Alonso: If I said I didn’t want Newey on the team, I’d be lying

Fernando Alonso with Ferrari crew in Germany

Fernando Alonso with Ferrari crew in Germany

Double world champion, with Renault, Fernando Alonso has given a short life to reports and speculation that he might soon get tired of failing to win titles with Ferrari, but made no secret of his desire to see Adrian Newey recruited to Maranello.

Ex Formula 1 driver David Coulthard said that he sensed that the Spaniard, who turns 32 later this month, was becoming frustrated with Ferrari’s flagging form last time out at the Nurburgring.

“It’s a long time since Alonso won a world championship,” BBC commentator Coulthard said, “and that’s not because he’s not putting in world championship level performances.

“If this continues for that much longer, you have to wonder how much longer Alonso can stay at Ferrari.”

Alonso, however, is quoted by Wednesday’s latest edition of German magazine Sport Bild as saying that he remains fully committed to his long-term Ferrari contract – and perhaps even beyond that.

“I have no idea how long I’ll be in F1,” he said, “but if I renew [the contract beyond 2016], then it will be with Ferrari.”

Fernando Alonso with Adrian Newey after the 2012 Monaco GP

Fernando Alonso with Adrian Newey after the 2012 Monaco GP

Indeed, while keen to add a third title to his tally, Alonso suggested that just as important to him is how he is perceived – as perhaps Formula 1’s best driver.

“I am satisfied with myself and with my performance,” he agreed. “When I won my two titles, I felt the recognition of being regarded seriously as a good driver.”

“Today I am seen as one of the best drivers, although I have not won another title since then,” added Alonso.

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh would agree with Alonso, comparing him with Formula 1’s reigning triple world champion Sebastian Vettel, who looks set to win a fourth consecutive title in 2013.

The German “is an impressive driver”, Whitmarsh admitted. “But he will never get the recognition he deserves, as long as he drives for Red Bull.”

Boss Christian Horner dismissed that view as “bullsh*t”, but Alonso insisted: “Yes, every great champion should drive for Ferrari if he has the opportunity.”

Fernando Alonso sees his long term future with Ferrari

Fernando Alonso sees his long term future with Ferrari

He said that the Maranello marque is “more than a Formula 1 team”.

“F1 without Ferrari is inconceivable, but that doesn’t apply to other teams that come and go.

“Some auto makers come in and then go out again,” said Alonso. “The same for some private teams and energy drink manufacturers.”

Alonso’s last comment is a direct jibe at Red Bull, and indeed he said he would welcome Vettel as his teammate in red, and Adrian Newey as the designer of his Ferrari.

“I want to work with the best people,” said the 31-year-old, “so if I said that I didn’t want Newey on the team, I’d be lying.” (GMM)

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  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is a fail

    does not do his work: slower thean the teammate in qualifying, misses opportunities, but asks for Newey.

    I think he should get Newey + Vettel, just to be shown how Vettel can crush him.

  • fools

    @Alonso_is_slow TROLL!

    Step Off Alonso nuts bro. You are a FAIL. Shit English Boy

  • fools


    The German “is an impressive driver”, Whitmarsh admitted. ”But he will never get the recognition he deserves, as long as he drives for Red Bull.”

    Enough said.

  • Spartacus

    Alonso simply isn’t the best driver. Today that’s Vettel. Give Alonso and Vettel the same hardware and the same opportunities to win and it will be Vettel, Vettel, Vettel. Alonso simply wouldn’t get a look in.

    The mistake that Ferrari made was signing Alonso when they could have gone for Vettel. But, to be fair, at the time Alonso had won two championships and Vettel was still with the ex-Mindardi team. But it was clear after Monza that Vettel had WDC written all over him.

    Should Ferrari get Newey? There’s a lot of talented engineers and designers already at Ferrari; that’s not their problem. Should they get rid of Alonso for someone else? Yes. In fact, they should have kept Kimi.

  • vettel rubbish

    Vettel is only good in a redbull (thanks to newey) he couldnt race in sny other car or team i.e ferrari as it would prove how much talent he dies not have

  • realf1fan

    Adrian has had success in the States in the mid eighties in Indy and the at Williams in the nineties with the FW series of cars with the FW14 being my favourite . He then joins the McLaren West sponsored team and helps the team to two wdc before Ron starts getting on his nerve and what he and Red Bull are doing is truly historic no wonder Alonso wants him at Ferrari.

    Rory Byrne is the only other engineer that is in Newey’s league.

