Force India targets beating McLaren in constructors’ title race

Adrian Sutil ran as high up as third in the British GP

Adrian Sutil ran as high up as third in the British GP

Force India are starting to believe that they are able to finish the Formula 1 season ahead of McLaren after adding more points to their tally at Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

The Silverstone-based team, who operate on a far smaller budget than the sport’s second most successful team in terms of race wins, now have 59 points to McLaren’s 37 after eight of the season’s 19 races.

Force India had both their cars in the points at a controversial Silverstone race punctuated by tyre failures, with German driver Adrian Sutil seventh and Britain’s Paul Di Resta ninth, while McLaren drew a blank for the second race in a row.

“We have a gap of 22 points…all they need is one race win and that will wipe out the entire deficit,” Mallya told reporters.

“So I am going to be cautiously optimistic while saying that I want to remain ahead of McLaren and hang on to fifth place in the constructors’ championship.

Paul di Resta in the Silverstone pit garage

Paul di Resta in the Silverstone pit garage

“If we keep scoring points and they don’t come up with something dramatic like a race win, we should be able to keep our nose ahead of them,” added the Indian liquor and aviation baron.

McLaren have not finished higher than fifth so far this season and are struggling to get their car up to speed despite ending last year with Jenson Button winning in Brazil.

With major rule changes and a new V6 engine coming next year, McLaren have already started switching resources to making sure that their 2014 car is competitive from the outset.

“We are at a point where we’ve got to ensure that we are in a competitive situation next year so we are also now earlier than usual putting a lot more resource and effort on to next year’s programme,” McLaren principal Martin Whitmarsh said at the weekend.

McLaren’s Jenson Button, the 2009 world champion, backed the approach.

Force India's Speed Divas at Silverstone

Force India’s Speed Divas at Silverstone

“We will still be developing the car but I think it’s great that we’ve got more people working on next year’s car,” he told reporters.

“Our main aim is to win the world championship and that is something we cannot do this year…so I think it’s a good idea that we are concentrating a little but more on next year.”

Mallya said that change of focus could play to Force India’s advantage.

“If McLaren [is] not focusing on developing this car further, and we are doing what we are doing and continue to do, then there is no reason why we should not keep our nose ahead.

“If they want to focus on the 2014 car then that gives everybody a chance.” (Reuters)

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  • Spartacus

    It makes you wonder if VJ is full of BS or not after his comments about Paul Di Resta being under weight. They blamed him for being 1.5kg light and not the car! Surely if this is ture then Paul Di Resta is the most impressive dieter ever and should be selling books and DVDs on how he managed. Could make a fortune easily!

    I personally respect the Force India team; they’ve always hit higher than you’d then they should. But this year more than any I’d say it’s because they’ve got the right drivers whereas McLaren simply don’t. If you swapped over the drivers between teams I think you’d see how their fortunes would similarly be reversed.