Alonso: The hope is there but we must make a step forward

Fernando Alonso during the German GP

Fernando Alonso during the German GP

Fernando Alonso has seen too much drama in Formula 1 to rule out another championship bid despite rival Sebastian Vettel taking maximum points in Germany and Ferrari’s bold tyre strategy only partly working.

The Spaniard finished fourth on Sunday to stay second in the standings as Red Bull’s triple world champion won for the first time at home to extend his overall lead to 34 points.

Very much like last week at the British Grand Prix, Alonso started eighth at the Nurburgring but fought his way up the field after Ferrari made a deliberate strategic call not to fight for pole position and start the race instead on the longer-lasting medium tyres rather than the quicker softs.

A late tyre change to the softs had the Spaniard catching up but he was left with too much to do.

“It was a very good strategy. It was a strategy that gave us the possibility to fight for the podium,” the 2005 and 2006 champion told reporters.

Fenando Alonso with Andrea Stella on the Nurburgring grid

Fenando Alonso with Andrea Stella on the Nurburgring grid

“We were not quick enough today, we didn’t have the pace and even with that we tried for the podium and were very close to the leading group.”

With no title but some very near misses in his three years at Ferrari, Alonso is well aware of the fickle hand of fate and still has his eye on the drivers’ championship despite Vettel’s form and the Lotus team starting to look quicker than the Italians.

“We’ve seen stranger things in Formula 1,” he said.

“When the cars are so close, when they are so sensitive to changes, temperatures, loads, things like that, when you find something magical that changes the performance you can be competitive straight away,” he said after a quick change into jeans from his racing suit.

“The hope is there. We have time to make it up…but we must make a step forward.”

Ten races remain this season, with the next grand prix in Hungary on July 28 when another type of Pirelli tyres will be employed after they rushed out upgraded ones for Germany following last weekend’s dangerous blow-outs at Silverstone.

“The tyres were good, there were no more problems with safety,” Alonso said, hoping that the same would be the case in Budapest.

He has previously expressed reluctance to drive at a specially-organised Silverstone test before Hungary in case there are more blowouts. (Reuters)

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  • Alonso_is_slow

    Let’s be more specific. Alonso needs to improve.

    First he needs to perform properly in qualifying, and not to be beaten by Massa. Second, he needs to make good starts. Third, he needs to go faster consistently, as he has the fastest car currently (fastest lap).

  • iMark

    I remember Ferrari in the early 90’s driven by a lot of people which couldnt develop a car until Schumi arrived.

    Ferrari has got the money, the resources, workshops and engineers to develop a car, but not a driver. I mean, who else has the man power and infrastructure to build a winner car so easily as Ferrari? Maybe Mercedes.

    Ferrari needs a Schumi kinda guy, Ferrari needs someone who can actually help develop a car. Fernando’s been at Ferrari for more than 3 years and we all know his excuses.

  • madnessisfame

    @ iMark & AIS…Wow…thanks for the sensitive information you posted…your responses are so creative & state of the art level…even though I’ve been watching F1 for more that 30 years, you guys are enlightening my way to deeply understand more about the sport…your input should be even shared with the Ferrari managment as they have no clue what so ever…I should agree that Alonso should be trashed out of the team & totally stand behind Massa, bring in a Schumi kind of caliber to help develop the car and put Ferrari where it should be…Team principles, fans & supports are well cheated by the lucky 2 times world champion winner…I see how The moment Hamilton joint Mercedes, it became faster & the Mclaren became slower…and how Vettel’s car is so quick due to his genius input…where as the unfair media gives all the credit to Newey…
    You guys are smart & your remarks are very bright & fresh…you are making this site so interesting…

  • e-Genc

    I think Ferrari made a bad decision in Nurburg opting for medium tyres in quali and at race start when they did have the right pace to grab one of the first spots on the grid. They haven’t had it for a while and they thought the other teams would perform better and out-qualify them. I thought their pace on soft was good enough for winners and Alonso showed it when he got the fastest lap of the race. Bad decision led to a bad strategy. I do not think that everything is Alonso’s fault. Comparing it to the past is totally unfair.