  • Abhinav

    @ Alonso_is_slow

    enough of your Poink poink poink……..u seem lyk a pouncer on a as* written Alonso all over it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are sick man,,,,,,,,get some first hand treatment of your mind……………i am damn sure you would get wet driving a piaggio at 40kmph………….have some respect for Alonso……………whatever you say he is one of the best…………better than your kinky love Vettel.

  • KC

    If Newey said “I’ll only come if Seb comes with me”, Alonso would veto the deal.

    And I strongly suspect that is exactly what Newey would say.

  • KC

    If you judge Alonso by the standards imposed on Vettel, Alonso looks pretty bad.

    Has he won WDC’s with more then one team? No.

    Has he ever had another WDC as a teammate? No.

    Has he won his WDC’s in other than the “best car”? No.

    And so on.

  • fools

    Alonso won2 WDC’s without Newey already.

    Finger Boy has NOT.

    Enough said ALONSO TROLLS!

  • earlcee7

    The problem with f1 is that the hardware at each drivers’ disposal isn’t the same… The Alonso-Vettel-Lewis debate will never be conclusively answered!!!
    Alonso is a great fighter, look what he did with last years’ F2012: there is a sense he gets more than what the car offers. Vettel is great at clinical precision he rarely makes mistakes and you feel that whatever position he gets is the maximum possible for the car he has. Lewis is untouchable when in form, too bad he blows hot and cold too often but on his day he gets 2 tenths a lap over any driver in a similar car.
    I like Lewis but I’m not sure over a season he could beat Vettel as his teamate – he seems a lil inconsistent. I have doubts on Vettel if he had Alonso as teamate too. Lewis has already been teamates wi Alonso and had a very slight edge over him in ’07.
    We cld throw in Kimi too but still its just a lot of endless and inconclusive debates

  • KC

    I think Alonso’s a great F1 driver, but his pissy and petulant attitude is not nearly as impressive. He should shut up and let his driving do his talking for him.

    The applies to Hamilton.

  • AlonsoFan

    hahahahahah All of you were so scared of a certain Mr.Fernando Alonso in a truck of F2012 ,a car that never ever set a pole position in the dry or a fastest lap in normal circumstances.

  • Spartacus

    there’s a reason why the F2012 never made pole position etc and it’s not to do with the F2012!

  • Butterfly

    This has got to be the biggest trollfest I’ve ever seen. Jesus!

    At least, all of you are fans of Fernando’s, even if you bash him. :-)

  • fools

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC

  • BobMendon

    It seems the Vettel is only as good as car meme is still alive. There are numerous examples of Vettel being a complete driver. He has been able to win from the front and from behind. His epic drive in the final race of the season in Brazil was a testament to his driving ability. There is no fundamental difference between Vettel’s car and Webber’s car. If it was the car making the driver great, why has Webber not been a WDC in the last 3 years?

  • hillside

    the obsession for Newey continues

  • aberracus

    First, Webber almost was WDC in 2010

    Second, Webber is a very bad starter, and Red Bull need to start in front to win. or get in front soon after the start.

    Vettel in Brasil 2012 did a great drive, but he also crashed the DRS sign and spinned at the start…. he was very very lucky.

    Vettel is a precision driver but not the best by far. And he needs to be concentrated to do it.

    Alonso, is really the last samurai.

  • KC

    “It seems the Vettel is only as good as car meme is still alive.”

    Never underestimate the power of desperation!

    “Webber almost was WDC in 2010″

    Only thanks to Seb’s car being plagued with mechanical problems all year long. “Lucky Vettel”, eh?

    “Vettel in Brasil 2012 did a great drive, but he also crashed the DRS sign”

    Alonso in Malaysia 2013 crashed into the back of Vettel and took himself out of the race. But for some reason FA’s mistakes are never taken as evidence that he’s not a good driver, while SV’s mistakes are always taken that way. Standards, double.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso just does not have the performance which entitles him to Newey tech.

    Outqualified 4 times in a row by his teammate even though he gets all the resources…while Vettel leads 9-0 in 2013 against Webber even though having the same car.

    Also look at the starts – although Ferrari starts are mostly good thanks to their launch control, Massa delivers monster starts, while Alonso lags behind.

    Why does this guy think that the best engineer should work with him if he sucks so bad?

  • KC

    Rumor has it that Ferrari are using Massa’s car as a race day test bed, that this is what has caused Massa’s odd problems so far this year, and that it explains why Ferrari are so supportive of him in spite of those problems – they know it’s not him, it’s the things they are testing on the car which are causing the crashes/stall etc.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    I think your life is a failure… Alonso is currently 1 of the best drivers in Formula 1 now… How can you say he’s a failure…

  • farizY


    I totally agree, there are just too many factors to even get close to putting a conclusion to this Alonso-Vettel-Lewis-etc2 debate.

