes

  • Hawk

    aha.. so what did she do to your brother this time?

  • Tamburello_1994

    Sauber took a couple of steps back this year for whatever reason.

    Somebody has to answer for that, So not all together shock Monisha takes a bullet.

  • lio

    Monisha did absolutely NOTHING.
    I’m surprised she’s still there.
    Axe her ASAP

  • G

    I have to agree with lio: Monisha failed. Seriously, the results speak for themselves. She gets the blame or the blessings because of her position.(It’s called accountability)

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