Ex-F1 team boss Kolles tried to blackmail Wolff for money

Colin Kolles was boss of the now defunct HRT team

Colin Kolles was boss of the now defunct HRT team

It has emerged that former HRT boss Colin Kolles tried to blackmail Mercedes motorsport chief Toto Wolff earlier this year.

We reported earlier that a conversation between Wolff and a then-unnamed former Formula 1 team boss was “secretly recorded” and then threatened to be used against him.

Bild newspaper had said Wolff spoke negatively about his own boss, Ross Brawn, colleague Niki Lauda, and also Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche, whilst divulging details of his clashing co-ownership of the Williams team.

A subsequent report by the magazine Sport Bild said that Wolff had been taped in mid February this year by former HRT and Force India boss Kolles, in Barcelona.

That report said that Kolles then threatened to release the details of their explosive conversation unless Wolff paid a sum of money.

Reportedly, Wolff and Kolles have settled their dispute with the intervention of Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, while Mercedes has obtained a court order preventing the publication of the details of the conversation.

Sport1 said that Kolles would not comment, and that Mercedes also declined to comment. The German news agency SID said that Wolff could not be reached. (GMM)

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  • Mercedes should hang their heads in shame

    What a complete and total disgrace Mercedes has become. They get caught cheating, Ross Brawn and Toto Wolff have both disgraced Mercedes with their actions.

    The Mercedes name has quickly become the joke of Formula One and the rest of the world.

  • McLarenfan

    negative press that has a slight sensationalism to sell the dirt not good for Merc but not a killer as most say something not 100% polite about a boss and we have no idea in what context these things were said. But Kolles has shown that he is a bottom feeding low life.

  • hahahaha

    You can say of Kolles what you want, if Wolff talks behind backs of people in such way he’s not one bit more honest or dishonest than Kolles. I hope he doesn’t reach the goal of giving his underperforming DTM wife a bought seat. Nothing against women but she couldn’t even compete with Danica, Pippa, Ana, Natacha etc.

  • hahahaha

    Kolles showed us a glimpse of the truth which was already a “public secret”. The Mercedes team is just a “buyout” team. I never liked fathead Brawn,(and I’m a Tifosi), Wolff is no hear better than him. (How they handled the Nico situation despite him being the boss of Michael, “Remember this one Ross”, now he’s had 2 wins and is in front on poles). Nico come to Ferrari please, it seems you must be the only honest one there (not talking about staff and mecanics)

  • Hawk

    Is Nico ahead on poles? and in qualifying? and in points? which stats are you using?