Montezemolo: I have faith, but now it’s time for fewer words and more achievements

Luca di Montezemolo wants results

Luca di Montezemolo wants results

The German Grand Prix marked the end of a double-header that, along with the inevitable stress load, seems to have generated new perspectives for the Ferrari team.

At the usual meeting that follows every grand prix Sunday between President Montezemolo, Team Principal Stefano Domenicali and the team’s engineers, the agenda included the development programme of the F138 and planning for the next two crucial dates in the diary: the Young Driver Test taking place at Britain’s Silverstone circuit from July 17-19 and the Hungarian Grand Prix on the weekend of July 28 at the Hungaroring on the outskirts of Budapest.

Even though the last two weeks have been notable for a huge effort to improve the car and to reduce the gap to the front especially in qualifying, plus the question of tyres, the team wants to respond with even more of a push.

Stefano Domenicali under pressure to talk less and deliver more

Stefano Domenicali under pressure to talk less and deliver more

That’s only right at a crucial moment of the season because now it is no longer just a question of tyre management or adapting to weather conditions, but also the obligation to define the direction of development of the F138.

Luca di Montezemolo told the team’s official website: “Today we looked at the agenda for the coming weeks of work to clarify the priorities along with the engineers. Now I ask of everyone a greater determination and strong concentration on every detail. I have enormous faith in the team and I expect a concrete response from everyone, because only through great will and plenty of work will it be possible to come away with the results that we all want. To sum up: fewer words and more achievements.”

Scuderia Ferrari left the Nürburgring clearly disappointed with Fernando Alonso’s fourth place and Felipe Massa’s retirement. Those results didn’t match up to expectations and they were not attributable to external factors. But what can be seen on the faces of all the Scuderia’s men and women working at Maranello is a great desire to get going again.

Nurburgring was not kind to Ferrari

Nurburgring was not kind to Ferrari

Team principal Stefano Domenicali responded,  “Yet again we have had a confirmation of the importance of analysing the data and managing the tyre behaviour. That is the same for everyone but we must try to get even more out of them than the others if we want to win. That also applies to the development of the F138, an area where we must do better than our opponents.”

“Now we have some decisive weeks ahead looking towards Hungary. There is a crucial test which we must exploit to the maximum, in terms of both the performance of the tyres and the technical development of the car. Everything is still to play for because we are only halfway through the champoinship and the goals we had at the start of the year are still within reach,” added Domenicali. (Ferrari)

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  • Spartacus

    Firstly, Ferrari are paying one of their drivers far too much, giving him far too much respect, and allowing him to under perform. Alonso has not given value for money; he’s simply not good enough.

    Next, the car is often one of the fastest at any circuit they race at. With the right driver they could be winning races right now. Rather than having their driver waiting for others to fail just to sweep a few extra points. It’s a strategy which has worked, but alas isn’t exactly exciting to watch. And for the last few seasons not enough competitors have been dropping out for this to be successful either.

    Finally, let Massa race! Rather than simply using him as Alonso’s stooge, get him to race Alonso. Let Alonso know that if he’s going to be World Champion then he’s also got to beat the person in the same hardware as himself. Let him feel the heat of competition and see how far he gets; I suspect he’ll crack again.

  • Henk


    And Montezemolo should hire Spartacus as Team Principal. He’d get plenty of knowledge for the price of a fan. As easy as that.

  • Spartacus

    Ferrari need me but couldn’t afford me.

  • Henk

    @ Spartacus

    It seems to me you are giving your expert advice on line for free. Anyone with a modem can afford that.

  • Spartacus

    you’re still using a modem? I could fix that, but I’d have to charge.

    And you’re only seening the tip of what I could do for Ferrari. Although Ferrari is fairly well managed they’ve just got a couple of bits that need tweaking, and it’s right at the pointy end; the drivers. And at the lower end with their Ferrari stores.

  • hahahaha

    Spartacus is 100% right about Alonso, Kimi took the title in his 1st year and Monty ousted him. Enzo Ferrari would never had thought about hiring Alonso, certainly after all his controverses and his foul play costing Felipe the title.

    Enzo has already turned himself once now in the grave, if they make Fatvio Briatore team principal I’m sure mr. Ferrari will be heads up again in his grave. Not in the positive way, he would never have allowed such cheaters in his team.

    Put Seb, Kimi or Robert in that car and you will have your title(s) in a jiffy.

    Signed, a real Tifosi, for 27 years. The same number as that of the greatest and most loved (certainly by Enzo) Ferrari driver ever, monsieur Gilles. Drivers like him would be welcome nowadays.

    Monty wake the F up and act in honour of Il commendatore or you will sacked one day.

  • hillside

    more achievements like getting more money from its sponsors

  • aberracus

    i really don’t know why the hate for Alonso, but he is really a great driver.

    The Scuderia is really happy to have him.

  • farizY

    @ aberracus

    Well said!!

  • Hawk

    Alonso has done all he could do. He is just unlucky because of Newey

  • Spartacus

    Alonso has the best team in the world behind him building the best race car on the grid and still can’t win!

    It’s not all about Newey.

  • Butterfly


    It is 90 percent about Newey. It was 90 percent about Rory Byrne back when Schumacher was winning like mad. Only when two drivers from different teams have cars that are very close together the driver’s ability starts to matter 90 percent.

    But in Vettel’s case, it’s 90 percent the RBx.

  • Jules

    @spartacus…you’re really spewing crap on here.

    I don’t think any other driver could have dragged that crap of a Ferrari to challenge RB in 2010 and 2012 other than Alonso. Massa is a good driver but is inconsistent and is causing Ferrari to fall back in the Contructors..he just cant’ finish races and crashes like a rookie. Massa is the one who is overpaid.

    Finger Boy Vettel is probably a better driver now than he was won he won the past 3 WDC. He only won them because he had a rocket for a car but his racing skills are below Kimi, Alonso or Lewis. He was just a very lucky boy. Perhaps this year, he has grown to manage the pressure better and has improved his race craft but i doubt he could perform as well in a Lotus or a Ferrari. If Vettel could do what Kimi and Alonso is doing for their respective teams currently, then he prove to be a great driver.

  • fools

    Well said Jules

  • iMark

    To all the r3tards saying it is 90% Newey: So basically the best team, Ferrari, has NO engineers, ZERO engineers, they contract wal-mart employees. Ferrari the best team, with more money and more wins cant find a fcking aero engineer. Even better, no team can find a fking aero engineer, theres only 1 in the whole Earth: Adrian Newey.

    Are you guys fcking rtarded or just cant find other ways to s*ck up ur spaintard?

  • iMark


    So… Vettel wins and he is 10% of the RB Car.

    I wonder, according with your idiotic statement tell us how much % is Alonso from his car? 1%? 1.27%? Because he earns way too much more than Vettel and he cant win sh1t. Alonso drives for Ferrari, the most successful team ever and… he hasnt achieved sh1t there.

    How much % was Alonso at 2008 when he asked Nelson Piquet to crash so he could win?

    How much % was Alonso when he couldnt pass a slow, trully slow Vitaly Petrov back in 2010? 5%?

    Alonso. Trully the best.