Ferrari: We saw the performance gap grow between ourselves and Red Bull and Mercedes

Massimo Rivola with Fernando Alonso

Massimo Rivola with Fernando Alonso

Although Fernando Alonso finished second at the British Grand Prix, there are concerns within Ferrari that they were lucky with the result at Silverstone and have in fact lost ground on their main rivals.

Speaking ahead of the German Grand Prix weekend, Ferrari sporting director Massimo Rivola said, “The British Grand Prix was certainly exciting, but that aside, we made a step forward in terms of the championship classification by reducing the gap to our main rivals, but honestly, in performance terms we saw the gap grow between ourselves and Red Bull and Mercedes.”

Rivola also lamented the short five day gap between the race at Silverstone and the start of the race weekend at Nurburgring, “To be honest, with the various question marks over the performance of the F138 following Silverstone, a bit of a break would have been useful. We are not talking about minor details, but more significant challenges, so, it would have been nice to get more time to analyse all the data. But this is Formula 1, it’s our job and we know what it entails.”

Fernando Alonso at the British GP

Fernando Alonso at the British GP

The Italian also played down how competitive the F138 is likely to be in Germany, “It’s hard to say if we can be competitive or not, because, with the new updates we usually bring to the races there will be even more unknown factors than the ones we are facing right now. Certainly it should be warmer than at Silverstone, but we’re not talking Malaysia [-like] temperatures!”

“Then, some parts of the track will suit our car, but others, like the final corner for example, will not. It definitely won’t be easy to match the pace of Red Bull and Mercedes, but that has to be our aim. Of course, we want to win every race, but we have to be realistic and we will begin by trying to close the gap in qualifying. If we can start from nearer the front, then we can allow ourselves to be optimistic for Sunday,” added Rivola. (GP247)

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