Van der Garde scoffs at Kovalainen rumours

Giedo van der Garde

Giedo van der Garde

Caterham rookie Giedo van der Garde has repeated his denial that Heikki Kovalainen is targeting replacing him in the team.

After a mediocre first half-season in Formula 1, the Dutchman recently dismissed rumours that former Caterham racer Kovalainen was set to replace him later in 2013.

“I know where [the rumours] are coming from, but I also know that I have a watertight contract for the rest of this season,” said van der Garde.

The rumours, however, did not go away, and so the Dutch driver told De Telegraaf newspaper on Wednesday: “I will finish the season.”

Further dismissing the rumours, he added: “I am busy enough with everything that I am doing and learning.”

Van der Garde said that qualifying 15th at Monaco was a high point of his career, “I didn’t expect to reach the second qualifying segment. That was great.”

But the low point quickly followed, in Canada, where collisions and a penalty earned a harsh ‘pay driver’ rebuke from Mark Webber.

But van der Garde insisted: “Webber and I already settled everything after the race. He is respectful to everyone, even the rookies.” (GMM)

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  • hahahaha

    I’m no fan of Giedo but Webber has to shut up about him and Grosjean. Grosjean is less experienced but faster than Mark that’s all. And the collission was Mark’s own fault and it’s not the first time he made weird moves on a backmarker. He flew over Heikki once and I remember him coming through the field after being hit, then he tried to make 2 corners 1 corner and as a result 3 cars tangled, was that also the 2 youngsters their fault Mark? (guess it was Singapore or Abu Dhabi) Same as Vettel running into Senna in the Brazil final was his own fault, then you here no one complaining. Mark will find his place in Le Mans, he can drive as a loose cannon together with Alan McNish (who almost ruined this years victory for Audi n°2 due to stupid driving). Mc Nish his horrible accident was his own fault opposed to the one of Anthony Davidson. Plus he’s a doosh, he didn’t even had a word on the podium for Alan Simonsen. My point is, age does not prove experience nor wisdom!

  • paul

    how was the collision webbers fault
    age does prove experience and wisdom if u ask me the drivers comeing into f1 these days are to young f1 is surpost to be about the best drivers in the world only the top teams have got drivers that deserve to be there and a couple of midfield drivers the should be a ban on pay drivers and a certain age before u allowed in and bernie should do more to help the teams thats struggling with finances