Alonso: Sebastian is ahead because he does the best job

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel on the Canadian Grand Prix podium

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel on the Canadian Grand Prix podium

A year ago, Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso said that “he was not fighting Sebastian Vettel – but [was fighting] Red Bull’s design guru Adrian Newey”.

The comments were interpreted as a jibe at Formula 1’s reigning world champion, but a year on, the Ferrari driver says he has changed his tune.

“Right now we are fighting against Sebastian,” he is quoted by Germany’s Auto Bild.

“I said in the second half of the year (2012) that I was not any more fighting against Sebastian or Mark [Webber], but against an aeroplane – so strong was the Red Bull.

“Maybe some people misunderstood; I was simply trying to say that it’s hard to fight against the car that can potentially be first and second in every race.”

Sebastian Vettel leads the pack during the Bahrain Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel leads the pack during the Bahrain Grand Prix

“This year it’s no longer the case. Sebastian is ahead because he does the best job,” Ferrari’s Alonso added.

But that doesn’t mean that Alonso, 34 points behind at almost the half-way mark of 2013, is giving up.

“As long as we are not 50 or 60 points behind, we do not give up,” said the Spaniard. “Sebastian was 44 points behind last year and still won the title in the end. Everything is possible.”

Even possible, he insisted, is the image of Vettel in a pair of red overalls in the future – although some in the paddock can’t imagine Alonso actually welcoming the German to Maranello.

“I think we respect each other very much,” said Alonso, “and it would also be good for the team, maximising the performance of the car and also the points.” (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    So what’s Alonso’s excuse for doing a second best job? And what is the punishment for a samurai that performs poorly? Seppuku?

  • adam22

    good to admit defeat though, if wasn’t for the silverstone DNF, vettel would have been 50+ points ahead…

  • danyal ahmed

    adam22 15 July, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    good to admit defeat though, if wasn’t for the silverstone DNF, vettel would have been 50+ points ahead…

    if it wasnt for malaysia and bahrain, where would things stand then? theyd be pretty even with Alonso in an inferior car, I think vettel is overrated abit. id say it goes…. 1- Alonso 2- Hamilton 3-Raikkonen 4-Vettel.

  • iMark


    I just laugh when people uses “an inferior car” as an excuse. Ferrari was the best back in Australia, their tyre understanding had no competitors except Lotus. RB was the true inferior car among those 3, its all about working, and somebody is too lazy or too stupid to develop/keep developing a good car the rest of the year.

  • fools

    I dont think there is any excuse Trolls. Although none of you ever read the article. You fools just want to be first to comment negative poison to other daily readers.

    The point in the article is. He respects Vettel and would welcome him. Everyone knows Vettel is good. Rather very good in Newey’s Designed car.

    However, like I said before and will always say: Alonso WON 2 WDC WITHOUT NEWEY! AND BEAT MICHAEL S. IN HIS PRIME!

    That is all.


  • Tamburello_1994

    Alonso is no dummy.

    Vettel is climbing to some pretty rarefied air as far as the records go, To say otherwise at this point would be totally absurd.

    The team is good – The car is good – the driver is good. Not that hard to figure it out week to week.

  • madnessisfame

    If it wasnt for Alonso…F1 would suck…not only RB is faster than Ferrari at the moment….the Lotus & Mercedes are quicker, but these 2 teams lack some of the management that Ferrari have…it would be a great time to see Ferrari is back in front like the start of this season & see Alonso breaking hearts of the idiots & haters…& destroy the cheat car of RB team.

  • AlonsoFan

    hahahahahahahahahaha.Fernando playing mind games again !!!

  • F1 FAN

    If it wereny for Alonso,we wouldnt have maighty drives though the field to the Podiums and Wins and then winning races from Below P3 (which Sebastian hasnt done and hopefully never will)

  • KC

    Any car can “potentially” be first and second in every race. It’s hard to do though. The supposedly fantastic RB8 finished first and second just once in 2012 – the same number of times Alonso’s WDC winning R26 finished first and second in 2006.

