Red Bull blew the whistle on Rosberg at Silverstone

Nico Rosberg celebrates at Silverstone

Nico Rosberg celebrates at Silverstone

It was Red Bull who alerted the FIA to a rules breach that could have cost Nico Rosberg his British Grand Prix victory at Silverstone.

We have reported that, in the wake of the bitter ‘test-gate’ scandal, the tension between world champions Red Bull and Mercedes remains high.

So just after Rosberg’s champagne-soaked celebrations on Sunday, it emerged that the German driver and his team were summoned by the stewards to explain his alleged failure to slow for yellow flags.

The officials decided simply to reprimand Rosberg. Bild newspaper reports on Tuesday that it was Red Bull who alerted the FIA to Rosberg’s breach, which if punished with a time penalty could have cost him the win.

Helmut Marko defended Red Bull’s actions, “We did not attack Mercedes, but only pointed out that Rosberg was too fast under a yellow flag.”

“If it had been us [committing the breach], the other teams would also immediately tell the FIA. It’s a totally normal thing,” the Austrian insisted. (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    RedBulll is profiling themselves more and more as a hypocrite and clandestine team.

  • jurrabi

    Maybe Red Bull “Should stop living in the past and talking about yellow flags” 😉

    Didn’t I read this coming from Red Bull director, about Fernando Alonso, not so long ago?

    Anyway I seems like a lame move from RB since stepping down Rosberg from the Podium would have given his first direct competitor 3 more points in the drivers championship.

    Or are they all about the Team championship this year?

  • jestaudio

    Typical sour grapes from this fizzy drinks team, the sooner they disappear from f1 like they have from other sports after they stop winning the better, the only decent thing about this team is Webber, thank god he has called time on them

  • coefficientf1

    Yep, I’ll be glad when these whiney spoilt brats are off the grid!! Red Bull bring nothing to the sport. There is no pleasure in watching a team with this sort of attitude win.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Red Bull only know how to cost trouble in F1… When other team put them in trouble, they get angry… But they always do it to other teams..

  • Yet Mercedes is the cheater who has been caught and limply sanctioned

    Yet Mercedes is the cheater who has been caught and limply sanctioned.

    I am not a RedBull fan due to Vettel but only the blind can’t see how Mercedes has thrown the rule book out.

    Time for Charlie Whiting to go as he has a history of helping Ross Brawn.

    Mercedes is the two faced one as they run around saying how they are going to pull out of Formula One about this and about that because it is an integrity issue then Mercedes shows the entire world that they have no integrity by getting caught cheating.

    I will never buy a Mercedes product. Mercedes showed their lack of integrity when they raped Chrysler Corporation.

  • Lol.

    Yep, because the Chrysler stuff is relevant to F1.

    Also, typical Red Bull. Not surprised.

  • grat

    You’ll have to forgive “overly long handle”– he’s had a grudge against Mercedes for quite some time now, and can’t be expected to be rational about them, or anything they do.

  • Stoner

    Who ever is that using ‘overly long handle’ sounds like a father less bastrad, its like you call whoever you see at that moment ‘Dad’. First get your your fcuking handle straight and don’t be a son of swine.

    BTW yes this RedBull team and their Helmut Marko are not here with good sportsman spirit,, they have brought Boredom to F1 which was once exciting

  • race winner

    yeah red bull stink. and there drinks suck ass

  • iMark

    What about Ferrari at interlagos? Ferrari pointed out too, but Vettel was legal.

    This isn’t legal at all, Rosberg was speeding and that deserves a penalty, period.

    All of you are blind, st*pid, or a r3t4rded Ferrari fan if you cant see that. Thats all.

  • OPff

    Dont know if the haters noticed, the stewards said Nico did break the rules…and he was not punished.

    Doing a purple time with double waved flags, risking the lives of others. He should have been given a penalty. But it seems Mercedes gets special treatment.

  • McLarenfan

    @Matthias O’keeffe: Remember they only want clarification

  • Sushant

    Red bull is scared by Merc’s pace for sure… If i m not wrong then i recollect the Redbull criticized Ferrari in Brasil’12 when they pointed the same thing against Vattel.. And now Horner and Marko are on same track…
    I really dont understand what Horner / Redbull is upto……so kiddish .. they are really not able to accept the defeat…

  • Dc1984

    Love how everyone jumps on redbull it being cry babies, same people who jumped on Ferrari 10 years ago. This has been going on in F1 since the beginning. Whether its between Ferrari and McLaren or Redbull and Mercedes. Everyone just chill

  • Alan

    Helmut is lost in the previous generation.

  • KC

    Seems like the FIA are determined to help out Mercedes in all sorts of ways this year. Did Merc threaten to quit the sport if they fail to finish in the top two?

    That was an astonishingly light penalty for Rosberg, following on from the amazingly light non-punishment Mercedes received for breaking the testing ban.

  • KC

    ” If i m not wrong then i recollect the Redbull criticized Ferrari in Brasil’12 when they pointed the same thing against Vattel..”

    Yes, you are wrong. Rosberg really did speed under yellow flags (he just got off with the mildest of wrist slaps) while Vettel did nothing wrong in Brazil.

  • PB

    And if Redbull had been caught doing the same thing, I am certain the same reprimand would have been applied. So DR Marko – your point in telling the FIA is what?

  • Patagrande

    As I have pointed out before, there exist only 3 proper F1 teams.
    Lotus Sauber Williams

  • McLarenfan

    @KC: Brasil 2012 You are correct but then that was a Fan Video!
    And the fact was that the waved flag was not seen by the video but was by the TV but hidden by the on screen Rev Kers Speed thing


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  • James F1

    Well Red Bull are winning the drivers and constructors championship. So there clearly not worried. They just want everyone to work within the rules and the facr Merc cheated and got away with it is possibly why Horner did it. Its called the Rules.