    Some of those factors are the hardware at their disposal, their driving style, their fitness, emotional state, etc2.

    It’s ridiculous looking at Alonso haters vs Alonso fans, seems like 12 year olds having a middle school fight. Sigh.

  • AlonsoFan

    well I just want to say one thing and it shows how ”really” talented justin Vettel is,hw has never ever won a race while starting from below P3!!! 12 yr old kids dont understand this.

  • AlonsoFan

    well I just want to say one thing and it shows how ”really” talented justin Vettel is,hw has never ever won a race while starting from below P3!!! 12 yr old kids dont understand this. And hell he is a triple world champion…

  • KC

    Fangio won FIVE WDC’s without ever winning a race from below P3.

    Boo freaking hoo.

  • @AU_fan


    “Rory Byrne is the only other engineer that is in Newey’s league.”

    good call… and isn’t Rory currently working on Ferrari’s 2014 car?! Maybe that will help…


    you can’t compare Webber to Vettel, you can’t say they have the same car, i don’t think Webber is as good but you just can’t compare. Seb’s car is the best, not both of the RBR cars. Daniel Ricciardo bettered Seb’s laptimes in post season testing 2012, maybe that’s a better comparison to make…

  • marc

    Dont forget even Newey has had some shit cars.

  • Keshav

    Alonso is the best F1 driver in the grid right now, by a huge margin. Followed by Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian vettel doesn’t even come close to them when it comes to skill. He has just been winning, because Red bull have a winning formula, which is called adrian newey.

    This is pretty much like the 2009 season with Team Brawn (older team honda) in which they won almost all the races because they had a better car than everyone.

    Vettel is enjoying the monopoly of having the best car on the grid, and I’m sure a season will come, when they will mess up. very soon.

    Alonso is a pure mixture of sense, technique and aggression. He fights for podiums, even when his car isn’t among the top 4 this season after red bull and mercedes. Any old formula1 fan, who doesn’t blindly follow vettel would agree.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is not better than anyone in the current contenders.

    Beaten by a rookee teammate. Beaten in qualfying in big rows by Massa. Beaten by Trulli for the first Renault Monaco win. Countlessly beaten….

    On the other hand having a big marketing activity, making statements which only fool people beleive, ‘I am the best’ bullshit based on no facts, only for idiot fans.

    Low performance -big mouth driver – Villeneuve type. No team wants him. No driver likes him.

  • roni

    Newey will never go to Ferrari. RB is his 1st and only home. Same is for Vettel. Only victory is important, why to go to Ferrari and loose few years to build a winning combination. Better for them both to continue a RB history.

  • Butterfly


    Well, Newey doesn’t have to go to Ferrari since Rory Byrne has been working on the 2014 model since before the F138 was launched – he said so himself. So Fernando has to take that into consideration and wait for Byrne to take over the design office.

    I reckon 2015 is a Ferrari year, if not 2014. And once they take the crown(s), there will be no going back. :-)

  • gabe

    Why would Newey or Vettel want anything to do with Ferrari? “Just a drinks manufacturer” is wiping the floor with glorious Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, blah, blah blah.

    Mateschitz should tell Montezemolo, “you can have Newey and Vettel if you paint the car blue and get rid of that tosser Alonso.”

  • Lol.

    It’s silly to suggest Alonso is a bad driver, because he isn’t.

    He and Vettel are about equal because many of the things Alonso can count as strengths are Vettel’s weaknesses, and vice versa.

    At the end of the day, I hate Vettel with a fiery passion, but he’s an incredible driver who has acomplished much. Vettel is no different than Schumacher, no different than Senna, no different than Prost. ALL of those men achieved their success because they had the fastest car. Remind me again, why did Senna call Prost a coward in 1993? Oh yes, because Prost stopped him driving the fastest car.

    The days of winning the title on driver ability alone are long gone. The fastest driver of the fastest car wins, and Vettel has proven to be faster than Webber. When vettel has the slower car, he will lose. Just like everybody else is now.

  • Butterfly


    The engineering is done by F1 veterans, mate. The drinks manufacturer just pumps some money into the program while the sponsors do the rest.

    Very clever on Red Bull’s part and it really shows excellent management – Ferrari could do with a bit of that – but in the end it’s the F1 people doing F1 stuff.

