Hamilton split with former Pussycat Doll explains his moody disposition

Splitsville for Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

Splitsville for Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton is a character who wears his heart on his sleeve, and in Monaco and Montreal something was clearly bugging the Mercedes driver, thus it has come as no surprise that around this time that he has split up (again) with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

It has emerged that the 2008 world champion was in the throes of the separation, which so affected his demeanour. When asked in Montreal what the problem was he gave a hint when replying, “What I’m projecting is not disappointment, I’ve just got stuff on my mind.”

In contrast, ahead of his home race at Silverstone, Hamilton declared, “I feel good. I am really happy. My mind was a bit clouded, [although] it didn’t really affect my weekend [Canada] in terms of performance and being able to do the job, but I feel good. And I am looking forward to this weekend [British GP] and just getting on with it.”

Meanwhile The Sun reports a ‘friend’ saying, “Nicole is heartbroken about the split. She thought he was ‘the one’ but it didn’t work out. She and Lewis broke up around a month ago and have been keeping it quiet since then.”

Lewis Hamilton with fans during the Canadian GP weekend

Lewis Hamilton with fans during the Canadian GP weekend

“Only a few close friends and family knew and they’ve been comforting both of them. They’re both very busy people and have been forced to spend a lot of time apart. Who knows whether things might change in a year’s time. They do still love each other, but they are not together as it stands.”

“It’s so hard to keep up a relationship when they’re barely in the same country as each other. Both have supported each other in their careers and will continue to do so. But the nature of their work ultimately cost their relationship,” the report added.

Hamilton and Scherzinger started dating after meeting at the MTV Awards in 2007. They first split up in January 2010 but were back together four months later. The most recent split reportedly took place around the first week of June. (GP247)

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We asked the question after the Canadian GP weekend: What’s really bugging Lewis Hamilton? 

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  • Jack

    They are on again off again more than a set of Pirelli’s!

  • Spartacus

    Lewis splits from Nicole and suddenly he’s driving better. What a surprise?

    Perhaps now he’ll concentrate on driving; must be worrying for all the other drivers.

  • jeff

    What a wuss

  • race winner

    Really? a F1 forum dedicated to someones love life. wow what a scoop!!!

  • Droog

    Tolstoy said:
    “Regard the society of women as a necessary unpleasantness of life and avoid it as much as possible”

    Apart from procuring sex, I believe that this is the best advice a Man can get.

    Women thrive on emotional drama, Men have lately (last 40 yrs) been expected to become more like Women in this regard (Thanks Oprah and Dr. Phil). And frankly, 99% of it is BS.

    Lewis is better off, he can pick up a pitgirl if he needs to have himself serviced. No hassles, no commitments, no nagging.
    = Better Life

  • jeff

    Droog you and Tolstoy are on the mark

  • fools


    Hamilton needs a new kitty in his life or none at all and focus on racing.

    She old anyways bro..take out the trash mang. :)

  • Chill

    After this F1 season is over, I bet Lewis will try his best to get back with Nicole, just like he did in 2011.

  • McLarenfan

    Its not Nicole he was fighting her for custody of the dog

  • Glen Morgan

    Who cares about whiner boy’s love life.
    Can we stick to stories about racing!

  • grover strong

    Lewis, there are others out there. Move on. She needs you more than you need her. If it was not for PCD’s, no one may have heard of her.

  • KC

    “Lewis splits from Nicole and suddenly he’s driving better.”

    I’m pretty sure the illegal tyre test played a much bigger role in his sudden “improvement”.

  • Quasimoto

    Lewis gets all dour when anything interrupts the flow of adulation.

  • anonops

    man..this article not suppose to be here..this is not f1 news..i don’t care about drivers break up with their girlfriend..

  • AssClown

    LOL, so Hammy is setting up more excuses why he isnt more Senna than Senna. 7 Seasons, 1 title, by 1pt

  • the fan

    who needs nicole when you have roscoe

  • ovphoto

    she’s from Wainaei side of ohau in hawaii-where most of the chicks are trailer trash-better off with out her

  • Rich

    A rat’s bottom, who gives?

  • Patagrande

    I hope Roscoe eats his balls so he can get on with his inevitable sex change.

  • Hawk

    envy.. I can just see envy from all the haters.. go get a piece of Nicole yourselves

  • CHL

    Jack, you hit the nail on the head!!! LMAO!

  • Baz

    So Lewis is not white.Get over it you Clan of rednecks

  • Vozz

    WTF, an (F1) forum and the talk is about a drivers dating habits. What about Nurburg? Any thoughts?

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