Schumacher will not attend German GP

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Seven times world champion Michael Schumacher will not attend the German Grand Prix this weekend.

After retiring from Formula 1 for the second and final time at the end of last year, he was expected to at least attend this weekend’s Nurburgring race.

But Germany’s Bild newspaper reports that the great 44-year-old is already signed up for a riding competition with his horse-enthusiast wife Corinna.

Schumacher will be riding in a celebrity charity category, raising money for a children’s hospital, while the world of Formula 1 races around the Nurburgring.

“The clash of dates is unfortunate,” he said, “but of course I’ll be watching the Grand Prix on TV.” (GMM)

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  • Of course not

    Of course he won’t attend with all the bad press Mercedes is getting the last thing want is a known past cheater showing up bring even more bad press.

    Bow out Mercedes you are not wanted in Formula One.

  • Nexy

    We dont want you to watch F1! We wont you to race in F1!!!! Long live the greather racer ever, Shuiiii !!!

  • jeff

    Michael is missed. Trading in all that horsepower for just 1. Enjoy your millions and retirement. Schumi is F1.

  • fools

    There were many great racers before Schumi.

    Why is Schumi F1?