Lotus: The damage was done when Kimi was held up by Lewis

Lewis Hamilton versus Kimi Raikkonen at Nurburgring

Lewis Hamilton versus Kimi Raikkonen at Nurburgring

Kimi Raikkonen came ever so close to winning the German Grand Prix, but fell short of snatching victory from Sebastian Vettel on the final lap and the team’s trackside operations director Alan Permane blames Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking in the aftermath of a thrilling race at Nurburgring, Permane said, “The damage was done when Kimi was held up by Lewis [Hamilton] after his first pit stop, but he came back fighting at the end of the race to finish a very close second with a little help from the Safety Car.”

However the Lotus man did concede, “To be honest we did expect slightly more performance from his final set of soft tyres, but he was right with Sebastian at the end so I think the right call was made.”

Kimi Raikkonen on the podium with Sebastian Vettel after the German GP

Kimi Raikkonen on the podium with Sebastian Vettel after the German GP

“We’re very happy to be back on the podium again after a short spell of somewhat bleak races. Both cars ran faultlessly from start to finish and for a good portion of the race it did look like we would be able to take the fight to Sebastian [Vettel], but ultimately we didn’t quite manage it,” said Permane.

Raikkonen is now third in the championship, while Hamilton – who finished fifth on the day – is fourth in the standings. Vettel leads from Fernando Alonso. (GP247)

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  • Barlow

    For what it’s worth, I think it was the wrong call, Kimi was first, his tires were good enough last the race, the cars were getting lighter, and if Kimi’s tires started to go off, Grosjean was right there. In England they should have had Kimi change tires, but not in Germany.

  • MacStar227

    Did Grosjean not hold Kimi up?

  • Tornillo Amarillo

    “…blames Lewis Hamilton…” ha-ha, blames was not what Permane said, eh?

  • iMark

    Im a Kimi fan but this is BS. Did lotus expect every other racer let Kimi pass just because hes fast?

    I mean, u guys remember that 2010 end right? “Fernando, Vitaly is faster than you, can you confirm the message?”

    Go home Lotus ur drunk.

  • hillside

    Lotus just drop the ball on its strategies

  • KC

    That’s a lame excuse, since Lewis held up Seb as well.

  • Empee

    It’s not even really an excuse, it’s the nature of the beast. And as long as Lewis wasn’t breaking the rules in the defense of his position at the time, a non-issue.

  • farizY

    Lewis was just defending his position. He was racing. Since team orders legal, why didn’t they tell Grosjean to let Kimi through?

  • Tinto

    That is nonsence, Boulier should be happy with he got. Though, i do feel that both Kimi and Romain could have fairly up-ed their game taking the risk for the move. Kmi is a fine gentleman, Seb’s friend and potentially his partner; Romain was frozen dead to the idea he could have crashed again.