Rosberg escapes with reprimand after ignoring yellows

Nico Rosberg on the podium at Silverstone

Nico Rosberg on the podium at Silverstone

British Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday after Formula 1 stewards decided not to punish him for an alleged flag infringement that might have cost him the victory.

The German reported to them after the race with a team representative but was seen sprinting down the paddock afterwards, television crews in close pursuit, with a smile on his face.

A spokesman for the governing FIA said later that Rosberg had been reprimanded for failing to slow for yellow flags through turns three to five.

Rosberg, who celebrated his second win of the season, finished the chaotic race 0.7 seconds ahead of Red Bull’s Australian Mark Webber. (Reuters)

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  • DAU

    Curious, what was the penalty in the pass for not slowing down for yellow flags? Was mercedes given another light sentence again?

  • danny

    its only business, Mercedes its big business.
    its a shame, in 2007 Mclaren constructor was banned from the championship table because they cheat and gain advantage. This year Mercedes was like 90 seconds behinde the top teams in race condition, they cheat and gain so much advantage that now they even win races, its not a sport anymore. Now drivers want to skip German GP, they say its because of tyre safety what they want its a tyre that allow them to cut corners to lower the lap time, nonsence! its not a sport anymore!