Mercedes wants in on fourth day of Silverstone test

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The FIA has opened the door to the forthcoming Silverstone test possibly being extended from three to four days, and Mercedes, banned from the test as a result of  their role in ‘test-gate’, has accepted that it will not be allowed to run for the originally-scheduled three days.

However director Toto Wolff hinted the German team will push to attend, if the test is extended to a fourth day. “Now we’re being punished more, because the other teams can use their proper drivers, but we accept it for the purposes of safety.”

“But if there is a fourth test day, we will fight to have this day,” he revealed to Germany’s Bild newspaper. (GMM)

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  • Elfredore

    Wasn’t little Toto just saying that there was no advantage to the team from their illegal test? Now he is complaining that they can’t collect the same amount of data as all of the other teams.
    Toto should go and buy a dictionary and look up the word “Punishment”.

  • Mercedes can’t even accept their penalty without wanting more testng

    Go away Mercedes you are nothing but a team and company of cheaters.

    Now they are going to cry to get included in the forth day of testing.

    The FIA has already made a total joke out of Formula One with the assistance of Mercedes but if they allow Mercedes in on the forth day then there is no doubt left that Mercedes is now pulling the strings of the FIA.

  • BobMendon

    Hello cake and eat it too!

  • =El Presidente=

    @ Mercedes can’t even accept their penalty without wanting more testng


    Dude please stop spewing your unfounded, and foremost unwanted shouting.

    We accept your input. thanks. now go away!

  • Spartacus

    Mercedes was reprimanded, and for punishment excluded from the young driver test to bring fairness back. But ultimately not found guilty of cheating. That’s the key difference.

    The Pirelli test they were involved with was a Pirelli test, not a Mercedes test. If it were a Mercedes test then they would have been, and rightly so, found guilty of cheating.

    Now the rules have been thrown out the window after all the Pirelli tyres blowing out. As a result, Ferrari have got their wish of a full on test during the season and Mercedes excluded from it.

    Is this fair? No. Mercedes should be allowed to attend part of the test. I still think if you’re going to keep the punishment that is being given then you should perhaps exclude from one or one and a half days of testing. But if it’s a full test Mercedes should be allowed to be part of that test.

    We wouldn’t be in this situation if Ferrari etc hadn’t blocked the introduction of a new specification of tyre.

  • dru

    No, Mercedes were clearly reprimanded for the fact that they “gained an unfair sporting advantage” which is cheating any which way you put it and that was never in doubt. They were let off because apparently they were doing it in the “best interests of the sport”

    Since when has ANY F1 team done anything to “help” someone else and not themselves?

    It was a Pirellii test but and thats a big BUT, Mercedes received the test data and drivers were told which tyres they were testing. I believe it was rosberg that admitted that one.

    Seems to me that some people forget what they dont want to remember about this whole saga.

    Im not a Mercedes basher but after reading all the facts its a little hard for me to defend them.

  • Creepy Neighbour

    Does the wolff understand the meaning of the term penalty?

  • Unethical Mercedes at it again

    Toto Wolff is a cancer as is Ross Brawn. Mercedes reputation is gone because of these two. No matter what Mercedes does now there reputation is damaged and any wins and championships they get from here on out after they got caught doing their illegal test just damages Mercedes reputation more.

  • =El Presidente=

    Unethical Mercedes at it again

    I strongly disagree with your argument. So MSC damaged Ferrari’s image for ever? because 5 of the 7 WDC he has are tainted, or at the least controversial… and you hear nobody about that. everyone only remembers the 7 titles.

    So if MB takes the title this year (dont think so but if) after a few years people will only remember that as the first title in F1.

    further whatever happened in that pirelli-test is now rendered useless, the other teams have the opportunity to give themselves an even better test if they plan right.

    If there is a fourth day of testing then i think MB has the right to join in. since the penalty was given for the 3-day YD-test. the fourth day is another event so to speak, of which they are not excluded.

  • =El Presidente=

    Ah and also.. it is pretty hypocrite to call MB ‘unethical’ whilst you fence with ugly diseases in a fairly unethical way.

    I suggest you should look at yourself before you accuse another.

  • quixpeed

    If Michael is still driving for MGP, they would have been crucified and harshly penalized, the fact that Lewis is in the team, is just what made MGP escape a humiliating punishment by B-FIA.
    they just try to make him a star and he ain’t that shiny, he’s got great skill but still not that genuine greatness of MSC, Senna.

  • JM

    I think the issue here is that most people believe MB we’re under penalised for the testing as a result people feel that any extra disadvantage given to the team is justified.

  • Racechick

    Wow, some serious Mercedes hate going on here! Mercedes accepted their ‘punishment’ for helping Pirelli test, despite their transgression being in large part, down to the FIA having conflicting rules. The punishments was to miss the YDT. The YDT is no longer a YDT, it’s open to race divers, so the punishment has changed. You can’t change the sentence after its been delivered. Mercedes would win if they went to tribunal on those grounds alone. If the test is now extended by a further day Mercedes have an even greater reason to go back to the tribunal.