Ferrari clamps down on internal emails, urging employees to talk

Ferrari office worker

Ferrari office worker

Ferrari’s employees will be talking to their colleagues more from today forward. To incentivise more efficient and direct communication within the company, the decision has been made to place much stricter limits on the number of emails being sent.

Specifically, from now on, each Ferrari employee will only be able to send the same email to three people in-house.

The injudicious sending of emails with dozens of recipients often on subjects with no relevance to most of the latter is one of the main causes of time wastage and inefficiency in the average working day in business.

Ferrari has therefore decided to deal with the problem, by issuing a very clear and simple instruction to its employees; talk to each other more and write less. (Ferrari)

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  • McLarenfan

    Less email’s is also a way to stop leaks of information that the team do not want public, some of the more sensitive stuff like Massa’s crashes instead of being down to Massa it may leak that some were down to Faulty Equipment a story that is banned by the team their equipment is never at fault it is always an external influence that breaks the car.

  • fools

    it is also a growing concern for our society. Moe and moe people are looking at there cell phone then even noticing or saying helo to people. I call them cell phone zombies.

    Society is lost these days.

  • McLarenfan

    @fools: Tell me about it I am sure my son’s hand has a permanent phone grip shape. 9 out of 10 people walking passed my house has a phone in their hand or talking on BlueTooth.