  • KC

    “This is pretty much like the 2009 season with Team Brawn (older team honda) in which they won almost all the races because they had a better car than everyone.”

    This is pretty much like the 2006 season with Team Ferrari in which they won almost all the races because they had a better car than everyone else.

  • fools

    @KC and then in 2006 that is when ALONSO won his 2nd WDC!

    Thank you.


  • KC

    “The days of winning the title on driver ability alone are long gone.”

    When did those days ever exist? The difference between the cars was far greater in the past then it is today.

  • KC

    “and then in 2006 that is when ALONSO won his 2nd WDC!”

    … in a better car than everyone else.

  • Butterfly


    It happens, though rare. 2006 was kind of like that, though not exactly. It was close, though, between Ferrari and Renault.

    But, in general, the cars are nowhere near one another.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    If Alonso admits that he needs the best engineer and the best car to become champion, than he is no great.

    Almost all driver could win with the best car.

    The most expensive driver cannot do more than the rest ? – what a FAIL he is….

  • KC

    The cars today all have the same horsepower. They all have the same tyres. They all have essentially the same bodywork. The differences between the cars are really trivial today compared to what they used to be when the BMW might have a hundred HP more than the Ferrari, or when some cars had steel brakes while others had carbon fiber ones, etc.

    Compared to what F1 used to be, today it’s a glorified spec series. The change came about around 2005 onwards, as part of an effort to end the Ferrari/Schumacher dominance. The cars today are very near one another in performance, as per FIA regulations.

  • KC

    “Alonso’s last comment is a direct jibe at Red Bull, and indeed he said he would welcome Vettel as his teammate in red, and Adrian Newey as the designer of his Ferrari.”

    I see him saying he’s welcome Newey. I don’t see him saying he’d welcome Vettel, and news reports are that he has a “No Vettel” clause in his Ferrari contract.

    According to Andrew Benson, “sources close to Ferrari now say the Spaniard and the team renegotiated their agreement towards the end of last season and that one of Alonso’s demands was that they not sign Vettel alongside him.”

    Draw you own conclusions.

  • Butterfly

    The conclusion I choose to draw is that you’re a gossiping little bi{tc}h.

  • KC

    You’re more dung beetle than butterfly.

  • Butterfly

    Well, what kind of comment is that that Alonso doesn’t want Vettel over there? No such driver pairing ever works. Lewis & Jenson = Fail, Lewis & Fernando = Fail, Senna & Prost = Fail, etc, etc.

    A healthy team needs a lead driver and a support driver to work properly, mainly because the lead drivers *needs* to know the team fully backs him and not his teammate.

    Sharing the team with your teammate is bad in Formula 1. Sooner or later cracks are going to appear then the wheels will fall apart.

    Exclusivity is key and that’s why it’s bad idea to put two champions in the same team, even if one of them is better than the other – like Alonso is better than Vettel. Whether you’re better than your teammate or not, a driver who won the WDC will consider himself elite and demand that precious exclusivity.

    Look at Lewis & Jenson – Lewis is clearly the better driver in both qualy and race, but as soon as Button started pulling people on his side of the garage, cracks started to appear in Lewis’s mind. Remember how he used to talk about his happy bubble?

    These guys are mentally fragile, even the likes of Raikkonen or Alonso.

    So, there, I explained it to you. Now quit gossiping. :-)

  • realf1fan

    Webber and Vettel Red Bull 2010 no team orders = win Prost v Senna 1989 McLaren = win prost v Senna 1990 no team orders = win.

    McLaren with Prost and Senna has proved that by not having a team leader can work and giving f1 fans real racing ,and because Lewis Hamilton was not prepared be subservient to Alonso in 2007 it gave us one of the great rivalries ever seen in f1 with both drivers being 1 point away from winning the WDC.

  • Spartacus

    interesting point you make. It’s also interesting to see which of those drivers relished from such competition and which ones crumbled.

  • realf1fan

    Well Gladiator, I would have said that out of all those mentioned Webber has taken the most beating mentally I think that whopping 135 points deficit in the 2011 season was the start of him to use your words crumbling Vettel has destroyed him and when he has needed some help Marko and Horner they have not been there for him. TBH Mark for me is not a top tier driver and was exposed by Vettel after 2010.

    All the other drivers are warriors would relish a fight with any driver although Prost seem to get peed off with Senna’s antics in the end hence him refusing to race with him at Williams and Alonso just underestimated a rookies talents which was just raw which has been a very big blip on Alonso’s CV but he still has gone on to challenge for WDC and being close in 2010 and 2012.

