Mercedes backs Wolff amid the Formula 1 sharks

Toto Wolff with Dieter Zetsche

Toto Wolff with Dieter Zetsche

Mercedes has thrown its full support behind their recently appointed motorsport boss Toto Wolff, following reports claiming that he made disparaging remarks about his colleagues and bosses.

Sport Bild this week claimed Wolff, Mercedes’ new Formula 1 co-owner and motor sport director, spoke negatively about Dieter Zetsche, Ross Brawn and Niki Lauda during a conversation in February with former HRT boss Colin Kolles.

Mercedes initially declined to comment. But parent Daimler’s head of global communications Jorg Howe has now been quoted as saying: “[Wolff] has our full confidence and will continue his successful work.

“We know that F1 is a shark tank,” Howe told Germany’s Sport1. “If you are successful, you will be pelted with mud.”

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  • Mercedes has no integrity

    Mercedes has just proven beyond a doubt they are a company with no integrity and can not be trusted.

    I will never buy a Mercedes product.

  • Uh

    They are claiming to be succesful? Cheating, doing an illegal test and being considered to be cheaters is being succesful?

    People want you to fail, because you cheated. Get your heads out of your things.

  • Merc driver McLaren fan

    Testgate is over: slap on the wrist penalty imposed so get over it.
    The little good Toto did at Williams was recognised buy Mercedes and that shows the man has something good in him seing as he didn’t “cheat” at Williams. Higher exceptions at Merc require some under-handed tactics. @Merc has no integrity, do yo really think your statement will have the Merc sales team begging for your patronage? I doubt it. Your just a man in a billion who won’t even dent their bottom line even if you afford a fleet!

  • Mercedes should stick by my hero wolff

    Mercedes are right to stick by my hero, wolff

    He is perfect and so is the team


    i like to lick windows

  • Bhuvan

    Calling Mercedes cheater, company with no integrity is a bit harsh. What they did was to find a loop hole in the FIA regulations and i think that is a smart thing…. thats what Ross Brawn is good at and has done all these years in F1.

    If being SMARTER than others is being a cheater than i want to be one any day… Hats of to Mercedes team & Ross Brawn….