Newey: If debris hits the following driver on the helmet, it doesn’t bear thinking about

Marshals are deployed during the British GP to clear debris from the track

Marshals are deployed during the British GP to clear debris from the track

Formula 1 should revert to last year’s tyres for safety reasons to prevent any repeat of Sunday’s dangerous British Grand Prix blowouts, according to Red Bull principal Christian Horner.

Speaking to reporters after a race in which four drivers suffered high-speed rear left tyre failures, with the rubber exploding in bursts of debris, the championship-leading boss said urgent action was needed.

“This is a Pirelli issue, they need to find a solution, they need to address it. Whether they go back to last year’s tyre or a different tyre they need a solution,” said Horner, who has called all season for the quick-wearing tyres to be harder and longer-lasting.

“The most logical thing would be to go back to the tyres that worked well for them previously. The tyres they had last year did not have these failures,” he added.

The next race is at the Nuerburgring in Germany next weekend, with Hungary following at the end of the month.

Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey said the situation at Silverstone was the result of ‘short-sighted’ behaviour by some rivals who had blocked Pirelli’s plans to change the tyres for Canada earlier in the month.

Daniel Ricciardo suffers a blowout with Kimi Raikkonen in close attendance

Jean Eric Vergne suffers a blowout with Kimi Raikkonen in close attendance

“It’s a sad state of affairs, but such is the nature of F1 really,” he said.

“It’s been fairly clear that there has been a number of worrying tyre failures through the year, Pirelli came out with a solution to that – or appear to have come up with a solution with a different construction that was being offered initially for Montreal.

“Two or three teams vetoed that because they were worried that it would suit some other teams more than it would suit them and as a result of that short-sightedness we end up with F1 putting on the worrying performance that it did today and concerns over driver safety.”.

Several tyres exploded in Sunday’s race, with cars travelling at speeds in excess of 200km/h, and heavy strips of rubber landed in the path of following cars.

Ferrari’s championship contender Fernando Alonso had a near miss when the rear left tyre on Sergio Perez’s McLaren exploded right in front of him.

Adrian Newey aggrived about the current tyre situation in F1

Adrian Newey aggrieved about the current tyre situation in F1

“From what I understand of it, had we gone to the different construction then we wouldn’t have had the sort of catastrophic failures that we have had today,” said Newey.

“Safety wise, there are potentially two issues. There’s the car that has the failure having an accident due to that failure, but also suddenly you’ve got three kg or so of tread flying around.

“If that hits the following  driver on the helmet, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Horner suggested that a young driver test scheduled for Silverstone between Germany and Hungary could be turned into a test for current drivers to guarantee meaningful feedback.

That would have the advantage of allowing teams to test tyres on the same circuit where they had suffered the most serious failures.

Former champion Niki Lauda suggested that drivers should take a united stance.

“The drivers should write a letter, because they are the most affected, and [commercial rights owner] Bernie Ecclestone needs to get involved to tell [Pirelli] that by Budapest we need another tyre,” said the Austrian, who is also the Mercedes non-executive chairman.

“If the worst comes to the worst, they should bring last year’s tyre if they technically cannot fix the problem. And this has to happen. For Germany you can’t do anything.” (Reuters.)

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  • Pedro Hustler

    The photo shows Jean Eric Vergne suffering a blow out with Kimi not Daniel Ricciardo.

    Do you guys even watch the races? You are as bad as Ted Kravitz.

  • Bongo Phone

    Hey Pedro, how about you hustle my dick. It’s a mistake, no reason to insult them with a Ted Kravitz comparisson.

  • There was a bad curb somehwere on the track causing the tire problems

    There was a bad curb somewhere on the track that was causing these tire issues. If a damaged curb is cutting up the inside of the left rear tire how is that Pirelli’s fault?

    This just being used as an excuse to attack Pirelli.

    Pirrelli has only built what they were instructed to build by the FIA and the teams and yes even Bernie. Get off Pirelli’s back.

  • Spartacus

    The kerb is no different to other kerbs used in race tracks around the world. The problem is that the tyres aren’t strong enough to cope.

    Remember that Pirelli wanted to change the side walls of the tyres, but at least two teams disagreed with it. That was Lotus and especially Ferrari.

    Now that Ferrari have had a failure the tyres will be fixed.

  • Editor

    @Pedro corrected – mistake made by Sutton who sent out photo with wrong caption. We should have caught it but this one slipped away. thanks for the heads up… oh as for watching the races – no we don’t – we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead 😉

  • Speedo

    I wish the tyre blow outs had happened before the Mercs/Pirelli test for which both were reprimanded and Mercs were banned from the young drivers test. It took 4 blow outs in the race and 1 during practise for the drivers and team principals to come out strongly and threatening boycott of the race in Germany.

    Now that Pirelli is being allowed by the FIA to carry out 2 tests with what ever car the chose I hope that Pirelli insist that they want the Mercs to do one test with Lewis and Nico or with the young drivers (return of favour) and the second test with Jenson/Mclaren and Nico/Sauber – leaving out Red Bull, Ferrari, Lotus and Force India as they, the first two created a big issue and the latter two objected (no consensus) to the new tyres being introduced in Canada.

    The race at Silverstone robbed Lewis of a win and and also Massa and Perez of strong finish within the top five. Thankfully no driver got hurt specially Kimi and Alonso. As the saying goes “a stitch in time saves nine” lets get on with the test and find safe tyres where the drivers will go all out 100 percent pure racing at top speed – that’s what F1 is about. Isn’t it???

  • JPSmoove

    @There was a bad curb somehwere on the track causing the tire problems.
    So why did not everyone’s tires blow at the same place and there should have been more of them, if the curb was truly the culprit…I think it might be a combination of factors, but tire quality is an consistent theme. This is not the first place that F1 has seen this happen. It’s just the first place its been out front on TV coverage.

  • fools

    Ferrari aint Bitchin :)

  • spindle

    Catch 22 Hitting kerb’s hard at those speed’s ….Will sooner or later blow your tyres.. or bugger your tracking…damage wishbones
    Drive smooth… Balance the car finsh the race