Hamilton: The car is a disaster on heavy fuel loads, there’s a lot of hard work ahead

Lewis Hamilton not happy with the race pace of the Mercedes W04

Lewis Hamilton not happy with the race pace of the Mercedes W04

What a big difference 24-hours can make in Formula 1 was clearly illustrated by Lewis Hamilton at the German Grand Prix, where he delivered a stunning lap to take pole position in qualifying at Nurburgring, but struggled to fifth place in the race.

After claiming top spot on the grid the Mercedes driver was oozing confidence, “In my wildest dreams, when I joined Mercedes I did not expect to win the championship in the first year. But I really don’t know what is realistic at the moment.”

The next day, after the Red Bulls powered past him on either side, Hamilton battled with an ill handling car which was clearly a handful in the hotter conditions that prevailed in Germany.

After the race, while speaking to reporters, the 2008 world champion did not mince his words, “The car is a disaster on heavy fuel loads. It’s always a shock when a race goes bad. You never expect it to go as bad as it does.”

Lewis hamilton in the Mercedes pit garage during the German GP weekend

Lewis hamilton in the Mercedes pit garage during the German GP weekend

“You find you are digging yourself out of a hole right towards the end of a race when all of a sudden the car starts working. It’s very frustrating.”

“I have nothing positive to say about these tyres. If you can’t get past a Sauber, you know you have issues – especially when you were over a second faster in qualifying,” lamented Hamilton who has yet to win a race since moving to the team at the start of the season.

“I’m not really thinking about the championship now. There’s really no point – especially as [Sebastian Vettel] is nearly 60 points ahead,” mused Hamilton.

“Hopefully we’ll have a better chance at the next race but, for now, there’s a lot of hard work ahead of us,” concluded the 2008 world champion. (GP247)

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  • KC

    Are those stupid shades surgically attached to his head? Does he wear them to bed and in the shower and underneath his helmet as well?

  • Nowhereman

    RIGHT now, he would trade those shades for a paper bag with eye holes cut out to see the exit from the circuit.
    Good drivers are always frustrated and impatient.
    This tire thing is making a joke out of F1.
    Nothing even close should be spent on the amount of engineering time the teams have to deal with when a temp change of 2 degrees can take a car from pole to also ran.
    F1 should be embarrassed at what is happening.

  • Rabbitfoot

    He sure if the undefeated world champion of excuses. Wasnt he supposed to be more Senna than Senna? Nico doesnt seem to have any problems winning.

  • Empee

    “Nico doesnt seem to have any problems winning.”

    Except that Nico also didn’t do any better this round, and also asserts that the car was not in good form for most of the race.

    If you can’t watch the event, at least read about it before making a damning comment.

  • Rabbitfoot

    Sorry, my bad. I thought Nico had won 2 races this yr

  • Sunshine117

    This just backs me up to what I was saying earlier, before the German GP. There very fast over a single lap with light fuel loads, hence why they qualify so well. But with a full tank, not so much…

  • Tinto

    Childish comments, his ego is bigger than team’s interests, this guy is a PR nightmare, better to keep his mouth shut, but he can’t. His butt needs kicked.

  • Empee

    “Sorry, my bad. I thought Nico had won 2 races this yr.”

    He has. But favorable circumstance played a sizeable role in both. Nico started from pole at Monaco, a difficult enough venue to overtake at even before factoring in that virtually everyone had tire degradation issues for most of the race. And while he had competitive pace at Silverstone, Nico’s advancement into the lead came on the wings of Lewis’ blowout and Sebastien’s retirement, and even that was in jeopardy until a well-timed safety car gave him an opportunity to ditch his dying tires without losing ground.

    Lewis conceivably could’ve won the British GP outright if not for the blowout. The German GP, not so much. None of the incarnations of the W0s like the heat, though the 04 is an improvement in that it again proved capable of going on the attack after burning off some fuel. Nonetheless, Lewis and Nico felt the initial setup left much to be desired, a perception justified by both of them coming into the final leg of the race well down on where they qualified.

    My point is that as bothersome as Lewis’ affinity to the press can be, there are facts that support his ‘excuses.’ Frankly, I think it’s an accomplishment for him to be in this position considering that many, myself included, felt that Mercedes’ wrong way development of race pace last season would doom him to talking about where they stood relative to Toro Rosso rather than Red Bull.

  • IceColdAndy36

    Some of you obviously have very short memory at Silverstone Hamilton led the race convincingly until his tyre blowout and in Monaco a team error cost him 2nd place it’s not his fault it’s Pirellis tyres and the fact that the Mercedes just hates the hot temperatures.

  • Rabbitfoot

    @Empee, so when Nico wins, he’s just lucks into it, but if Lewis wins its his talent?

  • realf1fan

    I thought Lewis Hamilton was leading his teammate this year a teammate who has been at this particular team 3 years longer than the newcomer but i suppose that does not count.

    And why is everyone going on about his shades? I see so many F1 drivers wearing shades but it is only Lewis who gets stick.

    Some sinister underlines by some posters on here seems like many members of the EDL are posting on here.

  • Empee

    “@Empee, so when Nico wins, he’s just lucks into it, but if Lewis wins its his talent?”

    Didn’t say that. Let’s try this again. Nico has won with the W04, but not without lapses in form from Red Bull and Lotus because regardless of which driver we’re talking about, the car doesn’t consistently have the initial pace necessary to let them lead or put pressure on whoever is leading. Period.

    That said, my point in bringing up Silverstone was not to marginalize Nico’s accomplishments, but to countermand your assertion that Lewis is full of excuses for not winning. Silverstone was the W04’s best outing, and Lewis was the one making the most of it until his effort was reeled in yet again by equipment failure. Not exactly an excuse for underperforming as you seem to think, which is further challenged by Lewis leading Nico in the Driver’s Championship.

  • Rabbitfoot

    Nico can only win when there are lapses in form of RBR & Lotus? They sure lapsed for a lot of laps around Monaco.