  • fools

    Alonso did a fantastic job. Which is why he is STILL 2nd behind Vettel. Long season. Were only half way suckaz…remember the past 3 years Alonso is and the only one to keep his form and challenge Vettel all year. Which other driver does that? Kimi? no thanks.

    The above comments need to be reprimended. As for someone who has been watching F1 for 30 years you seem to know nothing with those comments to “trash” Alonso? LMFAO!

    If that was the case you would be working for Ferrari right?

    You think Ferrari think like you stupid comment? lol

    Amazing the comments of entertainment.

    Hamilton complaining about fuel loads? Ummm..everyone is on the same fuel load at the start…LH got jumped by to RB’s and you guys think hes fast? He cant even keep pace. Only Alonso keeps pace.

    Vettel has Newey. Yes I said it. and once Newey leaves they will fall.

    Its not hate…its fact. Which is why Vettel doesn’t receive much respect. Hence the “booing” last few races. lol

  • madnessisfame

    @ e-Genc….I totally agree
    and since the soft were quicker, wonder why Ferrari didn’t fit the softs on Alonso’s car when he pitted during the safety car….all cars were lined up close to each other & Its pretty sure with a couple of laps he would have over taken all those in front him fitted with the mediums…though the pace of the Ferrari set up wasn’t good enough…And then with enough few laps to pit again like every one else for the mediums to take him to the rest of the race…and in worst scenario, perhaps only vettel could have passed him by end of race since the Red Bullets obviously had the fastest car…I think the Italians at Ferrari and using rotten tomatoes in their past sauce …

  • Tinto

    Definitely an ill-naturated person, past proved it many times, but nobody can say Alonso is a bad driver. He beat Schumacher, he is constantly delivering good racing in a supposedly slower car, so for sure this guy knows a thing or two about racing. However, is he that good as people say? I don’t know. Reality check, it has never been a champion wirhout a good car, so lucky Seb has both, the car and talent. As Alonso does not like a competitor in the same team, he has to live with Ferrari enjoying good money and no championship. I do not believe as long as Vettel, Adrian, Christian and Rocky are together, another guy or team will stand a chance.

  • Virender

    @fools – Exactly my friend. Vettel Commit mistake on 90 percent of his qualifying laps still able to take pole – Thats genes of that car (Newey Production Links) that make him look quick. Everyone here can agree to the kind of crap Ferrari we had last year, still it was Alonso who marched ahead till midseason last year and I hope if the curse remains the same and it will be real Winner who will triumph this year Championship. Forza Ferrari – Alonso & Massa any day any time.

    Ferrari Would have pull this off if they would have gone for there sheer pace of Qualifying. But its strategies who wins and lose races manyatime – That’s what Gamble is Formula 1 Nowadays

  • madnessisfame

    @fools…if you read my comments carefully, you will understand I was being ultimately sarcastic about the earlier comments…On the contrary, Alonso is the best driver I have seen in the longest time…respect to his personality & talent…he is just unlucky again to be with a great team who cant consistently find a firm solution to build a front competitive car…I say it again that Massa is the true measure of the Ferrari performance…if you see Massa in front & competitive, it means the car is drivable & able to win…but then regardless, Alonso has always been able to sweep great points & show up on the podium by end of all races…
    Most average F1 fans believe its the driver alone who makes the win…there are hundreds of elements that makes a win…
    The above comments blame Alonso for not being able to develop the car like Schumi did…see they have no clue that tests days are over which had the greatest impact on the development…Ferrari in the Schumi era used their own tracks & the budgets to bring in a great car in a great chemistry with Brawn & Todt…
    But now, Ferrari don’t even use their own wind tunnel…The simulators, Ferrari’s wind tunnels & the limited weekend tests were not matching…& still they have no ideal answers buy using the Toyota wind tunnel…RB have a much better set up which generally is well manipulated…In the last German race, Webber got screwed in the pit lane, and lost positions to end up behind all cars…but then by end of race he finished 7th on that tough track…its true Alonso is not only fighting Vettel…he is fighting the whole RB… team.