Formula 1 extends media pitlane ban to all sessions

No more cameras in the F1 pitlane

No more cameras in the F1 pitlane

Formula 1 officials have clamped down even further on pitlane safety procedures, in the aftermath of the Nurburgring incident.

A television cameraman for Bernie Ecclestone’s FOM operation was hospitalised after being knocked down by Mark Webber’s stray wheel after a pitstop last Sunday; the FIA subsequently announced that the media will be banned from the pitlane during races and qualifying.

And it now emerges that FOM has extended that ban to free practice, meaning that pit reporters will no longer be free to stalk pitlane for coverage and information during sessions.

The British broadcaster Sky confirmed that it has been told of the “all-new guidelines” by FOM ahead of the forthcoming Hungarian Grand Prix.

“Safety remains a prime concern and we are sure that, whilst the new regulations will mean certain changes to pitlane protocols, we are confident that our coverage will not be affected,” Sky added in a statement. (GMM)

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