Mercedes fail to shine on home soil as race pace lets them down again

Lewis Hamilton swamped either side by Red Bull s off the start-line in Germany

Lewis Hamilton swamped on either side by Red Bulls off the start-line in Germany

Nico Rosberg’s Silverstone victory last weekend and Lewis Hamilton taking pole in Germany on Saturday had revved up the hopes of the Mercedes fanbase but it all fell away under the hot sun.

German Rosberg only qualified 11th and made up just two places in the race while Hamilton was overtaken by both Red Bulls on the first corner before sliding down the field and then working his way back up to fifth.

“A very strange, disappointing weekend after the highs from recent weeks. One to forget,” commented Rosberg. “A bit of a worry really, the race pace. It brought back memories of months ago when we were really struggling in the race.”

Mercedes motorsport director Toto Wolff blamed hotter temperatures.

“It’s important that the car has a decent pace, that is good. It’s easier than the other way around. But it’s very difficult when you see the car dropping back like it did,” he told reporters.

“We had very good races and now one which was more on the disappointing side so we have to put our head[s] down and work hard.”

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were never in contention at Nurburgring

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were never in contention at Nurburgring

Before the next race in Hungary at the end of the month, Mercedes will miss the Silverstone test after their ban for conducting a “secret” test with Pirelli at Barcelona in May.

Hamilton is glad to see the back of the special rear tyres brought to Germany after last weekend’s dangerous blow-outs in Britain. Another new set in Hungary awaits.

“I have to hold myself back, I have nothing positive to say about these tyres. And I don’t understand why we struggled so much on them. But that’s motor racing,” the Briton said as most of the rest of the paddock praised Pirelli’s offering.

“I just got a bad start and didn’t get off the line as quick as them, they seemed to get really good starts. Or maybe mine was just bad. But either way they both kind of sandwiched me and there was no way I could defend.” (Reuters)

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    Reports say the ban on switching of left-right tyres hurt Mercedes the most because during their illegal test they worked on this thing the most. Fine tuning it so the switching of tyres would gain them in race pace.

    Which explains why they did so well for 3 races in race pace and when it was banned they were back to the way they were before the test. Karma at work.

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