Raikkonen: I will race whatever happens

Kimi Raikkonen in Germany

Kimi Raikkonen in Germany

As has been the case with the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA) throughout history of Formula 1, finding consensus among all the drivers over a particular subject, has always been almost impossible.

True to form this weekend in Germany, amid a decision by drivers to boycott the race should Pirelli tyres start exploding as they did at Silverstone a week ago, Kimi Raikkonen has declared that he would not abide by any decision to pull out of the race.

Raikkonen revealed, that although invited, he did not attend the GPDA meeting, “I am not part of it, sometimes I go – but I hear about it as quickly as you.”

Asked about the statement at the end of the first day of practice at Nurburgring, Raikkonen said, “I haven’t seen it, I heard. I am sure it is not going to happen anyhow.”

Kimi Raikkonen will not boycott the German GP

Kimi Raikkonen will not boycott the German GP

“I was once involved [in 2005] and funnily enough there were some guys that didn’t stop – and they drove. So for sure I will race whatever happens this time,” added the Lotus driver.

He was referring to the 2005 United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis where seven teams running on Michelin tyres withdrew on safety grounds, while three Bridgestone aligned teams took to the track and a big crowd were ‘treated’ to a six car grand prix.

As for the race at Nurburgring, Raikkonen told media, “I would race. The problems are not just because of the tyres – there can be a lot of influence on why it has happened.

“We haven’t had a single problem all year, so I have no feeling. Motor racing is dangerous anyhow, anything can happen. The reason why they exploded was that the teams were using them wrong. I am fine with it,” concluded the driver popularly known as Iceman. (GP247)

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  • Rabih Habib

    Probably the only way he will ever win one is Germany is to run the race all alone!…
    Once a selfish looser…always a selfish looser.

  • mini

    he is arrogant person.

  • Fredo

    He is neither arrogant or selfish, he just doesn’t put up with stupid shit.

  • Sunshine117

    Fredo is right, he just cut’s through the crap and gets straight to the point. I can see how you would see that has selfish and arrogant though. Of course I don’t know Kimi personally so I wouldn’t know. Same thing with Vettel, now I think he is the most selfish and arrogant in the field. But thats just how he comes across in my view. If I met him personally he could well be the nicest guy. I think that no one really knows how to take Raikkonen, he’s very blunt and straight to the point, with no BS. He tells it how it is, alot of ppl don’t like that, can’t handle that.