  • KC


    Alonso won his 2 WDC in cars a lot better than those Vettel had in 2010 and 2012.

    “even with Alonso in an inferior car”

    It’s funny how, year after year after year, every car Alonso drives keeps getting called “inferior”. At what point do you start to say “Maybe it’s not the car after all – maybe it’s the man in it”?

  • KC

    Fangio never won a single race from below P3 and he’s generally regarded as being in the top 3 all time greatest F1 drivers, perhaps even the THE best all time F1 driver.

    Ayrton Senna never pulled off any brilliant recovery drives to take the win either, and somehow his reputation has survived intact.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Enough with the logic KC . . . . . 😉

    The “say it ain’t so” crowd is really working hard on this thread and it’s kind of fun to watch.

  • Spartacus

    yes, you make some very valid points!

    At what point does the Alonbies (as I believe they’re called) finally realise it’s the driver and not the car who hasn’t brought Ferrari the World Championship they’ve paid so much for?

    The year Alonso won his first WDC was when Schumacher’s Ferrari had exceptionally poor Bridgestone tyres. The next WDC when Ferrari started the season with faulty vales in their engine, which required them to run at reduced power for a good part of the start of the season. In other words, while the Ferrari was still the best car, it didn’t have the tyres or reliability that Renault had. Plus, the Renault had the mass-damper which was later deemed illegal.

    The quality of the designers and engineers at Ferrari isn’t in question; they’re world class. They’re also the first ones to adapt to the tyres that Pirelli brings. They’re no fools.

  • visz963

    Alonso cannot win without the best car, not even with the best car.

    most expensive FAIL in F1

  • madnessisfame

    Alonso is the only driver challenging RB in 2010, 2012 & the current season…no other drivers went all the way until the last dying moments of the last race of the season…whether you like it or not…the truth is Ferrari’s performance never been consistence…generally its a patched up car by imitating the inventions of other teams…for god sake, they don’t even have their own Wind tunnelat the moment…and by the time they realised their own wind tunnel is performing ill with no proper correlation to simulators & weekend practices, they decided to rent one from Toyota….Dumpenicali team principals is surrounded by an average engineers unwanted by the competitors…yes they sometimes get lucky on certain tracks & there is where Massa shines.
    Remember Alonso was voted best driver in 2010 & 2012 by all team principals…I believe they have a clearer picture of the whole F1 then all of you.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ madnessisfame;

    That may be all well and good – The problem is that has been Ferrari excuse for about three years now. With all of Ferrari’s vast resources – You mean to tell me that wind tunnel situation hasn’t been rectified yet? That’s just ridiculous.

    Meanwhile, Vettel just keep chugging out the wins . . . points. . . . championships . . . records . . . immortality. . . . .

    I don’t see that as a diss to Alonso. He’s at the moment a 2x world champion, And is widely considered one of the fastest drivers currently in formula 1. The total package that is Sebastian Vettel is just that much better, and the tfosi is gonna have to get use to the fact – period. Ferrari has had PLENTY OF TIME to figure out whatever it is with the car, The wind tunnel, The drivers, Maranello – Whatever. Every year it’s the same with you guys. Like someone up thread said:

    “Maybe it’s not the car after all – maybe it’s the man in it?”

  • KC

    “Alonso is the only driver challenging RB in 2010, 2012 & the current season”

    Not true – there were three teams and five drivers in the hunt for the 2010 WDC. And Seb won after trailing in the standings all season long. He was the one challenging Alonso.

    In 2010 it was more a Vettel vs Alonso matchup, but it certainly was not Alonso “challenging RB”.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    “Alonso is the only driver challenging RB in 2010, 2012 & the current season”


    All Mclaren drivers and both RBR drivers + Alonso was fighting in 2010 almost to the end.

    In 2012 Hamilton and Raikkonen were also there, Hamilton losing out only due to technical issues and Raikkonen due to a slower car. Alonso was in lead, and he was challenged.

    Alonso’s lying to fans is so effective that people all forget this.