Susie Wolff admits that Williams test not yet confirmed

Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff

Williams development driver Susie Wolff has revealed that she is likely to make her proper Formula 1 circuit debut at Silverstone next week.

We reported at the weekend that the 30-year-old Scot will definitely appear in Williams’ 2013 car during the three-day ‘young driver’ test.

“Yes, it’s not official,” Wolff, whose husband is the Mercedes director and Williams co-owner Toto Wolff, told German broadcaster Sky.

“It’s not clear yet how many sets of tyres the team will have available, but I’m getting ready and I expect to drive – at least one day,” she added.

“I’m very happy, it’s a big challenge and I’m ready. I’ll do my best and hopefully that’s enough,” the former DTM driver said, adding that she has been strengthening her neck muscles so much that the result is now visible.

With Mercedes banned from the Silverstone test, Brackley-based Toto Wolff said at the weekend that he will attend simply to watch his wife at the wheel. (GMM)

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  • JR

    As the team’s development driver, she’s partially responsible for Williams decline.

  • Mark O

    If the development driver is off the pace,so will the Racecar.

  • McLarenfan

    @JR: don’t chat Brown Substances.

  • Lol.

    …remind me again, how much running to the development drivers do?

    Oh yes.

  • Empee

    “As the team’s development driver, she’s partially responsible for Williams decline.”

    Yea. . .no. Development drivers are primarily prospects under consideration for advancement onto a team’s primary or reserve roster, not testers. That goes double for Susie, whose in-car time is colossally limited by her lacking a superlicense.