Hamilton backs Raikkonen cool move to Red Bull

Lewis to Kimi: Good move mate go kick Seb's butt

Lewis to Kimi: Good move mate go kick Seb’s butt

Lewis Hamilton believes that Kimi Raikkonen should leap at the chance to join Red Bull for 2014 and beyond.

The Mercedes driver said that Finn Raikkonen, who is currently weighing up the move garage alongside to the Sebastian Vettel’s or staying at Lotus, would give Vettel “a hard time”.

“It would be really cool to see Kimi in a Red Bull. He would give Seb a hard time,” 2008 world champion Hamilton is quoted by the Sun.

“Kimi is an incredible driver, everyone knows that, so with an even better car it would be interesting to see what he does with that.”

Hamilton, on the other hand, has often struggled to match up to his own teammate in 2013, having switched from McLaren to join Nico Rosberg at Mercedes.

But Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso said he is not surprised by German Rosberg’s top form.

“We saw him beat Michael [Schumacher] the last few years, and not because Michael had forgotten how to drive but because Nico did a fantastic job, and he’s getting even better,” the Spaniard told Sport Bild. (GMM)

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  • adam22

    hamilton needs to stop talking and do more driving!

  • =El Presidente=

    I wonderwhen the big public starts to acknowledge that Rosberg is a scary fast and skilled driver.. beating MSC 3years on a trot (taking all the louzy excuses why he did so every time) beating hamilton (or at least being on par with him) taking all of the 3 victories for MB..

  • batloun76

    You Can’t compare a 43 year old formula one driver with a 28 year old driver. It’s not fair at all and every one knows how hell effort formula one drive needs.

  • Dan

    @ =El Presidente=

    Rosberg isn’t better than hamilton let alone his equal. see the stats

    Lewis hamilton
    Races 119 (119 starts)
    Championships 1 (2008)
    Wins 21
    Podiums 52
    Career points 1012
    Pole positions 29
    Fastest laps 12

    Nico rosberg

    Championships 0
    Wins 3
    Podiums 9
    Career points 483.5
    Pole positions 4
    Fastest laps 4

  • Dan

    forgot Nicos total races

    Races 137 (137 starts)

  • hahahaha

    Dan compare the cars they were both + how many years in it and you will see that your comparison doesn’t make any sense mate. Hamilton in 2007 was probably one of the best drives in the last decade, I agree and I’m a Tifosi. Lewis deserved the 2007 title and Felipe deserved the 2008 one, ask Lewis and I’m 99% sure he’ll agree.

  • Ploops


    The only basis for comparing two drivers is in the same team, when they are going head to head, and the team is giving both drivers equal treatment. Nico was lucky in Silverstone as Hamilton’s tire blew, otherwise Lewis would have won. Nico was lucky in Monaco because Lewis was ahead into the first corner but chose to back off out of respect for Nico. Otherwise Lewis would be way ahead. Since it is a new team for Lewis, he is doing amazing to be equal with Nico. Once Lewis settles in I predict he will beat Nico regularly, but not by a huge margin.

  • Lol.



  • KevinW

    Silverstone was Vettel’s race, save a gearbox issue, so both Mercs were lucky there. How a T1 move by Nico over Hamilton turns into a 4th at Monaco over a win is a pretty bug stretch of reality, especially with it being 10s behind Vettel who started 3rd. The constant inflation of Hamilton accomplishments is a mystery. Yes, he is very good, but he’s over-rated and over-paid, while Nico is under-rated and under-paid. Further, under-estimating Vettel has led to Alonso and Hamilton illusions that are hurting their success. Kimi would not dominate Sebastian at Red Bull, and risks being dominated by him, thus the delay in decision making. He may be best to stay at Lotus and be the king of the roost – over playing second chair. If he knew Vettel was vulnerable, as Hamilton and Alonso are so often mouthing off, he’d have little to consider – Red Bull offers a clearer path to another WDC than Lotus can provide – as long as one can indeed get past Vettel.

  • Hawk

    you are right about 2007 and 2008 titles..