Red Bull: Great shame that we couldn’t have both cars right up there

Team and drivers report from the German Grand Prix, Round 9 of the 2013 Formula 1 world championship, at Nurburgring.

Sebastian Vettel, Finish Position: Winner, Start Position: 2nd

“It was a tough race; it was one of the toughest for a long time. I’m happy the race wasn’t two or three laps longer, as Kimi was a bit quicker towards the end. I’m very happy that it worked out and it’s very special. The team worked really hard to give me the chance to win this weekend and we got it. First of all you have to remember that it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to race in your home country; we have around 20 races, but there are obviously more than 20 countries, so it’s special to race at home and get so much support. I had a good start and then just focused on every single lap during the race. You don’t really think about where you are while you are racing, you can’t allow your mind to drift, but when the flag came out and the race was over I really let myself enjoy the parade lap and saw a lot of people in the grandstands cheering and waving flags. These pictures will remain in my head for a long, long time.”

Mark Webber, Finish Position: 7th, Start Position: 3rd

“I knew we had lost the tyre in the pit stop of course, but not that someone got hit by it. That’s bad and I hope he is okay, that’s the main thing. Today was a bit of a nightmare and you want to wake up tomorrow and have another go at it. We had an excellent start and were in a great position leading up to the first stop with Seb, but we lost all of that. We lost a lot of points today and a chance to challenge for the win, but there’s no rewind button now.”

Christian Horner, Team Principal: “The most important thing today is that the cameraman who got struck by the tyre does not appear to have suffered any life threatening injuries. It’s a timely reminder that working in the pit lane is dangerous. Everyone reacted incredibly quickly and the most important thing is to hear that he seems to be fundamentally okay. Looking to the race, for any driver to win their home grand prix is something tremendously special and after the disappointment of missing out on the victory a week ago in Silverstone, Sebastian drove faultlessly today and can be very proud of what he’s achieved in his home grand prix in front of the home fans. It’s a huge result for him and very positive for the Championship. For Mark, it was a strong recovery drive; he got back on to the lead lap through the pace car and then fought his way back into the points. It’s a great shame that we couldn’t have both cars right up there today, but all credit to Mark for his very determined drive. We need to understand what went wrong in that first pit stop for Mark, but as I said, our main concern today is knowing that the cameraman is okay.”

Thierry Salvi, Renault F1 Sport: “We fought hard for that today. Kimi and Romain really pushed us hard, but Sebastian did a great job to win at home for the first time. Mark also drove a storming race, coming from a lap down to a points-scoring position. For Renault it is very positive to see three Renault-powered drivers racing for the win and ultimately to have a clean sweep of the podium. Although it certainly makes us nervous behind the screens!” (Red Bull F1)

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  • Bernie

    Great shame that Redbull can’t focus equally on both drivers

  • Sunshine117

    Would of made it way more interesting in terms of points in the championship if the tire thing happened to Vettel and not Webber. But, Vettel did have a DNF in Silverstone so he would have been extremely unlucky if it was him and not Mark. But damm it would have changed things up. Raikkonen probably would have won with Webber 2nd, and Vettel 6th or 7th. Which would have made it a lot closer on points.

    Looking something like this

    Vettel : 138
    Alonso : 123
    Raikkonen : 123
    Webber : 105
    Hamilton : 99

    But you can’t dwell on what could have happened, compared to what actually did. You could go back as far as Malaysia swap Vettel and Webber around (What should have happened) and vettel would be on 131 points, even closer still.
    My point is, I don’t want Vettel 100 points in front with only 2 races to go. In a situation where he can’t lose, it just makes the races disappointing and sometimes not worth watching cos you know who comes out on top. Whereas if four drivers are with in 10 – 15 points of each other on the last race, how much better would that be??? Honestly?