Chilton hits back after criticism by departing Symonds

Max Chilton

Max Chilton

Max Chilton has hit back at Pat Symonds who departed his role as Marusia technical chief to join Williams.

Just before announcing his defection to Williams, Symonds compared Marussia’s current drivers with champions like Fernando Alonso, reckoning that the Spaniard is at least half a second quicker.

“Our hands are tied,” Symonds said, “we need to have drivers who also bring money.”

The comment was interpreted as a specific rebuke at Briton Chilton, whose wealthy father has bankrolled his Formula 1 debut.

Chilton has also been shaded this year by his impressive Ferrari-linked teammate Jules Bianchi.

Chilton, however, suggested that Symonds’ assessment is unfair.

“A Formula 1 team isn’t going to accept two drivers who aren’t capable of getting the most out of the car,” he is quoted by the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

He also disagreed with Symonds’ estimation that the time-gap to a driver like Alonso is half a second.

“I wouldn’t say that there’s that much left in the car,” said Chilton.

“I don’t believe there’s half a second, but I agree that the more experience you’ve got – people like Alonso, like Jenson, like Lewis that have been in here so long – they can get a little bit more out of it.” (GMM)

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  • bunko

    Max should stop trying to defend his driving skill by talking to the press about it. He should start beating Bianchi, then all the criticism will stop. There’s no point talking about perceived performance, it does not change peoples perception.

  • Lol.


    Have you ever thought he’s simply answering a question he’s been asked?

  • nakagoli

    Well, at least I agree that Symonds is wrong about the gap to Alonso being half a second. It is more like 3-4 secs+.

  • chickenwing

    If you read the whole article properly, then you’ll agree no one asked him a question! Symonds only said Marussia’s drivers were slower than Alonso 0.5 secs on average. It wasn’t a question.

  • SkinnyBoi

    Maybe bulk up on some muscle around your neck… At least look like a F1 driver first, Max! And @bunko is damn right.

  • Lol.



  • Nowhereman

    The skinny neck equates to less drag.. they need everything they can get… lol

  • Hawk

    Do you want a Mike Tyson kind of neck?

  • Neck-and-neck

    Britney Spears (the U.S. female pop star) has a thicker neck than Chilton!

  • AAX

    Chill out Chilton..You’re still faster than Kathikeyan was!

    These pay drivers are killing the grid..