Raikkonen getting mixed advice over F1 future

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen

Two Formula 1 legends and multiple world champions fundamentally differ in opinion regarding Kimi Raikkonen’s best next move.

It is rumoured the 2007 world champion is the hot favourite to replace Red Bull’s Porsche-bound Mark Webber next season.

But Sir Jackie Stewart, a triple world champion turned consultant for Lotus team owner Genii, thinks becoming Sebastian Vettel’s teammate would be a bad move for the Finn.

“I wouldn’t want to go into the garage next to another top driver who for many years has established his place within that team,” the Scot told Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat.

Typically bluntly, however, fellow triple world champion Niki Lauda thinks 33-year-old Raikkonen should make the jump to Red Bull.

“If Kimi doesn’t go,” the Austrian legend told German newspaper Bild, “he’s a wimp.

“Yes, he might have to do a few more working days, but all that means is a few less drinking days!” Lauda added. (GMM.)

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  • realf1fan

    I personally want to see Kimi go to Red Bull so Sebastian can be tested by a top tier driver which Webber never was.

  • Spartacus

    Webber is better than Alonso, and Alonso is apparently the best in the world. So I don’t think Webber is anything but a top tier driver.

    Kimi in Red Bull? You know that he wouldn’t give a sh*t about having a faster team mate, but his team mate might. Both drivers I rate very highly.

    Kimi back to McLaren would be more interesting. Bye bye Perez!

  • Kimi should move to RedBull

    Kimi should move to RedBull. I am not thrilled with RedBull and I do like Lotus, but the facts are Lotus just will never have the budget to challenge the top teams. They can get close but they will never get that step.

    Vettel in my opinion could very well unravel with someone like Kimi as a teammate.

    While Kimi works well with his teammates Vettel does not. Kimi would not be flustered by Vettel but Vettel on the other hand I think could very well implode.

  • McLarenfan

    Kimi Raikkonen back with Newey would be a good move but its the Snakes Marko and Vettel that put me off this move, Kimi seemed to love the Lotus team until the mistakes that have cost him points like the Silverstone tyre call is yet another mistake making a great drive a joke.

  • Zip

    This comment alone is why Kimi may not go to Red Bull. Seriously.

    “Yes, he might have to do a few more working days, but all that means is a few less drinking days!”

    Its been said before, Kimi is having fun and enjoying himself. When that stops so will he.

  • K

    And the second Vettel starts beating Kimi, the haters will say it doesnt prove a thing because Kimi was beaten by Massa, he is too old, aliens, blahblah.

  • Boycottthebull

    Grow up Nikki your comments are becoming as senile and puerile as Billionaire Bernies. Kimmi is a great driver but Red Bull is not the place for him. With that creepy relationship with Marko and Vettel and a team principle as week as water he cant even control his spoiled brat I cant see Kimmi getting any more support than Webber ever did. Webber is the only decent thing in the Red Bull Team and they pretty much forced him out. A team of clowns and primadonnas. Vettel is only quick when he has clean air in front, he has never won a race that he has been lower than third on the grid, showing he simply cant race unless his teammate turns the power down. Vettel could never have achieved what Webber did at Silverstone and yet the Vettel butt kissers still call him a hack like fool above. Its a tough call to stay with Lotus, the other posters are right they dont have the money and pay him a pittance but Kimmi cant be Kimmi in a corporate Juggernaut. Kimmi I dont care where you go just go with a proper car maker not a drinks can.

  • H

    Proper car maker and not a drinks can, are you for real?

  • McLarenfan

    Boycottthebull:::::::You make some interesting comments and the principle of your statement I agree with but you also are chatting BULL. Vettel the slimy creep and his Chum Marko are as one Marko the Loon and Vettel the creep are made for each other. Who in the last race of last season spun smashed his car and drove his F1 car like a stock car and still clawed his way to seal the World Championship. Who also started from the pits in Abu Dhabi 2012 due to a fuel infringement damaged his front wing hitting Senna then smashed into a track side marker board rather than hitting Ricciardo, then finished 3rd.

  • the fan

    while I dont like the fact that Kimi will be driving for Red Bull, Im guessing he will by next year. Christian Horner needs an insurance policy for the next 2 years as Vettel most likely will be moving to Ferrari after Alonso’s contact expires.

  • PB

    @BoycotttheBull – Did you not see the Abu Dhabi race in 2012. Where did Vettel start from – PIT LANE. Where did he finish – THIRD. Your argument is null and void.
    As for Kimi – keep racing with Lotus and enjoy the moment. Do not spoil it with the pressures of the big budget teams.

  • Hawk

    IT is becoming increasingly clear that good drivers are hard to come by. Macca with two average drivers have lost hope and direction. With Lewis in McLaren the optimism would be way higher. does 2009 ring a bell? so congs to Merc for that super move. it is already bearing fruit. Nico must be happy inside to have Lewis as a teammate bse he knows how a fast car should behave.. brakes, steering, downforce,.. tyres? now that one is for the designers. the engineers want drivers who give them hope and not by word of mouth but by action. RB and Ferrari will break the bank to retain their two drivers. so the best bet for Kimi is Macca. RB want him but do not need him. In a nutshell, Lewis, Alonso and Vettel are worth their weight in Gold. I do not see anyone on the horizon to replace them. we should have had one by now. we could head back into the era of average champions the late 90’s were.

  • Barlow

    I, personally would like to see Kimi in the best and fastest car possible in these next years of his career. The real question to Kimi is would he trade a few more working days that would lead to a few more race wins, or at least a few more podiums, as it were.

  • CHL

    I think that Sir Jackie is right. I don’t think that Weber got a fair shake at Red Bull nor would anyone else. Red Bull may work out of England, but, it’s a Teutonic team. Horner is not really in charge. Does anyone really think that Maetschitz and Marco would allow any driver to better their little brat! No way! I am surprised that Newey
    has remained there. He has always seemed to be a man of character with a sense of fair play. If he were to leave them, they would drop to third tier right away.

  • Codger

    Re. the Abu Dhabi 2012 race.
    Yes, Vettel did start from the pit lane, but this shrewd move gave him the advantage of being to change the car setup to suit the race conditions.
    It also seemed to me that in some cases, his overtaking was made too easy. I guess those drivers were so used to being LAPPED by Vettel that they instinctively pulled over, in spite of the fact they were on the same lap.

  • LeeB


    Thanks for that incisive and well thought out piece.