    They are all warriors mentally bar Webber.

  • ukwhite

    Waste of time to put so much energy defending Alonso. He, like anybody else, can be as good as the car is. Remember an under-rated Roseberg winning two races with a car that works. All this Alonso story is just nonsense. But what makes a normal person sick is character and attitude.

  • fools

    what makes a person sick in the head is someone wh claims they dont like ALONSO yet they continue to not EVEN READ THE ARTICLE AND COMMENT WHEN THEY DONT EVEN GIVE A DAMN.

    Apparently all you trolls LOVE ALONSO. Proof? 50 plus comments and counting.

    You TROLLS are sick. Quit commenting then if you dont like ALONSO. Yet you TROLLS keep coming back. Go read a Vettel or Kimi article and comment. We dont give a damn bout you TROLLS. We give a damn of the absurd insult bullshit you deliver that has no F1 logic at all.




  • ukblack

    Alonso is a nonce

  • …50 plus comments and counting.

    Some of Alonso’s fans are the copycat of their idol. Sarcasm and ordinary joke are beyond their intellectual power. Not all, there are decent individuals too.

    Humanly, you can feel sorry for their ongoing pain, tolerance for their denial praising Alonso and blaming one of arguably the best ever F1 driver, Vettel.

  • Butterfly

    I hope you’ll get a chance to see your beloved Vettel in a bad car, then you’ll see just how capable a driver he is.

    It’s easy to thrash the field when your car is there for you week-in, week-out, practice, qualy, race, no matter the weather or tires.

    At the beginning of last year the RB8 was good, but not the best and he was struggling like mad to do the job. Webber was ahead of him. Then Newey solved the problems and the rest is history.

    And there’s no pain, tolerance, nor denial about Alonso’s ability, mate. He is the best on the grid by a long shot, probably the best ever. It just so happens that the man who’s been designing his Ferraris from 2010 onwards is a total retard who lacks any kind of creativity. But that problem, too, will be solved soon enough.

  • In 2012 was struggling… Webber was ahead of him…

    Mate, 2012 example is a bit exagerated. In 2012 everybody struggled, due to rules. Webber more in fact. 7 races, 7 winners, the standings were Lewis 87, Alonso 85, Vettel 83, Mark 75. Then Mark won Silverstone he is quite good at it. To say that for the first part of the year 2 points more in Mark favour was something that is kind of strange. One race more Vettel with Belgian grand prix brought him on second place 10 points ahead of Webber, then for the rest of the season he practically trashed the entire field and that was not only because of the car, but also due to his skills on Asian circuits, in Asia he is at home.

    By the way of Alonso talk lately, my honest opinion is that Alonso is afraid of any racer that could challenge him, so his talk having even a stonger racer as Vettel as partner is plainly cheap talk. When you know Vettel has a contract with RB by the end of 2013, then any talk about teaming with Vettel to show you are ballsy is cheap talk indeed, Vettel will stay with the bulls by 2015.

    Mark my words and I am saying that without any intention to upset anybody, Alonso is practically done in three years with many millions in his account, but no other title. He is one car Renault champion, no other car. But Seb in the next 5 to 10 years will triumph above all as in Germany hymn, Germany Uber Alles, with a mathematical likelyhood to beat any record in F1, becoming one of the gratest ever. With two titles only Alonso will be another champion name, but nothing more.

  • KC

    “At the beginning of last year the RB8 was good, but not the best and he was struggling like mad to do the job. Webber was ahead of him. Then Newey solved the problems and the rest is history.”

    My God, that’s a stupid thing to say. You Do know that Webber drives a Red Bull, right? So Newey “solving the problem” should help Webber just as much as Vettell, shouldn’t it?

    As for Webber being ahead of him, that was pure luck – if SV’s engine had not gone at Valencia Webber would have trailed him all year long instead of just most of it.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Alonso_is _Slow And @Spartacus

    When was the last time your love Vettel won a race from Below P3?

    People who even know a single bit about F1 will understand how Ordinary Vettel is!!!

  • Spartacus

    Winning from lower than P3 is a fairly rare occurrence in F1 now. Really it’s only when there’s something unusual does a lower qualifying car have a chance, either by an untimely safety car or a rain shower. Times where there’s a random event which mixes up the finish.

    But, it would be unfair to criticise a fast driver for qualifying at the front of the grid as that’s what they’re supposed to do! Please let Mr Alonso know this too. Then he might have a chance of making his own luck rather than wishing bad luck on everybody else.